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1Password 7.6 Mac

屢獲殊榮的 1Password for Mac 簡單,安全方便。它為您的所有帳戶創建強大,唯一的密碼,因此您可以通過單擊進行登錄。您可以自動填寫長表單和購物車,然後通過存儲您的社會安全號碼,獎勵計劃,應用程序密碼,甚至是那些你不想離開的明文註釋來保存錢包空間.

1 Password 直接集成流行的瀏覽器,以適應您的工作流程。您可以繼續使用自己喜歡的瀏覽器,或者隨時切換瀏覽器,並將所有密碼,身份和信用卡隨身攜帶。 1Password 使您的數據與 iPhone,iPad,Android 和 Windows 版本保持同步,並且您可以與其他用戶進行協作,這要歸功於新的多保管庫功能。你所做的一切都是安全的,並用你需要記住的一個密碼進行加密。 1Password 是您在線和離線生活的首選密碼和身份管理器。下載並獲得安全的今天。

您的數據,所有的設備,您的選擇! 1Password 可以通過 iCloud 和 Dropbox 自動同步您的數據,或者通過 Wi-Fi 本地同步您的數據,數據永遠不會離開您的網絡。 1Password 是保證在線安全的最佳方式.

Secure made
All 你的美麗的雪花保存在 1Password 內,準備在需要時自動填充。這是防止密碼重用,數據洩露和 PML(密碼內存丟失)的最簡單方法.


A 單擊為您提供一個隨機的,令人難以置信的強大的新密碼,您可以為新帳戶保存或粘貼到 iTunes 和 Skype 等應用程序中.

注意: 30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 1Password 7.6
檔案名稱 1Password-7.6.pkg
檔案大小 54.99 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 AgileBits Inc.
更新日期 https://agilebits.com/onepassword/mac
軟體類型 2020-07-07

What's new in this version:

- 1Password now posts notifications when sites have become compromised
- 1Password now has preferences to enable or disable notifications for vault addition and removal, compromised sites, and one-time password copying
- 1Password now shows a “What’s New“ window to highlight major new features after a significant upgrade

- Reduced the time to open the 1Password mini window in dark mode
- Improved filling into various web pages through the use of a new filling brain
- Improvements to the font sizes used in Markdown rendering
- 1Password mini suggestions now include items for the foreground application if they include app:// as a website entry
- Improved the error reporting during a standalone to account migration
- Improved wording on warning when emptying trash
- Minor improvement to unlock time for accounts
- Added new icons for vaults
- Improved layout of vault icon picker
- Print dialogue now has a 1Password option to print all or selected items in the list
- Improved memory usage and performance
- Improved search speed in main window
- Improved handling of malformed data when importing or syncing
- Import of non-standard 1pif files is more robust
- Updated the placeholder text when adding one-time password fields

- Fixed a rare issue where the sidebar selection could be empty after locking and unlocking
- Fixed the link used by the Learn More button in the What’s New view
- Fixed a rare crash when setting a preference while locked
- Fixed issue where dragging an item over All Vaults would cancel drag
- Custom website field labels are now shown in mini
- Application based suggestions are now displayed based on the preferences set in the 1Password mini preference pane
- Fixed crash attempting to select an item that can not be found
- Fixed an issue that prevented saving logins on revenuequebec.ca
- Fixed an issue where saving a login might not work if the site has an improperly formed Option declaration
- 1Password mini now dismisses automatically when copy action happens
- Fixed a crash that could occur when opening an older license file
- Fixed an issue where the app would notify of all of the new vaults after signing into an account
- Copying a credit card number from 1Password mini no longer includes spaces, if present
- Fixed the label of the Watchtower Alerts preference in Notification Preferences
- Fixed a crash that could occur when 1Password locks while the export dialogue box is open
- Fixed an issue causing unpredictable behaviour when 1Password locks while purchasing a license
- Fixed description text colour while in Dark mode in the Notifications preferences
- Fixed an issue that could result in failure to validate the Mac App Store receipt while using AirPlay 2
- Fixed issue where the create new item (“+”) button would stop working after locking and closing the main window
- Fixed an issue that could cause the search progress indicator to spin endlessly
- Fixed a localization issue where text was translated but not being displayed in the appropriate language
- Fixed a crash that could occur when cleaning up duplicate items
- Fixed a bug that could link to the root domain watchtower information instead of the subdomain information
- Addressed an issue with saving updated logins via the extension that could result in generated password items not being deleted upon updating an existing login
- Fixed an issue for column resizing in right-to-left languages
- Fixed a crash when restoring deleted items from the detached item window
- Fixed an issue that resulted in the previous rich icon being displayed in the Save Login prompt when 1Password was locked
- Fixed a crash when right-clicking and choosing Delete Tag from the sidebar
- Fixed an issue where some items in very old versions of 1Password data could not sync to an account
- Adapted the “Subscribe now” button sizing for other languages
- Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Copy Username and Copy Password in the main window
- Fixed an issue where a failed document upload caused a reauthorization request
- Fixed a rare issue that prevented creation of a new vault

- Prevented bypassing the “Move Items” permission when it’s disabled resulting in failed item moves
- Fixed a crash that could occur when importing malformed 1PIF files
- Fixed an issue where pasted text could appear in the wrong text field
- Provide a reason when macOS 11 beta prompts 1Password to search local networks for WLAN sync servers
- Fixed an issue that could prevent spotlight metadata from being deleted upon account suspension

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