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AnyToISO 3.9.1 Mac

AnyToISO for Mac 是 macOS 的最終 ISO 創作者。幾乎所有東西都可以創建 ISO,包括 Internet 上流行的所有 CD / DVD 圖像格式,CD / DVD / 藍光光盤或簡單地從本地文件夾中創建。完整的命令行支持.

AnyToISO for Mac 功能:
AnyToISO 支持 Internet 上流行的所有 CD / DVD 格式。 AnyToISO 可以在 Windows 和 Mac OS X 上運行。大多數 CD / DVD 刻錄軟件僅適用於 ISO 映像及其本地映像。刻錄前使用 AnyToISO 進行轉換。使用 AnyToISO,您可以在 Internet 上找到任何 CD / DVD 映像到您的 Parallels / VMWare 虛擬機。提取 / 轉換為 ISO:NRG,MDF,UIF,DMG,ISZ,BIN,DAA,PDI,CDI,IMG,ZIP,RAR,7Z,TAR.GZ,TAR.BZ2,... 文件提取 ISO,DMG,XAR ,PKG,DEB,RPM ... 文件從 CD / DVD / 藍光磁盤創建 ISO(支持 BIN / CUE)從文件 / 文件夾創建 ISO 與資源管理器和 Apple Finder 集成命令行支持注:Lite 版本完全免費但不能使用大於常規 CD(870 MB).


檔案版本 AnyToISO 3.9.1
檔案大小 9.6 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 CrystalIDEA Software
軟體類型 2018-06-20

What's new in this version:

AnyToISO 3.9.1
- New: Support of password protected DMG files
- Fixed: Fixed extracting of certain types of DMG files

AnyToISO 3.9.0
- New: Support of DMG images with LZFSE compression
- Improved: Support of .pbzx files as payloads inside XAR/PKG archives
- Improved: After dropping a folder on AnyToISO window it switches the current tab to 'Folder to ISO'
- Improved: Improved code to unpack 7Z and RAR archives
- Improved: Ukranian, Persian translation update
- Fixed: Fixed creating broken ISO images from a folder with lots of files
- Fixed: Fixed crash when extracting certain types of DMG images

AnyToISO 3.8.2
- Improved: Italian translation update
- Fixed: Fixed extracting/converting of ZIP archives with Unicode file names

AnyToISO 3.8.1
- Improved: Chinese, Turkish translations update
- Fixed: Fixed extracting of PKG(XAR) files
- Fixed: Fixed folders dates inside ISO9660 filesystem when creating ISO

AnyToISO 3.8.0
- New: Support of FAT32 and UDF volumes inside DMG images
- New: Unicode support inside FAT32 for .img/.ima images
- Improved: Increased speed of creating of images of optical disks
- Improved: Improved look and feel on HiDPI systems (with high resolution displays)
- Improved: Improved and fixed processing of many types of BIN files. Support of mixed mode images
- Fixed: Fixed creating of BIN/CUE images out of certain types of CD/DVD disks
- Fixed: Fixed crash when converting some DAA and GBI images
- Fixed: Fixed app output on Windows 10 when using command line
- Fixed: Fixed displaying of progress on macOS

AnyToISO 3.7.4
- Improved: Improved processing of many types of NRG files. Support of multi-session images, fixed extracting of WAV files
- Improved: Added support of PFPKG and MPKG files
- Improved: Mac: the app is now 64-bit
- Improved: German translation update

AnyToISO 3.7.3
- Fixed: Fixed processing of certain types of .dmg files
- Fixed: Fixed processing of certain types of .xz archives
- Fixed: Fixed problem when app couldn't activate Pro version on Windows 10
- Fixed: Fixed error handling when dealing with multi-volume RAR archives
- IU: Mac: the app can now move itself to the /Applications when it's first run from the other directory

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