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Art Text 4.1 Mac

Art Text for Mac 是微軟 Windows 平台的矢量設計應用程序。在一個直觀,易於使用的觸摸界面,快速創建複雜的標題藝術的 PowerPoint 演示文稿,標誌,圖標,網頁圖形和按鈕.

這個應用程序是一個必須有標誌和網頁設計師,老師和學生,小企業主以及任何有創造力訣竅的人。使用 Powerpoint,Word,Publisher 和其他設計和 DTP 應用程序中的結果。 Art Text for Mac 是專門為刻字,排版,文字模擬和各種藝術文字效果調整的圖形設計工具。享受!

Art Text for Mac 功能:

Shape 圖書館和矢量編輯器
利用超過 110 個完全可自定義的矢量圖標和形狀庫,或使用強大的矢量編輯器繪製自己的圖書館優勢。使用 Art Text 的基於圖層的工作流程和易於使用的指南和佈局工具,將效果和填充應用到每個形狀,並將它們合併到復雜的對像中.

Art 文本帶有一組可定制的著色器和照片您可以用來填充對象的紋理。也可應用最多三種顏色的徑向或線性漸變,並應用陰影,描邊或發光。著色器可通過更改顏色,斜角,光線方向和深度來快速定制.

通過為幻燈片創建風格化標題,使您的 Powerpoint 演示文稿吸引更多注意力。使用 20 種不同的文本轉換,可以使文本生動起來,給它一種運動和形狀的感覺。將文字纏繞在物體周圍,彎曲並彎曲,以達到您心中的內容!


Stylized 標題
使演示文稿和小冊子脫穎而出。 Logos


App 圖標




檔案版本 Art Text 4.1
檔案名稱 ArtText.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 共享軟體
作者 BeLight Software, Ltd.
軟體類型 2021-08-05

What's new in this version:

Art Text 4.1
- Vector drawing tools: Pen, Move, Convert Anchor Point, Reverse Path Direction
- 20 new badge and logo design templates
- 300 new vector icons and shapes
- 137 shapes for badge design
- Export to vector images for graphics with no raster effects
- Introducing Convert to Shape that lets you edit text using vector drawing tools
- Various other program improvements

Art Text 4.0.7
- Art Text runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chip
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 4.0.6
- Fixed the problem with Glow feature
- Solved an issue with irregular text edges being cut
- Resolved the problem with Distortion Effects not applied to imported raster shapes
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 4.0.5
- Added 8 new Christmas and New Year theme templates into Winter Season set
- Minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.0.4
- Added support for macOS 11 Big Sur
- Introduced precise texture positioning using X, Y, and Angle parameters (available for Distortion Effects, 2D/3D Masks, Shading Bump Map, Distribution Map in Spray Fill)
- Added Copy, Paste and Duplicate options for Distortion Effects via Control+click on the effect in the Distortions list
- Reworked gradient controls for simplicity and ease of use
- Introduced support for macOS 10.13
- Other fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.0.3
- Fixed minor localization issues.

Art Text 4.0.2
- Introduced the new Colorize tool that adjusts the Hue, Saturation and Contrast for the entire design
- Improved Design Gallery and introduced Buy All option
- Fixed some issues with distortion effects
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 4.0.1
- Fixed the UI problem with Stroke options
- Fixed the problem with gradient fill
- Fixed the problem with Height and Width values for 3D Text
- Fixed app crashes on import of SVG files
- Fixed rendering issues with 3D text on bi-resolutions
- Other minor fixes and stability improvements

Art Text 4.0.0
- All new Design Gallery with 400+ design templates (free and paid)
- 122 easy accessible style presets
- 110+ new masks
- Thanks to Apple Sidecar, Art Text extends workspace to an iPad display
- Dark and Light appearance supported

2D Text & Effects:
- Introducing new Spray Fill feature
- 440+ Spray Fill objects
- 18 Spray Fill presets
- Spray Fill distribution maps
- Individual shadows for Spray Fill objects
- Light controls for Spray Fill
- 8 font distortion effects: Displacement, Side Displacement, Roundness, Brush, Outer Distress, Erosion, Mask and Blur
- 2D Shading materials receive the Bump Map option
- Brand-new rendering based on Apple Metal

3D Text & Effects:
- Introducing reflection mask feature for 3D materials
- Bump Map technology has enhanced with inclusion of both height and normal maps
- 150+ Height Map masks for 3D Bump Map
- Export to Facebook 3D Photo

Art Text 3.2.6
- The app has been successfully notarized by the Apple notary service
- Fixed the problem with opening a file with broken autosave
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 3.2.5
- Fixed the problem with missing custom styles, materials and shaders created in earlier versions
- Other minor improvements

Art Text 3.2.4
- Improved compatibility with documents created in Letters
- Minor bug fixes

Art Text 3.2.3
- macOS 10.13 High Sierra ready
- Minor fixes and improvements

Art Text 3.2.2
- Solved the problem with “Fit/Resize to Document” for 2D objects
- Fixed an issue with opening version 2 documents
- Improved LinkBack support
- Fixed the problem with Font dialog size
- Enhanced overall program stability

Art Text 3.2.1
- Fixed Google Fonts integration

Art Text 3.2

- Introduced Google Fonts integration, which provides immense choice of fonts to experiment with
- Evolved Environment Mapping and new Panorama textures
- Added the ability to Copy/Paste Style
- Other minor improvements

Added support for MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar:
- Visually enhanced layer selection
- Switch between Inspector tabs without interrupting the workflow
- Conveniently add layer, zoom, export and share your work

Art Text 3.1
- Introduces Depth Gradient effect for 3D objects
- Tree new 3D chamfer types
- New 3D Shear Transformation
- Create isometric-style graphics with Camera Parallel Projection tool
- Adds Inner Shadow
- 20 Logo samples
- Expands the ability to apply masks to 3D objects
- Introduces custom image folder to create and fine-tune 3D Textures
- Ability to save user style elements as a template in Custom Templates
- LinkBack support
- Pan tool
- macOS Sierra suppor.
- Minor fixes and improvements

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