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Adium 1.3.3 Mac

Adium for Mac 是使用 OS X Cocoa API 製作的開源消息客戶端,它提供了所有 Mac OS X 用戶在一個簡單和設計良好的生態系統中使用任意數量的消息服務的能力。與許多其他流行的多協議聊天客戶端一樣,Adium 不僅致力於將您的所有聊天賬戶統一到一個易於管理的界面中,而且還為您提供可在所有這些賬戶中使用的服務。諸如集成到 Mac 地址簿,聊天窗口主題,集成文件傳輸,OTR 加密,選項卡式聊天窗口等等。您甚至可以直接從您的 Twitter 帳戶接收更新並回復新消息。  當然,您所有聊天賬戶中的所有聯繫人都合併為一個易於使用的聯繫人圖書館,使得您的聊天合作夥伴的定位變得非常簡單直觀.

通過使用流行的 libpurple 協議庫,這個非常易於使用的消息傳遞程序可以連接你幾十個流行的聊天服務,從 MSN,Google Talk,ICQ,Skype 的 Facebook 聊天,雅虎!使用 Tlen,Lotus Sametime,Gadu-Gadu 等其他眾所周知的聊天協議。截至 2014 年年初,最新版本 Adium for Mac 要求用戶使用 Mac OS X 10.6.8 或更新版本,儘管舊版本一直支持 Mac OS X 10.2.x 及更早版本。自 0.88 版本以來,Adium 是一種通用的應用程序,可以在基於 PowerPC 和 Intel 的 Macintosh 計算機上本機工作.

從 2001 年底發布的 Adium 的第一個版本,僅支持 AIM 聊天系統,該應用程序設法演變成非常流行的多 - 協議即時通訊客戶端,目前在全球各地使用 Mac.

Adium 支持服務:
XMPP(“Jabber”),包括:Google Talk,LJ(LiveJournal)對話,Facebook 聊天,Gizmo5 MSN Messenger AOL 即時通訊),包括 MobileMe(原名.Mac)。 Messenger,包括 Yahoo! 日本信使 ICQ Bonjour,兼容 iChat Twitter IRC MySpaceIM Gadu-Gadu IBM Lotus Sametime 騰訊 QQ Novell GroupWise

檔案版本 Adium 1.3.3
檔案名稱 Adium_1.3.3.dmg
檔案大小 23.37 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Evan Schoenberg
軟體類型 2009-02-19

What's new in this version:

Major changes:
- Fixed a crash when using XMPP gateways and removing contacts.
- Switched to the pidgin-facebook plugin for Facebook connectivity, which should resolve several issues with Facebook and improve the interaction between Adium and Safari when both are logged into Facebook.
- Automatically send messages to offline contact when offline messaging is supported rather than prompting to send now / send later.
- Fixed updating the list of users in a groupchat in many situations.
- Tweaked the behavior of standard contact list type-to-search.
- Fixed ICQ aliases storage on the server.
- Fixed problem of events being recorded with wrong contact.
- Fixed visual glitch that made creating a SameTime account impossible in some localizations.
- Tab completion of names in groupchats is now case-insensitive.

Updated from libpurple 2.5.2 to 2.5.5mtn:
- Fixed several MSN problems introduced by WLM 9: icons not showing up (#11529, #11532), file transfers failing.
- Fixed publishing of ICQ (available and away) status messages.
- Fixed publishing of ICQ icons.
- Fixed a crash when a Yahoo user messages an MSN contact.
- Fixed a QQ hang/crash.
- Fixed a Sametime crash on login.
- Fixed display of Gadu-Gadu user icons.
- Fixed "Unable to add user - Unknown error (205)" when connecting to MSN.
- Fixed duplicated buddies on authorization.
- SASL PLAIN or IQ Auth passwords are no more in debug logs.
- includes many, many more fixes, especially to MySpace and MSN.

Chat Transcript fixes:
- Fixed a crash involving the log viewer.
- Fixed a bug that caused Adium to leave log files open.
- Reimported all logs into Spotlight, since 10.5.6 fixed importing them.

Chat window fixes:
- Fixed scrolling to the bottom of the chat when it loads for certain message styles.
- Fixed several message styles.
- Fixed alignment of the message display after clicking an emoticon.
- Fixed some internal bugs related to historical and notification messages.
- Fixed Renkoo's image-click handling and added proper image-click handling to Renkoo Naked.

Other minor bug fixes:
- Fixed setting XMPP status messages, AIM available, and Gadu-Gadu status messages which contain characters normally escaped in HTML.
- Properly hide iTunes Now playing information when appropriate.
- Fixed referencing chat windows from AppleScript.
- Fixed a code signing error when launching Adium after not changing list layouts since pre-1.0
- Fix unpaired external enclosure characters around strings to be linkified.

Localization changes:
- Added a Greek localization thanks to "evripidis".
- Updated the German localization.
- Updated the French localization.
- Updated the Russian localization.
- Updated the Slovenian localization.

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