Plex Media Server 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Plex Media Server Mac

在 Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac 軟件中創建令人驚嘆的設計並改進與創新生產力工具的協作。與 TrustedDWG&trade 分享您的工作; 技術。在連接的桌面,雲和移動解決方案上工作。獲取的 AutoCAD 360 Pro 的移動應用程序,當你 subscribe.

Autodesk AutoCAD 的特點:

Simplified documentation
Boost 詳細地談到工作與創建適當的測量根據繪畫 context.

Innovative 3D design
Design 和可視化工具,幾乎與 3D 自由形式的任何概念 tools.

Personalized experience
Configure 您的 AutoCAD 對於 Mac 設置,擴展軟件並構建自定義工作流程.

導入 PDF
將作為 AutoCAD 對象的 PDF 幾何圖形導入到繪圖中.

Smart 中心線和中心標記
Use 功能強大的新工具,可以快速,更直觀地創建和編輯它們。

注意:30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 Autodesk AutoCAD for Windows

檔案版本 Plex Media Server
檔案名稱 PlexMediaServer-
檔案大小 64.4 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Autodesk Inc
軟體類型 2019-05-30

What's new in this version:

- Shield: Please note that the creation of new “Premium Music” libraries on the SHIELD is currently unsupported and all existing Premium Music libraries will gracefully fall back to using standard library matching. Improvements are actively being worked on and are coming soon (within the next few months at the latest)

- (Database) Scheduled database backup job could cause a crash
- (Hubs) Invalidate cached hubs when watch state or library preferences are updated
- (Music) Don’t try to run loudness analysis on non-local files
- Certain clients (third party Samsung and OpenPHT) would fail to resume video
- The server could crash when interacting with a video item with no audio streams

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