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Wing IDE Mac

Audio Hijack for Mac 徹底改變了您在計算機上使用音頻的方式,讓您可以隨心所欲地聽取音頻,以及如何使用。使用音頻劫持錄製和增強任何音頻 - 這是您數字音頻體驗的基石.

記錄任何應用程序的音頻,包括來自 Skype 的 VoIP 呼叫,來自 Safari 的網絡流等等。保存來自麥克風和混音器等硬件設備的音頻。您甚至可以一次錄製在 Mac 上聽到的所有音頻!如果你能聽到它,音頻劫持可以記錄它。

偉大的用途 Audio Hijack for Mac:



系統音頻源可幫助您錄製在 Mac 上聽到的所有音頻.

有一個令人難以置信的數組在網絡上流音頻和音頻劫持將幫助您保存它脫機 listening..

Easy VoIP 錄音
Easy 從 Skype,FaceTime,Google Talk,或任何其他 VoIP 服務捕獲對話.

Powerful 播客錄音
定制的源和錄音選項讓播客從來沒有 - 之前看到的電源和控制。

Stuck 小筆記本電腦揚聲器?使用音量超速來調整音量,以便您可以聽到您的音頻.

Couple 音頻劫持與我們的實用程序回環從一個應用程序捕獲音頻,調整,然後將其發送到另一個應用程序.

With 音頻劫持,您可以捕捉和錄製 Mac 上的任何音頻。我們迫不及待地想知道如何使用它!

注意:需要 64 位處理器。捕獲的音頻質量在 10 分鐘後降級.

檔案版本 Wing IDE
檔案名稱 wing-101-
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Rogue Amoeba Software, Inc.
更新日期 暫無資訊
軟體類型 2022-02-17

What's new in this version:

- Add git create branch, stash, stash pop, stash list, and discard changes (git checkout) operations
- Add hg shelve, unshelve, list shelves, rebase, create branch, list branches, and switch branch operations
- Display the current branch in hg and git status
- Display the current git or hg branch for the directory of the current file
- Show release dates for each version shown in the update dialog

- Change branch selector for switch branch and git push/pull to a popup with all existing branches

- Use function/method return type hints in the Source Assistant
- Fix document urls for methods of builtin types in the Source Assistant
- Don't include imported modules in the argument list created during extract function/method refactoring
- Fix placement of extracted def when the extracted lines include the first line of a scope
- Include correct __name__ special method names in the auto-completer after 'def' in Python 3+
- Fix resolving symlinks and win32 junctions in Search in Files
- Run black with the correct command line arguments when using Python 3.10
- Avoid performance problems seen on Windows while tracking recent access history for files
- Show the Output panel after switching revision control branches
- Display .ipynb files as JSON by default and not plain text
- Show more details of the cause of some remote agent launch failures
- Improve position of warning indicators for mypy
- Avoid repeatedly re-scrolling to a Search in Files result in remote files
- Suppress incorrect existing symbol warnings during rename attribute refactoring
- Don't highlight attributes that happen to match the name of a builtin

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