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ArchiCAD 22.0 Build 3006 Mac

ArchiCAD for Mac 幫助您比以往更快地設計和實施建築項目!不再等待視圖加載。 GRAPHISOFT 通過後台處理擴展了其強大的 64 位和多處理技術,這是 BIM 的行業首創。因此,適用於 macOS 的 ArchiCAD 現在提供了閃電般的快速響應時間,此應用程序的渦輪增壓更新使其成為 BIM 業務中無可爭議的速度領導者。

自一開始,創新就一直是 ARCHICAD for Mac 的關鍵區別。該程序引入了備受期待的樓梯工具,該樓梯工具採用了 GRAPHISOFT 的正在申請專利的 Predictive Design™技術。該應用程序在可視化,OPEN BIM,性能和生產率方面進行了許多其他重要的功能改進,使該版本成為 GRAPHISOFT 歷史上最強大的版本之一。

設計樓梯是建築中最複雜的任務之一。樓梯工具軟件可為特定建築物提供最佳的樓梯設計供您選擇。可以創建與樓梯,樓板,牆,屋頂或網格關聯的複雜但可配置的欄杆系統。該程序集成了 CineRender- 基於 MAXON 的 Cinema 4D v18 渲染引擎 - 在 BIM 上下文中為建築師提供高質量,逼真的渲染。應用程序設計模型可以描述為一個中央 BIM 數據庫,該數據庫存儲所有項目數據並使任何項目涉眾都可以訪問。

由顧問(例如結構或 MEP 工程師)創建的外部 IFC 模型內容可以作為應用程序的熱鏈接放置。將項目設計為受保護的參考內容。隨著 BIM 成為事實上的工作流程,架構師越來越多地以 BIM 格式接收顧問信息。在所有與文本相關的工具中引入了統一的富文本格式:文本,標籤,尺寸,交互式時間表。


Open GL 3D View 中的陰影
該軟件通過在 3D OpenGL 視圖中投射陰影,極大地改善了模型內的可視化效果。 BIM 模型的實時 3D 視圖除了是工作視圖之外,還成為與客戶交流設計意圖的標準基礎。


基於模型的註釋是有效 BIM 工作流程的關鍵。在關聯維中添加自定義前綴和後綴 - 在保持其實際測量值的同時 - 可以將文檔的生產率提高一個數量級。

該軟件引入了標準電子表格編輯技術,以提高日程和索引窗口的生產率。現在可以使用包含所見即所得結果的圖形信息將起飛數量導出到 Excel。

直接從經緯儀中獲得的站點調查數據現在可以單擊即可導入到應用程序中。 XYZ 坐標會自動轉換為提供準確的 3D 環境模型的 Archi CAD 網格元素。

注:在演示版中,保存,複製和團隊合作功能已禁用。打印水印 61​​235896
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檔案版本 ArchiCAD 22.0 Build 3006
檔案名稱 ARCHICAD-22-INT-3006-1.3.dmg
檔案大小 1.6 GB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
軟體類型 2018-07-23

What's new in this version:

Façade Design:
- The remastered Façade Design tool provides flexible design environment for architects to create external or internal facades, elevations and surfaces with modular structures and hierarchical, repetitive patterns. Designing and detailing Curtain Walls is not only more accurate but it’s also easier to adherence local requirements for documenting and listing.

Parametric Profile Editor:
- The Parametric Profile Editor combines the power of parametric design with the freedom of graphical profile creation. Create more intelligent Profiles for Walls, Beams and Columns, by defining parametric edges in the Profile Editor. This will allow offset individual or multiple edges - centrally for the Profile Attribute or at the instance level - either graphically or via element settings.

Expression Defined Property Values:
- Architects may benefit from defining complex data-processing expressions for elements. The result can be used in ARCHICAD for tagging or filtering elements, and presented in any graphical, tabular or model output, governed by arithmetic, logical and text handling operations – very similar to functions in standard spreadsheet programs.

- ARCHICAD 22 introduces a smooth and truly responsive panning and zooming navigation experience for 2D views, even in very large projects. ARCHICAD utilizes ultra-high – 4K and 5K – monitor screen resolution on Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems too, similarly to the retina display on Mac. The representation of fine details of icons, lines, texts and other graphic user interface elements are now produce a much - sharper look.

Professional Visualization: CineRender v19 Engine:
- ARCHICAD 22 uses Maxon’s latest (R19) CineRender engine and enables architects to utilize professional visualization processes and features - without leaving ARCHICAD. Now Tone Mapping, Stereoscopic and 360-degree or spherical renderings can be created.

Custom Graphical Labels:
- Select any combination of drawing primitives (lines, arcs, polylines), plus Text Blocks (including Element-related Autotexts), then save and use - them as a Label.

IFC Import and Export enhancements:
- ARCHICAD supports the import of geometry representation of double-curved, complex geometry elements, the non-uniform rational basis splines (NURBS) from IFC4 files. Properties and quantities of components (composite skins, complex profiles, multibody object parts) can be exported for quantity take-off and cost estimation applications.

Updated Attribute Manager dialog:
- The Attribute Manager dialog has been re-engineered to work faster and more reliably. New features include: instant search of Attributes of the left and/or right side and when switching between Tabs; delete and replace functionality now works directly; Layers and Layer Combinations merged into a single Tab, allowing Layer states to be edited across multiple selected Layer Combinations; support for editing of multiple - Attributes simultaneously.

Updated Model View Options dialog:
- The Model View Options dialog has been redesigned, to match the layout of other dialogs, with the following changes: MVO Combinations and the Search field are now on the left side of the dialog; ‘Store as’ and ‘Rename’ functions have been removed; Panels on the right side of the dialog have been reorganized and simplified; during migration, previous “Custom” Sets used by project views will become automatically named MVO -

Updated ARCHICAD-Grasshopper Connection Tool:
- Thanks to the latest development ARCHICAD’s enhanced Curtain Wall feature set is fully accessible from Grasshopper. Designers may start assembling Curtain Wall Patterns using any set of 2D lines as well as manage all sub-elements on the Grasshopper Canvas and create astonishing - facades in ARCHICAD using algorithmic design definitions.

Various enhancements and fixes:
- 233926 BIMcloud/TEAMWORK/HOTLINK: Hotlink update was giving a Teamwork error message when using the host file, if another user was deleting the - source file.
- 237662 CRASH: Search and Replace crashed with certain Japanese character strings.
- 235560 CRASH: ARCHICAD could crash when switching from one story to another.
- 235695 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed in certain circumstances when using the mark-up tool.
- 229789 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while switching to 3D because of corrupted stairs.
- 235422 CRASH: ARCHICAD did not robustly handle some room boundaries.
- 237127 CRASH: ARCHICAD did not test IFC files for adherence to the standard before trying to open them, and crashed with poorly made IFC files.
- 242531 CRASH: The grid tool incorrectly handled multi-byte characters in one of its settings dialogs.
- 235032 CRASH: The PolyCount could fail to calculate the polygons of stairs and occasionally it crashed.
- 229129 DOCUMENT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when certain views were placed on the layout.
- 238944 DOCUMENT/HOTLINK: The Door/Window Stamp placed in the module file did not show the properties in the host file.
- 235765 DOCUMENT: An object belonging to more than one Zone with each Zone having a different Renovation status could report an incorrect related - Zone number and name in a schedule.
- 239263 DOCUMENT: ARCHICAD could crash when publishing empty PDF files.
- 234196 DOCUMENT: Dimensions were sometimes temporarily lost on the Floor Plan when switching to Section/Elevation and back.
- 233995 DOCUMENT: Doors were not considered to belong to a zone, if they were inside it, not on its edge.
- 236332 DOCUMENT: Elevation Dimension Text Alignment worked incorrectly with multiline texts.
- 232545 DOCUMENT: Graphic Override rules did not work on the Layout for Texts and Labels placed on the Section/Elevation.
- 241425 DOCUMENT: High resolution textures crashed renders with the internal engine.
- 239015 DOCUMENT: Importing of the Schedule Scheme did not work correctly with user-made Option Set type Property as Criteria.
- 235715 DOCUMENT: In certain situations, Surface Schedules could report incorrect Surface Areas for Walls with Corner Windows.
- 239117 DOCUMENT: Interactive Schedules could give false values for the components of multiplane roofs.
- 237507 DOCUMENT: On the Mac platform only, the layout grid combined with large scale text caused ARCHICAD to crash.
- 238306 DOCUMENT: Some railing geometries prevented placement to layout of a View containing them.
- 236977 DOCUMENT: The Graphic Override rules to Line Type did not work for Text Frame on the Layout.
- 239114 DOCUMENT: The order of the items could be wrong in the Lists.
- 235093 DOCUMENT: The pen set in use when views were created from schedules were not saved into their respective views, which later led to - inconsistencies when these views were placed on layouts.
- 236162 DOCUMENT: The renovation filter was not handled correctly with Labels originating from views on layout.
- 237083 EDIT/MODEL: Railings end component disappeared in edit-mode.
- 236349 EDIT/SECTION: When the section line was stretched in a plan view or in a section view, 3D information disappeared in the visible part of - the section.
- 236784 EDIT/USER INTERFACE: Stair solver had a miniature preview occasionally when editing steep stairs.
- 234787 EDIT: 2d drafting tool polygon addition and subtraction methods failed with manual input of offsets.
- 238867 EDIT: A Stair’s Break Mark was not present with a negative bottom offset.
- 237899 EDIT: A mirrored dimension with custom text did not display the custom text.
- 235528 EDIT: In some combination of the Renovation Filter, the elements with To Be Demolished or New status were not visible on the Trace.
- 236249 EDIT: Objects didn't respect the location of the selected Anchor point.
- 236134 EDIT: Stairs and Railings were not selected after undoing a drag-a-copy command.
- 237431 EDIT: Stairs with" horizontal connection with bearing nibs" had incorrect offset if the "cx" value was higher than "dx".
- 236465 EDIT: The copy operation performance needed improvement.
- 235832 EDIT: The offset of Stair Stringers could increase randomly when the stringers were edited.
- 242803 EDIT: The Split Tool corrupted some openings if there were both Windows and Doors in the wall.
- 236892 EDIT: Top-linked Stairs could inherit invalid values when the Story Height was changed.
- 238695 HOTLINK: Layer Combinations of a hotlink module file could not be appended to the host file. To enable this functionality, set the - registry key HotlinkLayerCombinationEnabled to 1.
- 232636 EDIT:Railing didn't connect correctly on slab.
- 228848 FILE/3DS/EXPORT/GDL: The fireplace GDL objects failed to export as 3DS files, if Rendered image was set for 3D representation method.
- 236794 FILE/3DS/Export: Wavefront files exported from ARCHICAD 21 lost material information.
- 231178 FILE/BCF/IMPORT: BCF version 2.0 was not fully supported by the Markup tool: some of the data was lost or had an incorrect selection set.
- 236926 FILE/BIMx/EXPORT: Hyperlinks did not work in schedules in BIMx if they were defined in ARCHICAD properties.
- 231787 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: A PMK drawing placed on a layout with a modified boundary, incorrectly exported to DWG.
- 231699 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: A dashed polyline with Continuous or By Segment dashing method exported incorrectly to DWG.
- 242775 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: DWG file export caused few text fields to lose the first character.
- 239165 FILE/GSM,RFA/IMPORT: Certain objects were displayed in different ways in ARCHICAD if they were placed using their .GSM or .RFA format.
- 240778 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD Some skylight geometries were incorrectly handled as part of Zone update and IFC export.
- 237848 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/CRASH: Opening the IFC translators for export crashed ARCHICAD under certain circumstances.
- 232310 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: A project with a migrated v20 Stairmaker stair failed to export to IFC.
- 236257 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: ARCHICAD crashed during IFC export, if Trace was active and ARCHICAD windows were switched.
- 237166 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Classification of elements that were parts of a Hotlinked Module were lost in the exported IFC file.
- 241278 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Exported IFC files contained duplicate GUIDs.
- 228451 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: IFC exports failed to address negative values of reveal depth of door or window.
- 231038 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFCBeams, in certain cases, received an offset after import.
- 236959 FILE/KZM/EXPORT: ARCHICAD textures were missing in Google Earth if the texture name contained certain national language characters.
- 236146 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD did not robustly handle optional attributes in IFC files.
- 241751 FILE/OPEN: On the Mac platform, if a file server to external links was not available, an error dialog of the form: There was a problem connecting to the server..." was emitted. This dialog has been disabled since it caused significant delays, and duplicated information in other - dialogs.
- 236714 FILE/PDF/EXPORT: Exported Zones appeared with a blue transparent fill in Bluebeam Revu on Mac.
- 238032 FILE/PDF/EXPORT/IMPORT: Bluebeam markups imported to ARCHICAD had an offset.
- 236599 FILE/SKP/EXPORT/IMPORT: Imported Sketchup models with KME library (Netherlands) had incorrect dimensions.
- 235497 FILE/XLSX/EXPORT: Uniform items that were merged in Interactive Schedules were extracted into individual items when Property Values were - exported from the Schedule. This led to large sheets of data that were difficult to work with.
- 193670 FREEZE: ARCHICAD could freeze in the Composite Structures Dialog, if a certain Line Types in a Composite was used.
- 233123 GDL/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when stair starts with tread, has a vertical run-start connection and walking line offset is on.
- 231870 GDL/DOCUMENT: The preview pictures of custom GDL Elements didn't appear in schedules if they were password protected.
- 237380 GDL: The APPLICATION_QUERY command returned no value when used with Stairs and Railings.
- 234303 GDL: The process of removing an Embedded Library could take over an hour.
- 241375 GOOGLE EARTH: ARCHICAD was unable to connect to Google Earth on OS X.
- 232714 GRASSHOPPER: ARCHICAD incorrectly exported Elevation information to Rhino-Grashopper
- 240889 HOTLINK/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when placing a hotlink into a file that contained corrupted stairs.
- 238618 HOTLINK: Due to changes in file handling under macOS 10.13 it was not possible to Hotlink a file that was open by a different user.
- 239421 HOTLINK: Elements were lost in copies of hotlinks created with drag a copy.
- 238695 HOTLINK: Layer Combinations of a hotlink module file could not be appended to the host file. To enable this functionality, set the - registry key HotlinkLayerCombinationEnabled to 1.
- 235794 LICENSING: ARCHICAD on computers with Apple Fusion Drive frequently after a reboot requested the user accept again the End User License - Agreement (EULA).
- 239392 MODEL: An ellipse transformed to a circle when arrows were added.
- 232314 MODEL: Custom railing panels and posts were rotated by 90 degrees when placed with the Railing tool.
- 205709 MODEL: Custom Symbol Fills made of circles did not appear properly.
- 237138 MODEL: Doors and Windows did not snap to Wall intersections.
- 236789 MODEL: End plate of stairs had huge offset after reopening the plan.
- 238997 MODEL: Grasshopper elements classified as 'closed planar curves' connected to ARCHICAD components could crash Rhino as part of the - process of sending to ARCHICAD.
- 237042 MODEL: If the "use break mark settings of associated stairs" option was disabled the railing could display incorrectly.
- 237106 MODEL: If the riser gap of the stair was set to 0, there still was a small gap between the riser and the structure.
- 238062 MODEL: It was not possible to abort the 3D generation: 'Click to abort' button had no effect.
- 237067 MODEL: Model View Options of Stairs had an effect on Model View Options of Openings.
- 239012 MODEL: Modifications to a stair with “Winder with equal angles/goings" turning type often resulted in its dimensions being lost.
- 235823 MODEL: Morph editing in section created an invalid offset.
- 223433 MODEL: Saved Zoom could be missing from the View Settings.
- 198622 MODEL: Surface painter overrode all surfaces even if only one surface was selected to be overridden.
- 236499 MODEL: The elements the railing tool created ignored the cut line and were shown on layout even when they should not have.
- 236390 MODEL: The horizontal drag in Section/Elevation of a Door/Window with manual input gave unexpected results.
- 238252 MODEL: The same Stair saved as a Favorite could be different depending on from where it was saved.
- 239006 MODEL: Undo failed with stair baseline edits.
- 235758 MODEL: Zones were not processed correctly with certain cutting operations that led to visibilities issues in the perspective view.
- 236706 MODEL: When the inner posts of a railing were removed, the railing panels lost their assigned orientation.
- 238083 RAILING/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when placing Railing on a Stair if the hotlinked modul contained embedded library.
- 247437 SPEED: ARCHICAD was becoming slower and slower the more detail/documentation was produced.
- 227943 STAIR/CRASH: ARCHICAD could crash if a Stair started with a Landing and the first Stair flight started with a Tread instead of a Riser.
- 236932 STAIR/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed during Background updating because of a bug in the Landing-Run connections when the landing was monolithic - and the run was a straight beam support structure.
- 240232 STAIR/FAVORITES: 2D previews of the stair favorites were missing in some cases.
- 237403 STAIR/PREVIEW: The 3D preview of the tread and riser settings froze for certain localizations.
- 236526 STAIR: Associative railings with offset had missing geometry and long segments.
- 231069 STAIR: Handrail left side selection was not saved without a horizontal offset value.
- 235333 USER INTERFACE/CRASH: ARCHICAD slowed down and could crash when Trace and Reference was switched on and the Renovation Palette was open.
- 241473 USER INTERFACE/FREEZE: Severe lag during user interaction when Favorite Palette was open.
- 237195 USER INTERFACE: ARCHICAD on macOS 10.13 could perform slowly, with some operations that relied heavily on the creation of temporary - folders (such as library object handling).
- 239745 USER INTERFACE: ARCHICAD slowed down on Windows when the computer had not restarted for a while.
- 234757 USER INTERFACE: SiteMaker's Opening Coordinate File dialog displayed incorrect Japanese characters.
- 241935 USER INTERFACE: The list menu in favorites for different tools was unavailable on macOS 10.13.
- 241816 USER INTERFACE: The localized RUS Version had a cosmetic error with a schedule dialog button.
- 241225 USER INTERFACE: Typically on 4k monitors that were scaled up on Windows, a cursor could be offset from the model element it was - referencing.

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