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1Password 7.3.2 Mac

屢獲殊榮的 1Password for Mac 簡單,安全方便。它為您的所有帳戶創建強大,唯一的密碼,因此您可以通過單擊進行登錄。您可以自動填寫長表單和購物車,然後通過存儲您的社會安全號碼,獎勵計劃,應用程序密碼,甚至是那些你不想離開的明文註釋來保存錢包空間.

1 Password 直接集成流行的瀏覽器,以適應您的工作流程。您可以繼續使用自己喜歡的瀏覽器,或者隨時切換瀏覽器,並將所有密碼,身份和信用卡隨身攜帶。 1Password 使您的數據與 iPhone,iPad,Android 和 Windows 版本保持同步,並且您可以與其他用戶進行協作,這要歸功於新的多保管庫功能。你所做的一切都是安全的,並用你需要記住的一個密碼進行加密。 1Password 是您在線和離線生活的首選密碼和身份管理器。下載並獲得安全的今天。

您的數據,所有的設備,您的選擇! 1Password 可以通過 iCloud 和 Dropbox 自動同步您的數據,或者通過 Wi-Fi 本地同步您的數據,數據永遠不會離開您的網絡。 1Password 是保證在線安全的最佳方式.

Secure made
All 你的美麗的雪花保存在 1Password 內,準備在需要時自動填充。這是防止密碼重用,數據洩露和 PML(密碼內存丟失)的最簡單方法.


A 單擊為您提供一個隨機的,令人難以置信的強大的新密碼,您可以為新帳戶保存或粘貼到 iTunes 和 Skype 等應用程序中.

注意: 30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 1Password 7.3.2
檔案名稱 1Password-7.3.2.pkg
檔案大小 51.29 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 AgileBits Inc.
更新日期 https://agilebits.com/onepassword/mac
軟體類型 2019-08-08

What's new in this version:

- Network Administrators Can Now Tailor the Preferences That Dictate the “Start Automatically at Login” Behavior for 1Password
- It Is Now Possible to Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication for Your 1Password Account From the Preferences Window

- You Can Now Collapse and Expand Hierarchical Tags in the Sidebar
- When Collapsed, the Sidebar Now Displays a Tooltip for Each Icon Present
- 1Password Account Credentials Stored in iCloud Keychain Will Now Sort Recently Used Accounts to the Top
- 1Password Is Now More Fault Tolerant When Reconnecting to the Safari App Extension After Periods of Inactivity
- The User Interface Will Now Refresh in a More Pleasing Manner While Importing Items From a .1pif File
- Improved the Stability of Custom Image Manipulation When Darkening a Selected Icon

- Fixed a Crash That Could Occur When Using Desktop App Integration
- Fixed an Issue Where the Sidebar Expansion State Was Not Remembered When Sleeping and Then Waking Your Computer
- Fixed an Issue That Would Cause the Empty Item List to Draw Incorrectly When Un-Minimizing the Main Window From the Dock
- Fixed an Issue Where Vault Descriptions Weren’t Saved Properly After Editing
- Fixed an Issue That Caused 1Password Mini to Always Display All Items if the Page in Safari Was Blank
- Fixed a Class of Crashes That Impacted Many Areas of 1Password
- Fixed an Issue Where 1Password Mini Wouldn't Show if You Tried to Use It While at about:blank in Safari
- Fixed an Issue That Could Cause 1Password to Prompt to Add a File Over and Over Again
- Fixed an Incorrect Layout for Document Items Resulting in Excessive Scrolling
- Fixed an Issue That Could Result in "Hide Search Options" Being Displayed in the Search Options Menu Upon Unlocking 1Password
- Fixed an Issue That Prevented Item Sharing in a Detached Window From Working Corectly
- Fixed an Issue Where Secondary Accounts Would Not Unlock After Taking the First Account Through Recovery
- Fixed the Behavior When Hitting the Tab Key to Switch Between the Label and Value Fields When Adding a New Field to an Item
- Fixed a Crash That Could Occur When Fetching Watchtower Updates
- Fixed a Crash That Could Occur When Detaching an Empty Detail View

- User Consent Has Been Reset for the Have I Been Pwned Service With an Updated Security Warning

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