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office time 話題討論

Works with MacOS High Sierra and earlier, Windows 10 and earlier, and iOS 11 and earlier. What's New? See some of the hundreds of improvements we've added. Windows Vista? OfficeTime is being wrongly reported as unsafe. Don't worry. It's OK

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OfficeTime for Mac 是時間和費用跟踪,很容易,優雅和專注。其他時間守門員笨拙或過於簡單。 OfficeTime 兼顧功能和易用性,使您可以輕鬆跟踪您每天所做的工作.OfficeTime for Mac 功能: 易於使用:最好的時間跟踪器感覺不錯。如果感覺正確,你會使用它。這意味著更多的小時捕獲!令人印象深刻的發票:輕鬆證明你的時間給客戶。在 iPhone 或 iPad 上同步 O...