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djay 3.1.5 Mac

4K Video Downloader for Mac 允許從互聯網上下載並保存高質量的視頻,音頻和字幕。一鍵下載從互聯網上的所有視頻。以 MP4,MKV,3GP 格式保存視頻或以 MP3,M4A 或 OGG 格式提取音頻視頻。下載 3D 視頻內容即使在離線狀態下也能享受它.


4K Video Downloader for Mac 功能:
從網上下載完整的播放列表和頻道,並保存為 MP4,MKV,M4A,MP3,FLV,3G 等格式的.m3u 文件。播放列表。以高清 1080p,高清 720p 或 4K 質量下載視頻,並在高清電視,iPad 或其他設備上欣賞高清視頻。高級字幕下載,選擇是否要在視頻文件中包含.srt 文件或嵌入字幕,以便在 Mac 上觀看。激活“智能模式”為了將所選的設置應用到所有的下載,方便,快捷。以 3D 格式下載視頻,在視頻解析之後,您會在可用的格式中找到一個小的特殊圖標。在 3D 中觀看現場表演和漫畫真是令人印象深刻。從任何網頁下載嵌入的視頻,只需複制 / 粘貼鏈接,程序會找到下載的來源。從 Vimeo,SoundCloud,Flickr,Facebook 和 DailyMotion 下載視頻和音頻。在您的 PC,Mac 或 Linux 上使用 4K 視頻下載器,無論您喜歡什麼操作系統。注意:需要 64 位處理器。有限的功能.

也可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 4K Video Downloader

檔案版本 djay 3.1.5
檔案名稱 djay.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 OpenMedia LLC.
軟體類型 2021-07-26

What's new in this version:

djay 3.1.5
- Added user manual (available via "Help" menu)
- Added "Explicit" song markers in Beatport and Beatsource libraries
- Improved performance when loading songs from TIDAL
- Fixed "My Beatport" playlist being empty
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.1.4
- added support for Denon Prime 4 and SC-6000 controllers
- MIDI actions for controlling the sampler sequencer recorder
- links to community forum and social channels in Help menu

- media library browsing on various MIDI controllers: if available, pressing the browse knob allows entering a playlist, while pressing the browse knob with SHIFT pressed will exit the playlist
- microphone audio processing and support for mono microphones
- VoiceOver accessibility of BPM popup, record button, and Automix shuffle and repeat buttons
- key matching active state
- looper volume slider curve

- replacing video while keeping audio track not working
- channel selection when connecting a new controller not working
- inconsistencies with 4-channel Neural Mix crossfaders
- double-click to reset sliders sometimes not working
- “Restore Analyzed” menu action only restoring BPM but not edited beat grid
- “Toggle Split Library” MIDI action not working
- mapping multiple keyboard shortcuts to the same action sometimes not working
- level meters on RANE ONE

- Various bugfixes and improvements
- Please note that some features are currently not supported: main screen on Prime 4, main and jog screens on SC-6000

djay 3.1.3
- Added Neural Mix transition on M1-based Macs
- Various bugfixes and improvements

- FX to smoothly fade out when turned off
- playback performance for TIDAL videos
- various MIDI mappings with support for quantize buttons and other fixes

djay 3.1.2
- Introducing official Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 integration
- Improved VoiceOver accessibility integration
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.1.1
- Fixed missing edit button in Instant FX tool
- Fixed scratching with Numark Mixtrack Pro FX and Numark Platinum FX
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.1
- Slicer tool: remix tracks on-the-fly
- Automix transitions including Dissolve, Riser, Echo and more
- FX packs including new Noise, Echo, and Reverb effects

- Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK on M1-based Macs
- 4 track Neural Mix™: split tracks into Drums, Bass, Harmonic, and Vocals in real-time
- Quantize option for cue points and loops enabling beat synchronized jumps
- support for the DENON DJ LC6000 performance controller

- Enhanced looping with ability to use bounce loop within an active loop (nested loops)
- Enhanced MIDI Learn with various new Neural Mix™ actions

- Reloop BUDDY integration
- cue point jumps with Neural Mix™ enabled
- triggering cue points during Sync mode
- TIDAL video quality

- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.9
- New: Pre-analyze entire playlists in TIDAL library (analyses BPM, key, beat grid, and waveforms)
- New: Added support for Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.8
- Fixed visualizer and pitch bend buttons on video preview not working in Video mode
- Fixed possible hang when loading track while using Neural Mix
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.7
- Bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.6
- New: introducing support for RANE ONE and RANE SEVENTY, and improved support for RANE TWELVE MKII

- support for AIFF files in Finder source
- MIDI mapping actions for Neural Mix drum loops
- highlighting of tracks with same key as currently playing track in media library

- Fixed custom sample packs not being restored on launch
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.5
- NEW: introducing support for the RELOOP BUDDY controller, a brand new compact and powerful 2-channel DJ controller designed exclusively for djay Pro AI
- Improved various DJ controller mappings to use new Instant FX actions
- Improved VoiceOver accessibility
- Fixed error when showing SoundCloud playlists in the "Following" section
- Fixed visualizer list not scrolling on macOS 10.14
- Fixed creating playlists not working for some users
- Fixed pre-cueing with Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ controller
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.4
- Added support for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 DJ controller
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.3
- Added tempo slider indicator for MIDI tempo sliders in pickup mode
- Improved stability with MIDI devices on macOS Big Sur
- Fixed Automix start/end points not being used in some cases
- Various bugfixes and improvements

djay 3.0.2
- Added Looper target for MIDI mapping
- Added Instant FX 1-8 actions for MIDI mapping
- Improved RANE TWELVE MKII platter behavior with cue points and pitch bend
- Improved mappings for Numark Mixtrack Pro FX and Mixtrack Platinum FX
- Improved VoiceOver accessibility
- Fixed possible "Requested quality is not allowed" error when loading tracks from TIDAL
- Fixed sequencer metronome routing to monitor output
- Fixed possible audio routing issue when using external mixer mode
- Various bugfixes and improvements

- Improved keyboard shortcuts
- Improved and extended main menu actions
- Improved VoiceOver accessibility

- Change log not available for this version

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