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Arq Backup Version 7.4.1 Mac

Arq 是 Mac 的備份軟件。它會將您的文件安全地備份到您的雲帳戶或 NAS。 Arq Backup 保留文件的多個版本 - 備份歷史記錄。因此,如果發現文件已損壞或意外刪除,則可以返回以獲取舊版本。備份外部硬盤驅動器,NAS 文件,無論您想要什麼。 Arq 沒有限制。

macOS 的 Arq 備份以公開和記錄的格式存儲加密的備份。您可以控製備份數據。使用 Arq 備份到:
您的 AWS(S3 / Glacier)帳戶,Wasabi 帳戶,Backblaze B2 帳戶,Google Drive 帳戶,Google Cloud Storage 帳戶,Dropbox 帳戶,OneDrive 帳戶,SFTP 服務器,NAS 或外部硬盤驅動器,甚至還有一個 -source 恢復工具,因此您可以在不需要 Arq 應用程序的情況下解密備份數據。知道備份的位置並能夠直接查看數據可讓您高枕無憂。

它可以保護您告訴它每小時自動備份的所有文件。備份存儲在您的雲帳戶或 NAS 或 SFTP 服務器中,以防止盜竊,勒索軟件和災難。沒有人能讀取您的備份,因為所有內容在使用您僅知道的密碼離開計算機之前都已加密。

ArqBackup 與許多不同的雲提供商集成。因此,如果您的雲帳戶有一些額外的可用空間,則可以將其用於重要文件的加密版本備份。

高效—壓縮,重複數據刪除,塊級增量備份無限備份—備份任何文件大小,文件類型,外部驅動器,網絡共享版本化文件備份—保留文件的多個版本;如果發現文件已損壞,請及時返回以獲取早期版本無限保留 - 即使您從不重新連接 USB 驅動器,也保留備份勒索軟件保護 - 文件的時間點恢復直接從應用程序還原 - 否下載 zip 文件很棒的客戶服務自 2009 年以來穩定,自負盈虧,由所有者經營,盈利的公司注意:30 天試用版。

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檔案版本 Arq Backup Version 7.4.1
檔案名稱 Arq7.pkg
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Haystack Software LLC
軟體類型 2021-04-08

What's new in this version:

Arq Backup Version 7.4.1
- Made search results sortable by column
- Changed 'Total scanned' and 'Total uploaded' messages in activity log to display as MB/GB/TB instead of the number of bytes

- Fixed an issue where an error during search would cause the other search results to be hidden
- Fixed an issue where extremely large activity logs could cause the app to struggle
- Fixed an issue that could cause email reports to incorrectly report totals of 0
- Fixed an issue which could cause 'missing response from Microsoft Graph create-file transaction' errors

Arq Backup Version 7.3
New Features:
- Added Filebase as a storage option

Fixed Issues:
- Fixed an issue that could cause "EOF" errors when backing up user-mounted volumes
- Fixed an issue which could cause 'missing error information' errors during backup
- Fixed an issue where transfer rate limiting wasn't being applied when backing up to Dropbox

Arq Backup Version 7.2.3
- Fixed an issue where transient directories could cause file-not-found errors reported in the backup activity log
- Fixed an issue where communication between Arq Agent and clients (Arq and ArqMonitor) wasn't being encrypted
- Changed the 'Restore...' button's label to 'View Latest Backup Record...' to make it more clear that you're not starting a restore just by clicking the button

Arq Backup Version 7.2.1
- Fixed an issue where, if you changed the backup plan's name, the "blob identifier type" was being reset to SHA256 for the backup plan. If it was originally SHA1 (e.g. for a backup plan upgraded from Arq 5) this could cause re-uploading of data.
- Fixed an issue where restoring from an Arq 6 snapshot stored in Glacier or Deep Archive may not request all needed objects be made "downloadable", causing Arq to wait forever to restore data.
- Changed the assertion used by the prevent-computer-sleep function to prevent sleep when the computer's lid is closed
- Fixed an issue where Arq reported an error attempting to create an APFS snapshot for a read-only volume

Arq Backup Version 7.2
- Added support for new Google Cloud Storage regions
- Re-added storage class options for S3-compatible storage locations to make Arq compatible with S3-compatible servers like Scaleway C14 which require Glacier storage class
- Added a workaround for S3-compatible servers that return dates in alternate formats from the S3 standard

- During backup, retry for all SFTP server connection issues, including DNS lookup failure, for up to 60 seconds
- Skip /Library/Application/ArqAgent/cache.noindex when backing up, not all of /Library/Application Support/ArqAgent

Arq Backup Version 7.1.12
- Change log not available for this version

Arq Backup Version 7.1.11
- Improved efficiency of querying for B2 file lists
- Improved memory management
- Added a workaround for random "Operation canceled" errors from SharePoint
- Changed adding a folder-type storage location to use the path on disk instead of using the disk identifier. If you're backing up to a virtual filesystem (e.g. pCloud Drive) its disk identifier changes with every reboot. This change mitigates that.

Fixed :
- Fixed an issue where ArqMonitor could return an authentication error after user sets app password in Arq
- Fixed an issue where, for all-drives backup plans, Arq wouldn't always match up disk identifiers with existing backup records, resulting in more than 1 folder of backup records

Arq Backup Version 7.1.8
- Added Hong Kong AWS region
- Allow any entry for UNC path when adding a network volume
- Changed CPU slider appearance to fix an issue where the top of it wasn't visible
- Fixed an issue that could cause a 'buffer too small' error when initializing the database for some Arq 5 data

Arq Backup Version 7.1.7
- Don't display storage class choices when using a non-AWS S3 storage location
- Fixed an issue where Arq would still apply username and/or password to the SMTP session even if the authentication type was set to 'none'
- Fixed an issue where Arq didn't recognize full disk access when user home directories have been relocated
- Retry on "protocol wrong type for socket" (EPROTOTYPE) error
- Fixed an issue where entering an Arq Premium license code for an account with a + in the email address would result in 'account not found' error

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