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Ableton Live 10.1.35 Mac

Ableton Live for Mac 是用於創作音樂創意的軟件,將它們變成完成的歌曲,甚至將它們帶上舞台。有兩種觀點 - 沿著時間線佈置音樂創意的經典“排列視圖”,以及獨特的“會話視圖”,在那裡您可以即興創作并快速體驗音樂創意 - Ableton Live for Mac 是一種快速,有趣,直觀的音樂創作方式。 Ableton Live 9 有三個版本:Intro,Standard 和 Suite。這些版本具有共同的功能,但標準版和套件有附加功能,樂器,包和效果.

Ableton Live 功能:

無論您如何開始音樂,Live 都會提供一個工作流程,幫助您順利完成工作。從任何來源錄製音頻或 MIDI。從任何速度混合和匹配循環和样本。與包括的聲音,樂器和效果的一個巨大的範圍工作.

Live 幫助您從一個音樂創意集合到一首完成的歌曲。憑藉廣泛的編輯工作流程,出色的聲音均衡器和壓縮器,精美的米和波形,以及快速,靈活的導出選項,Live 為您提供了完成音樂所需的一切.

將您的音樂帶出演播室並帶上舞台。強大的性能工作流程。由於 Live 處理所有事情,您可以播放硬件或軟件樂器,觸發循環,處理來自其他音樂家的音頻,並專注於製作音樂.

獲取更多聲音,添加控制器或自定義幾乎所有關於 Live 如何工作的信息。從 Ableton 訪問幾十個附加軟件包,或訪問數千個社區建立的 Max for Live 樂器,效果器等等。用 Live.

注意事項,使用任何 MIDI 硬件來實現:30 天試用版。限制(保存和導出無效).

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檔案版本 Ableton Live 10.1.35
檔案名稱 ableton_live_trial_10.1.35_64.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Ableton Team
軟體類型 2021-04-14

What's new in this version:

New features and improvements:
- Live now supports macOS 11 Big Sur using Intel based hardware
- Live is compatible with Apple Silicon computers running Rosetta
- Users should see more reliable engine performance on machines with the Apple M1 CPU
- Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.10

- Audio hangs if in Live 9 created Simple Delay clip automation on audio track is changed in the Delay Device
- Fixes a bug that caused Live to enable the Warp switch and to reset the audible region of unwarped audio clips when locating missing samples or replacing sample files on disk under certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue where starting playback via the Novation Launchkey Mini MK3, Launchkey MK3 or Launchpad Pro MK3 control surface scripts could result in MIDI notes getting cut off. With the Launchkey MK3 control surface script, it is now possible to continue playback by holding down the Shift button and pressing the Play button.
- Previously on macOS, Live's installer did not ask the user to accept the EULA when mounting the disk image from the command line
- MIDI notes from the Oxygen Pro keyboard are now sent to MIDI track inputs by default when the keyboard is autodetected
- Previously, a visual glitch could appear around the Groove Pool selector button, under certain circumstances
- Fixed an issue where a pending auto-update would sometimes not be applied after downloading. (Note: this fix only affects auto-updates to future versions of Live.)
- Previously, the Operator device could crash or calculate inaccurate frequencies when its Fixed Mode and Spread parameters were enabled
- The EQ Eight device will now scale its displayed spectrum the same way as the Channel EQ and Hybrid Reverb devices
- Live's window no longer turns red when loading a Set with missing plug-in devices
- Previously, Live would hang when turning its audio engine off, under certain circumstances
- Fixed a bug that prevented certain low-resolution plug-in devices from scaling correctly on macOS
- Fixed a crash that could occur when cancelling an "Export Audio" operation during the "Wait for silence" step
- Fixed a crash that could occur when running certain plug-in devices

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