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DBeaver 7.1.4 Mac

帶有 Adobe Document Cloud 的全新 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac 在這裡。這將永遠改變您處理重要業務文檔的方式。使用 Acrobat 或在線服務之一輕鬆創建 PDF 時,您可以獲得的不僅僅是文檔的圖片。您將獲得一個智能文件,可以編輯,簽名,共享,保護和搜索。此外,您知道它在任何屏幕上都可以正常顯示。

使用 Acrobat Reader 移動應用程序可以在任何地方處理文檔。它包含了在移動設備上轉換,編輯和簽名 PDF 所需的所有工具。您甚至可以使用設備攝像頭掃描文檔,白板或收據並將其另存為 PDF。

AcrobatDC 為全球超過 10 億台設備帶來了電子簽名功能。現在,任何人都可以在啟用觸摸的設備上用手指或在瀏覽器中單擊幾下,即可合法簽署文檔。適用於 macOS 的 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 不僅是一個簽名應用程序,還使發送,跟踪和存儲簽名文檔變得更加容易.

讓用戶可以訪問世界上最好的 PDF 解決方案,同時保持文檔,數據,和桌面應用程序。通過對 Citrix XenApp,XenDesktop 和 VMware Horizo​​n 中命名用戶的新支持,提供對 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac 的安全遠程訪問.

立即獲取具有文檔雲服務的 Acrobat Pro DC,您將能夠:
在任何地方工作。使用新的 Acrobat DC 移動應用程序創建,編輯和簽名 PDF。並使用 Mobile Link 訪問台式機,網絡和移動設備上的最新文件。編輯任何內容。借助革命性的成像技術,可以像編輯任何其他文件一樣自然地立即編輯 PDF 和掃描的文檔。更換墨水簽名。使用完整的內置電子簽名服務發送,跟踪,管理和存儲簽名的文檔。保護重要文件。防止其他人復製或編輯 PDF 中的敏感信息。消除隔夜信封。以電子方式發送,跟踪和確認文檔的交付。注意:30 天試用版。

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檔案版本 DBeaver 7.1.4
檔案名稱 dbeaver-ce-7.1.4-macos.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
更新日期 https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/acrobat-pro.html
軟體類型 2020-08-03

What's new in this version:

Database navigator:
- Connection status icons and tooltips were redesigned
- Icon decorations added for Git-integrated projects
- Navigator view options were added in the context menu
- Simple view support was improved (redundant objects removed from the navigator tree)
- Icons for "Create new objects" action were fixed

Data editor:
- Unique key detection was fixed (for data editor)
- Advanced paste of multiple rows was fixed (redundant rows create was removed)
- Column filter dialog move/resize was fixed on Linux
- Grid data rendering performance was improved
- Auto-complete of column names was fixed in the filter panel

SQL editor:
- Search/replace/undio/redo shortcuts were fixed in embedded editors (view/procedure sources)
- Parameter binding was fixed for multiple occurrences of the same parameter
- Smart commit mode behavior was fixed for PostgreSQL (post-error transaction recovery)
- Delete indent with single backspace was enabled by default
- Server log panel now works for data modification triggers
- Extract query from source code now shows notification popup
- Multiple queries execution is now allowed (in separate tabs)

ERD editor: extra coloring was added for multi-schema diagrams

- Metadata read performance was increased (Tables, materialized views)
- Columns and constraints were added in materialized view editor
- Numeric data type precision read was fixed
- Support of implicit cursors in query results was added
- View DDL reading was improved (view comments are included in DDL)

- Default schema detection and search_path overwrite was fixed
- Multi-dimension arrays support was added
- Table DDL for inherited tables was fixed

- Active database change in read-only connections was fixed
- CHECK constraints support was added
- Table copy operation was fixed
- User password management was improved (to avoid FLUSH PRIVILEGES)

- Support of text editing in views was added
- Schema indexes reading was fixed
- New table columns create was fixed

- CockroachDB: direct table data edit support was fixed
- HSQLDB: UUID data type support was added
- Query cancelling was improved (force cancel for hanging connections)
- Transaction isolation level settings save was fixed
- Error and debug logging was fixed
- A large number of minor UI improvements and bugfixes

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