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Adobe AIR Mac

Adobe AIR for Mac 運行時使開發人員能夠將相同的代碼打包到適用於 Windows 和 Mac OS 桌面以及 iOS 和 Android 設備的本機應用程序和遊戲中,為超過 5 億台設備提供超過 10 億個桌面系統和移動應用程序商店.

Adobe AIR 對於 Mac 是由 Adobe 開發的跨操作系統運行時,它允許開發人員利用其現有的 Web 開發技能(Flash,Flex,HTML,JavaScript,Ajax)來構建和部署富 Internet 應用程序(RIA)到桌面。

eBay 和 AOL 正在使用 Adobe AIR for Mac 來創建令人興奮的新應用程序,以便您在桌面上使用他們的服務。簡而言之,Adobe AIR 意味著應用程序更簡單,功能更強大,使用起來更有樂趣.

在 Web 上是安全的:Adobe AIR 通過在每個 AIR 應用程序上要求數字簽名來標識應用程序及其創建者,從而確保安全安裝,然後才能安裝。下載,安裝或更新 Adobe Air for Mac!

Adobe Air 功能:

適用於台式機,iOS 和安卓系統的令人嘆為觀止的快速電影 2D 和 3D 遊戲。使用完全加速的 GPU 渲染和遊戲控制器支持在家里或在旅途中的遊戲。

體驗硬件加速高清視頻流暢播放。最近的改進允許支持的 AIR 應用程序和遊戲即使在最苛刻的時間也能提供響應式反饋.

開發人員現在可以通過使用 AIR 本機擴展來使其桌面,iOS 和 Android AIR 遊戲和應用程序能夠完全訪問最新的平台特定功能.

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檔案版本 Adobe AIR
檔案名稱 AdobeAIR.dmg
檔案大小 19.52 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
軟體類型 2016-09-13

What's new in this version:

- Mozilla NPAPI AsyncDrawing support
- HSTS Support in Flash Player
- Disabling local-with-filesystem access in Flash Player by default
- Video and Camera support for Stage3D by VideoTexture for Flash Player
- GameInput API for iOS
- Echo Cancellation on AIR for Android
- The StageText clear button is now optional on iOS

- [iOS] ld-64 Compilation getting failed while packaging app with multiple swf and ANE
- [iOS] Capabilities.screenDPI gives a wrong value on AIR 22 simulator
- [iOS] Context3D.drawToBitmapData uses wrong offset on mobile
- [iOS] TextField with TextFieldType.INPUT cuts off text on the left side when focused
- [iOS] StageWebView makes application crash
- [Android] MP4 Video rendering completely broken in Air 22 on all version of Android
- [Android] Full screen display states must use immersive mode on Android 4.4+
- [Android] OpenSSL library upgraded to 1.0.2h version
- [iOS] App using concurrency closes when a class is instantiated on the worker .swf
- [iOS] CameraRoll on iOS returns Bitmap in incorrect orientation
- [iOS] [Windows] Error, ld: in section __TEXT,__text reloc 153: R_ABS reloc but no absolute symbol at target address for architecture arm64 while packaging Application with Social.ane using flag -hideAneLibSymbols yes
- [iOS] sharedobjects fail when available storage is low
- TextField contextMenu displayed with offset with HiDPI screens

Known Issues
- [Android] softKeyboardRect height is incorrect
- [iOS] VideoTexture on iOS - sometimes the event TEXTURE_READY isn't dispatched
- [iOS] Crash when trying to access function arguments
- [iOS] Landscape mode is not able to initiate the camera and the app crashes in debug mode
- [Android N] AIR apps are not able to recognise display changes & font size as per the new Android N features
- TextField: delay after creation of first TextField

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