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如果您更喜歡使用文本編輯器或其他開發環境,則 Adobe AIR SDK for Mac 提供了打包和部署 Adobe AIR 應用程序所需的工具。

適用於 macOS 和 Compiler 的 Adobe AIR SDK(發行說明)為開發人員提供了一致且靈活的開發環境跨設備和平台(Windows,Mac,iOS,Android)的瀏覽器外應用程序和遊戲。

AIR SDK 和編譯器包括:
Adob​​e AIR API 的框架 Adobe AIR 應用程序安裝徽章的 ActionScript 編譯器 2.0 模板命令行 Adobe AIR Debug Launcher(ADL)命令行 Adobe AIR Developer Tool(ADT)也可用:下載 Adobe AIR SDK 適用於 Windows

檔案版本 CudaText
檔案名稱 cudatext-macos-
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
軟體類型 2021-04-02

What's new in this version:

+ add: HTML auto-completion: support HTML entities (like  )
+ add: HTML auto-completion: update tags/attribs lists (thanks @d-mal)
+ add: much faster multi-carets editing, with 100+ carets and heavy lexer (thanks @JairoMartinezA)

+ add: work on Undo/Redo (thanks @xcme)
- Undo: Caret movements were considered as actions that could be cancelled/repeated. It led to unneeded caret jumps. Now it looks more like undo/redo manages the content, not caret.
- Undo: If last change was performed in area which isn't visible now, then undo/redo actions will highlight for a while the line and insert a short delay before the undo/redo action.
- Undo: New options "undo_for_caret_jump" and "undo_pause"
- Undo: Paste followed by other editing were considered as single action, so undo cancelled both the pasting and the editing at once. Now these actions are separated.
- Undo: If pause (1500 msec) is passed between typing actions, undo them by steps.
- tab's context menu has new item "Pinned"; pinned tabs captions show prefix "!" (thanks @kvichans)
- command "set tab color..."
- command "reset tab color"
- command "toggle tab pinned state"
- better work of the feature which shows UI-tab titles like "test.txt * folder1" / "test.txt * folder2"
- better statusbar "message" cell: instead of hiding the text it dims it; floating tooltip for that cell shows 30 last messages
- app updates 'enabled state' of toolbar buttons (visible on colorful toolbar theme)

- fix: calculating width of some Unicode chars
- change: Multi-caret edition - undo all chars at once, like ST3

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