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Alfred 3.2.1 Build 768 Mac

Alfred 是一個桌面增強應用程序,其目標是通過對本地內容和網絡進行理解搜索來大大節省您的時間。通過搜索地圖,亞馬遜,維基百科,易趣,以及對發現的電子郵件和文件夾(複製,移動,發送)進行預處理操作,您可以以前所未有的方式獲得有價值的信息和生產力。 Alfred for Mac 是一款適用於 Mac OS X 的生產力應用程序,可通過熱鍵,關鍵字和文本擴展提高您的工作效率!

查找應用程序& Files
在 Mac 上啟動應用程序和文件,而不必將手從鍵盤上拿開。阿爾弗雷德學習你最常用的應用程序,並在搜索時優先考慮它們。使用方便的過濾器關鍵字提高您的工作效率,並防止 RSI,使您的鼠標幾乎過時!

快速搜索 Web
使用內置的網頁搜索和您自己的自定義搜索,使搜索速度比以往任何時候都快像 wiki,twitter 或 youtube。在 Alfred 的主窗口中自定義默認搜索,使其符合您的日常需求.

通過將關鍵字,熱鍵和動作連接在一起來創建非常強大的工作流,從而擴展 Alfred 的功能,無需編寫任何代碼!導出您的工作流程以共享或導入我們的輝煌開發者社區創建的工作流程.

Clipboard& 片段

將 Alfred 與您的桌面,你的衣服或你的心情相匹配。通過選擇顏色,字體,尺寸等來創建自己的主題。炫耀你的設計技巧,與朋友分享你的主題,並導入他們的主題.

注意:需要 64 位處理器。 Powerpack 功能不可用.

檔案版本 Alfred 3.2.1 Build 768
檔案名稱 Alfred_3.2.1_768.dmg
檔案大小 2.69 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Running with Crayons Ltd
軟體類型 2016-12-08

What's new in this version:

General improvements:
- Update markdown helper to correctly interpret list items (4 space instead of 2 space): Note that if you are using Alfred 3.2 or earlier, the update change log will render incorrectly until you update to 3.2.1
- Improved loading of 1Password 6.5+ 3rd party integration data
- Update Google Drive default web search URL to latest, fixing space encoding issue
- Make the usage stats header text selectable in Alfred's preferences

Add new "Play Sound" output object:
- Play sounds from the System sound bank
- Play custom aif / m4a files from within the workflow's folder

Replace out {query} before snippet dynamic placeholders in "Copy to Clipboard" workflow object allowing for:
- {cursor} positioning to work correctly when also using {query}
- Passed in {query} to contain dynamic snippet placeholders such as {cursor}
- Add content type tree support to the File Action trigger making it easier to show actions for type groups. For example, add +public.image as a file type for an action to show for all files which conform to this type.
- Add workflow info to the script task error dialog to help identify and debug issues
- Improved rendering in the Workflows list in Alfred's preferences: Added option to show 'Last Modified' date in Workflows list

Clipboard and snippets:
- Correctly calculate the visible length rather than underlying length of a snippet when positioning {cursor}
- More efficient rejection of keyword matching when checking for auto expanding snippets
- Work around macOS bug regarding mis-reported fn mod key being registered during text expansion
- More effective tidy up of expired clipboard history data

File system:
- Add new "Copy File to Clipboard" file action which copies file rather than path: Useful for copying file for subsequent pasting into e.g.
- Consolidated single and multiple file action code for better efficiency

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