Signal Desktop for Mac 1.10.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Signal Desktop for Mac 1.10.0 Mac

隨著 AirRadar for Mac,掃描無線網絡現在更容易,更個性化!它允許您掃描開放網絡並將其標記為收藏夾或將其過濾掉。查看詳細的網絡信息,圖形網絡信號強度,並自動加入範圍內的最佳開放網絡.

無論您是在尋找無線網絡,遇到交通堵塞,坐在沙灘上,或者如果您好奇無線信號有多強在家裡,AirRadar for Mac 提供了一種更線性的網絡狩獵方法。設置一個掃描頻率,並有新的開放或封閉的網絡有他們的名字說話,播放警報,或顯示通知.


AirRadar for Mac 功能:

完整的 WiFi 支持
支持所有現代的 WiFi 網絡,如 802.11a / b / g / n / ac,並具有未來類型的可擴展性.

GPS Integration


保持你的眼睛在路上。 AirRadar 可以說新的網絡名稱,並播放警報聲音。此外,它與 Mac OS X 的通知中心充分整合.

Networks 可選地記憶在系統的 WiFi 鑰匙串中。無論您使用的是內置系統 WiFi 菜單還是 AirRadar,當您需要時,您的所有密碼都已準備就緒.

高級 Info
AirRadar for Mac 報告的內容遠遠不止是信號強度和網絡名稱。查看令人難以置信的詳細信息,包括加密類型,信標間隔,供應商,頻道頻段,規格等等!

注意:15 天試用版.

檔案版本 Signal Desktop for Mac 1.10.0
檔案大小 77.4 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Koingo Software
軟體類型 2018-05-10

What's new in this version:

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.10.0

- Media Gallery showing all attachments in a given conversation
- Note: Until all attachments have been migrated to disk (as part of a background process), only a partial set of a conversation's media will show up, skewed towards the most recent messages
- Increase speed of migration to move attachments to disk from database
- Video attachments: show first frame preview in composition area

- Show 'You' in Android theme instead of your own contact name
- Show thumbnails for quotes of messages with video attachments

Notification improvements:
- Remove all on remote read, on focus, on exit
- Show multi-message notifications like '5 new messages'

- Add comments clarifying our mechanism--s for stripping EXIF info
- Move to prettierjs to format our code
- Fix break in styleguide; make filesize/Signal.Util.GoogleChrome available
- Remove duplicate entry from .gitignore

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.9.0
- Send quoted replies via hover menu on message
- Fixed: Linking a new iOS device would not initially show iOS theme
- Dev: Media Gallery: Phase 1 - currently disabled

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.8.0
- Support for receiving quoted replies
- iOS theme: one bubble for both attachment and message contents
- Dev: Fix beta install instructions in readme for debian-based linux

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.7.1
- Fixed: Conversation message preview would sometimes continue to show after message disappeared
- Improve URL Auto-Linking In Messages
- Redact More Variants Of Paths In Stack Traces
- Dev: Introduce React, TypeScript, TSLint and React-StyleGuidist

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.7.0

- Update to electron 1.8.4
- Migrate all attachments from IndexedDB to file system in the background
- Save attachments to disk when importing Chrome app export
- New option in settings: delete all application data
- Remove all configuration in database when we discover we are unlinked
- Delete everything in database when we link with a different phone number from previous link
- Fixed: Read receipts setting would not be synchronized along with re-link
- Fixed: Clicking conversation in left pane when already selected would remove focus on message composition field - thanks @colefranz!
- Fixed: Searching for the phone number of an existing contact, then selecting 'start conversation' would erase contact details
- Fixed: Selecting Settings menu option multiple times would open multiple instances of settings view

- Redact file paths in anything that goes to the log on disk
- When top-level process errors happen, don't show dialog with stack trace
- Add nsp to CI runs
- Add eslint-plugin-mocha to disallow exclusive tests using *.only
- Preparation for encrypted backups
- Updates to structure of exported data -, flat list of attachments
- Relax Node.js version requirements
- Fix a few typos in documentation
- Update issue template to mention that translation should be via Transifex

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.6.1
- Switch to a new service for debug logs, since GitHub is retiring anonymous gists

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.6.0
- Upgrade to the latest version of Electron, 1.8.2
- Replace custom notification sound with system sound

Update menus:
- A few copy changes to make things clearer
- Settings now available via the File (Windows/Linux) or Signal Desktop (macOS) OS menu
- Eliminate the triple-dot menu in the top-center of the screen
- Fixed: Hitting enter after entering device name on install would not move to next screen

- Ensure consistent builds using yarn --frozen-lockfile
- Update code to match eslint-enforced formatting
- Upgrade to latest version of electron-builder and associated packages

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.5.2
- Fixed: In import/registration flow, choosing View -> Debug Log would do nothing

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.5.1
- Fixed: In some cases contact/group syncs would turn off disappearing messages in all conversations
- Fixed: On initial setup, conversations with disappearing messages enabled would be at the top of the conversation list

Signal Desktop for Mac 1.5.0
- Note: Includes fixes from 1.4.0-beta.1 (never released to production), 1.5.0-beta.1, and one additional pull request
- Update electron to 1.7.12
- New design for import and install flows
- Support for 'light' imports, which bring just messages, contacts and groups
- Set conversation disappearing messages state and contact block state on initial link
- 'Restart' -> 'Restart Signal' button in update dialog, thanks @StevenXL

- If app started offline, conversations would not open
- Attached images would sometimes show up rotated improperly
- Uncaught Exception: TypeError; 'getSize'
- File paths with special characters could be shown in misleading way
- Incoming messages sometimes didn't appear at all
- 'Cannot find module ./app/locale' error popup when attempting to start another instance of the app on Windows
- Setting NODE_ENV environment variable to 'development' would point it at staging servers

- Move ESLint environment configuration into .eslintrc
- Sync Protocol Buffers with libsignal-service-java
- Update to libsignal-protocol-javascript v1.3.0
- Make our binary comparisons constant time
- Fix typo in issue template
- Update to new signal branding

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