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Acronis True Image for Mac 2019.13660 Mac

Acronis True Image for Mac 保護您的文件,圖片,視頻,操作系統,應用程序,設置和首選項。如果您的 PC 或 Mac 丟失,被盜或損壞,您可以輕鬆快速地將整個計算機恢復到之前確切的狀態到相同或不同的硬件。您還可以只恢復所需的文件和文件夾。現在已經針對 Windows 10 和最新的 OS X 版本進行了優化,為行業最快的備份和恢復節省了時間和沮喪。下載,安裝或更新 Acronis True Image for Mac!

Acronis True Image 功能:

完整的磁盤 - 圖像備份
備份您的整個計算機,包括您的操作系統,應用程序和數據,不只是文件和文件夾到外部硬盤驅動器或 NAS.

Universal Restore
Restore 備份數據,操作系統,應用程序和您的所有數據到您現有的計算機或完全獨立的硬件,或根據需要恢復特定的數據.

比競爭對手快 50% - 節省時間和行業的挫折"" 最快速的備份和恢復.
保證您的數據安全,256 位加密和私人的,用戶定義的 key.

快速,輕鬆 recovery

保存最多 10 個系統狀態的歷史記錄,隨時回滾到不同的時間點。僅捕獲初始映像備份後所做的更改,並節省時間和存儲空間.
數以百萬計的全球企業和消費者信任 Acronis AnyData Engine— 最先進的備份技術.

注意:30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 Acronis True Image for Mac 2019.13660
檔案名稱 AcronisTrueImage2019.dmg
檔案大小 142 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Acronis International GmbH
軟體類型 2018-08-21

What's new in this version:

- Active disk cloning: A clone is an exact replica of your Mac while it is in use – no need to stop and restart your system. Connect a USB-С cable to migrate your Mac, or plug in an external drive for a bootable copy creation. Bootcamp installations are supported as well
- Acronis Survival Kit: To recover your Mac in case of a failure, you need to have two crucial components—a backup of your system disk and a bootable rescue media. Acronis Survival Kit is an external hard drive that contains both components so that you can have a single device that has everything that you need to recover your Mac. To create an Acronis Survival Kit you can use any external hard drive larger than 32 GB
- Parallels Desktop virtual machines backup and recovery: Recovering virtual machines on your Mac is completely streamlined now that Acronis True Image 2019 uses a native Parallels Desktop technology to back up virtual machines. That means the VMs can be recovered as a set of files which can then be booted in a Parallels Desktop environment (starting from Parallels Desktop 14)
- Enhanced scheduling flexibility: We are making scheduling easier with the new option that allows starting backups whenever an external drive is connected. Configure a new backup plan, activate the option, and your backup will start automatically the next time you attach the designated USB drive to your Mac
- Improved Cloud backup: Acronis’ new technology for backing up files to the cloud improves backup speed and performance. That means the independently proven fastest cloud backup is even better, delivering secure, off-site storage that encrypts your data to ensure your digital privacy

Known issues:
- Backup comments do not reappear after reinstalling the product for file backups to Cloud
- [TI-119797] An incremental backup starts automatically after the system disk was recovered to the original location
- [TI-80267] The Recovery HD partition is not mapped automatically during recovery if the OS uses CoreStorage
- [TI-77461] The archiving operation is not paused after losing connection to the destination device and does not start after reconnecting
- [TI-80948] In case of an unstable network connection, the recovery from a network share fails. The following error appears: "The end of file has been reached"

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