Resolume Avenue 7.4.0 rev 76322 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Resolume Avenue 7.4.0 rev 76322 Mac

Adobe Photoshop for Mac 產品系列是為數碼影像帶來最佳效果的終極遊樂場,將它們轉化為您可以想像的任何東西,並以非凡的方式展示它們。 Adobe Photoshop - 獲得行業標準 Adobe Photoshop 軟件中的所有最先進的編輯,合成和繪畫功能,以及可用於創建和增強 3D 圖像和基於動畫的內容的工具。 Adobe Photoshop for Mac - 充分利用功能強大的新型攝影工具和突破性的功能,實現卓越的圖像選擇,圖像修飾,逼真的繪畫,以及廣泛的工作流程和性能增強.

Adobe Photoshop 功能:
編輯和增強成像魔術更高效地工作處理狀態最先進的攝影工具使用 Adobe Camera Raw Control 顏色和色調專業處理圖像直觀地創建電影和視頻內容創建出眾的設計和藝術作品具有高級功能的複合圖像利用簡化的工作流程通過用戶靈感的改進節省時間延長你的覆蓋範圍注意:7 天試用版。 2 GB 的雲存儲。有限訪問服務.

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檔案版本 Resolume Avenue 7.4.0 rev 76322
檔案名稱 Resolume_Avenue_7_4_0_rev_76322_Installer.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Adobe Systems Inc
軟體類型 2021-06-07

What's new in this version:

- Presets for Mixers/Blend Modes
- Support dragging .avc file onto resolume
- Accept comma as decimal separator
- Crash on exit with output/preview set to picture in picture, and previewing clip
- Crash undoing clip paste in another deck
- Crash trying to drop VST effect onto layer clip thumbnail
- Crash after disconnecting midi device which popped 'already in use'
- Crash with waking machine from sleep with DMA on
- Mapped Layer blend shortcuts change on adding other blend modes
- SDI and NDI capture textures can flash into eachother
- /composition/layers/1/clips/*/transport/position/behaviour/duration/divide no worky
- Column sometimes doesn't get highlighted on trigger, next column index is wrong
- Selecting another MIDI shortcut preset stops OSC output
- Low and Upper case blends names are ordered separately, lower case end up at the end of the list, this can get confusing
- Loading layout preset can make Shortcuts panel show up
- Loading a file in full screen Alley, makes the file list show up, you can't hide it

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