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Adobe AIR Mac

Adobe AIR for Mac 運行時使開發人員能夠將相同的代碼打包到適用於 Windows 和 Mac OS 桌面以及 iOS 和 Android 設備的本機應用程序和遊戲中,為超過 5 億台設備提供超過 10 億個桌面系統和移動應用程序商店.

Adobe AIR 對於 Mac 是由 Adobe 開發的跨操作系統運行時,它允許開發人員利用其現有的 Web 開發技能(Flash,Flex,HTML,JavaScript,Ajax)來構建和部署富 Internet 應用程序(RIA)到桌面。

eBay 和 AOL 正在使用 Adobe AIR for Mac 來創建令人興奮的新應用程序,以便您在桌面上使用他們的服務。簡而言之,Adobe AIR 意味著應用程序更簡單,功能更強大,使用起來更有樂趣.

在 Web 上是安全的:Adobe AIR 通過在每個 AIR 應用程序上要求數字簽名來標識應用程序及其創建者,從而確保安全安裝,然後才能安裝。下載,安裝或更新 Adobe Air for Mac!

Adobe Air 功能:

適用於台式機,iOS 和安卓系統的令人嘆為觀止的快速電影 2D 和 3D 遊戲。使用完全加速的 GPU 渲染和遊戲控制器支持在家里或在旅途中的遊戲。

體驗硬件加速高清視頻流暢播放。最近的改進允許支持的 AIR 應用程序和遊戲即使在最苛刻的時間也能提供響應式反饋.

開發人員現在可以通過使用 AIR 本機擴展來使其桌面,iOS 和 Android AIR 遊戲和應用程序能夠完全訪問最新的平台特定功能.

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檔案版本 Adobe AIR
檔案名稱 AdobeAIR.dmg
檔案大小 17.96 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
軟體類型 2011-06-15

What's new in this version:

What's new
- Install AIR Runtime to SD – This feature allows end users to install or move AIR runtime onto SD cards of their Android devices so they can free up storage space on the phone.
- Improved performance on iOS: We have made runtime optimization to allow developers to deliver higher-performance apps on iOS.
- Media Measurement – Measuring video just got easier. Using Adobe SiteCatalyst with Adobe AIR 2.7 or Flash Player 10.3, developers can implement video analytics for either standalone apps or websites with as little as two lines of code. Analytics solution providers can use a new set of open APIs to easily implement consistent video analytics irrespective of implementation or delivery protocol. Media Measurement for AIR and Flash Player allows companies to get real-time, aggregated reporting of how their video content is distributed, what the audience reach is, and how much video is played. Please note that Media Measurement is not yet available for the iOS packager in this release.
- Acoustic Echo Cancellation – AIR 2.7 enables developers to create real-time online collaboration experiences with high-quality audio, such as telephony, in-game voice chat, and group conferencing applications outside the browser for desktop OSes. Developers can take advantage of acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression, voice activity detection, and automatic compensation for various microphone input levels. End users will be able to experience higher quality audio facilitating smoother conversation flow, without using a headset. This feature is available for desktop platforms only
- Enhanced HTMLLoader API – With AIR 2.7, developers will have more control over how clickable links behave in HTML content within a standalone desktop app. This feature will enable content publishers to achieve seamless weblink-style navigation directly within desktop apps such as magazine viewers and ebook readers.

Fixed issues
- Resolved a fullscreen issue on some Android 3.0 devices (2834015)
- AIR plays video with 4-5 seconds delay, as it is keeping a buffer (2844142)
- On NVidia Tegra 2 devices, there are artifacts on playback for some videos (2840034)
- Video playback stutters on some youtube videos that are 480p or higher when hardware acceleration is enabled on 13'' 2011 MacBook Air.

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