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Arduino 1.8.13 Mac

開源的 Arduino para Mac(IDE)使得編寫代碼並將其上傳到開發板變得容易。它運行在 Windows,Mac OS X 和 Linux 上。環境是用 Java 編寫的,基於 Processing 和其他開源軟件。這個軟件可以和任何 Arduino 板一起使用。


期待已久的新 arduino-builder

可插拔的 USB 內核
Arduino 最終可以充當許多不同的 USB 設備,而無需改變內核,這要歸功於新的模塊化架構。基於新子系統的庫已經在開發中!

您現在可以實時繪製您的數據,就像在您的循環內寫入 Serial.println(analogRead(A0))一樣簡單.


ArduinoISP 例子
已經被改進了很多,現在你可以使用任何其他的板子來刷新你的 AVR 芯片。

通知如果一個庫 / 核心可以更新一個簡單的彈出式菜單– 沒有更多過時的代碼浮動!

注意:需要 Java Runtime Environment.

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檔案版本 Arduino 1.8.13
檔案大小 163 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Arduino Team
更新日期 暫無資訊
軟體類型 2020-06-16

What's new in this version:

- Fixed crash on MacOSX >=10.15 with multiple monitor setups
- The boards in the boards list in the "Tools" menu are now grouped by platform. This should make the selection easier when there are lots of boards loaded in the IDE.
- Fixed save of proxy username/password settings in "manual proxy" section
- In "Tools / Programmers" menu only shows programmers related to the currently selected board
- Fixed: sketch window out-of-display if the IDE is restarted after removing an external monitor
- Allow baudrate/config change when the Serial Monitor/Plotter is disabled
- Updated jmdns to 3.5.5. Should improve network board detection
- Optimized libraries scanning during startup
- Better vertical centering of file names in tabs
- Better console rendering of progress bar during upload

- FIX REGRESSION: Fixed precompiled libraries containing "wrapper" code that has to be compiled together with the precompiled part
- Removed automatic '--relax' for compiles on Atmega2560 MCU
- Fixed skethbook+bootloader hex merger when the bootloader is in .bin format
- Fixed relative path errors when traversing different partitions (in particular on macosx for larger sketches)
- Added #define variable during lib discovery phase
- Improved progress report from compile

- Updated AVR core to 1.8.3
- Wire class now supports timeout
- Upgraded avr-gcc to 7.3.0-atmel3.6.1-arduino7

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