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Balsamiq Mockups 3.3.1 Mac

Balsamiq Mockups for Mac 是一個快速的線框架工具,可以幫助您更快地工作& 聰明。它重現了在白板上繪製素描的體驗,但是卻使用了計算機。製作模型很快。你會產生更多的想法,所以你可以扔掉壞的,並發現最好的解決方案。使用 Mockups 感覺像繪圖,但是因為它是數字的,你可以輕鬆地調整和重新排列。團隊可以拿出一個設計,並在會議過程中實時進行迭代。粗略,低保真的線框讓您可以將設計對話集中在功能上。使用鏈接,您可以生成用於演示和演示的點擊型原型。可用性測試。與所有版本的 Mockups 無縫集成,當您重新上線時。與拖放組件接口 - 任何人都可以使用它。創建模板,主人和可重用組件庫。 Mockups 旨在幫助您和您的團隊或客戶盡可能早地在線框上進行迭代,而這樣做的代價是最低的。 Balsamiq Mockups for Mac 是一個快速的 wireframing 軟件,可以幫助你更聰明的工作!

Balsamiq Mockups Features:

Sketchy Wireframes

Drag& 通過拖放組件創建用戶界面 - 任何人都可以使用它.

快速添加用於 Speed


UI 組件& Icons

Linking 可以讓您生成演示& 可用性測試.

導出為 PNG 或 PDF
共享或提供使用 PDF 導出嵌入式鏈接的樣機,或使用第三方工具導出到代碼.

Go 真的,真的很快。以及更多.

注意:7 天試用版.

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檔案版本 Balsamiq Mockups 3.3.1
檔案名稱 Balsamiq_Mockups_3.3.1.dmg
檔案大小 29.12 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Balsamiq Studios LLC
軟體類型 2015-12-03

What's new in this version:

A New Way to Organize Your Mockups:
- This has been one of our most requested features for years, and we've finally done it! You can now organize your mockups in groups, creating a simple parent/child relationship between them, just by using TAB and SHIFT+TAB. If you've used Powerpoint or Keynote before, this will feel very familiar to you.
- This feature is useful for projects of all sizes, but it especially shines with larger projects.

Better Sizing of Thumbnails:
- We now resize the thumbnails in the navigator proportionally, instead of just horizontally like before.
- This works for Assets thumbnails as well, so if you want to see your images nice and big, now you can!

Big Boy Arrows:
- The term "big boy arrows" comes from our friend and long-time-power-user Adam Wride, who used it in the Balsamiq Interviews eBook to describe what he wished our Arrow control would behave like.
- Well, our arrows have finally grown up! You no longer have to fiddle with weird property inspectors about direction and curvature, you can simply drag the ends where you want them to be, and drag the middle control point to specify the curvature.
- You can also adjust the position of the arrow's label, another highly requested feature.
- We also, FINALLY, fixed the clipping bug for arrows when exporting them to PNG or PDF!

"Back" Meta-Link:
- This is another little feature that's been requested for years. In short, you now have the ability to create a link that goes to the previous page visited while in Full Screen.
- This is especially useful for modal dialogs that have to be invoked from different screens.
- Due to technical limitations of the PDF format, this feature will sadly not work in exported interactive PDFs.

New "Link to a New Duplicate of This Mockup" Functionality:
- We added the "Link to a New Mockup" feature a while ago. Today, following a good idea by ariley, we're also adding a variation that duplicates the current mockup instead of creating a new blank one. Handy!

We Now Remember Zoom and Scroll Settings across Restarts:
- Another little but highly requested feature. We now do a better job at re-creating the exact situation you were in when you last closed a project, by saving zoom level and canvas scroll position on a cookie on your computer.

20 New Icons from FontAwesome 4.5:
- We incorporated the newly released version 4.5 of FontAwesome, which comes with 20 new icons and a bunch of little fixes here and there (see details).
- With this update, we were also able to improve how some 2.2 icons in BMMLs are converted when imported into v.3.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:
- Resizing a selection from the top-left corner made the right side of the selection flicker. That's now fixed.
- Similarly, drawing controls with R, T or Y from bottom-right to top-left made the right side of the new control flicker. This is now also fixed.
- We improved how the button control works when small. Thanks wichase for your assistance!
- We fixed an issue in the Data Grid where the text in the first row might be white instead of black when the header row was off, nothing was selected and the project selection color was dark.
- Fixed an issue in the Data Grid showing a selected row at the bottom even after the text for that row was deleted.
- The Property Inspector for Data Grid controls now says "Data Grid" instead of "List".
- We fixed an issue with the List control not displaying properly when the font size was very big, some of the text "spilled over" the bottom of it.
- We fixed an issue with icons getting underlined when a control's text was set to underlined. Thanks heringsfilet for reporting this!
- Dragging mockups between projects now also brings any alternates along.
- We changed how the Color Inspector looks to make it much clearer. Take a look: newcolorinspector
- [textcolor] We also moved the color picker for text color next to the other text-related settings
- [iconinspector] The Icon Inspector now shows which icon is selected, finally!
- [iconinspector] Thanks thesec and mhohlfeld and Tadhg_Kelly for requesting this!
- [iconinspector] We fixed an issue introduced in 3.2.3 with images with a transparent background getting a white background when cropped. Thanks Aude L. for pointing this out!
- [iconinspector] We made "Zoom All to Fit" work for alternates and mockups you hadn't visited yet as well.
- [projectlinkcolor] We added a Project Link Color feature!
- [projectlinkcolor] This affects links all over the project.
- [projectlinkcolor] The Inspectors for Symbols, Links and Data Grid now have handy help buttons that take you to their respective documentation article.
- [projectlinkcolor] As a measure to future-proof our application, we added a check on the BMPR format version number when you try to open a project. If the format is too new to be compatible, Mockups will show you a message suggesting an update instead of trying to open the file, which could corrupt it.
- [projectlinkcolor] Fixed an issue with the Alternates Panel getting "squished" when exiting Full Screen presentation mode.
- [projectlinkcolor] We added a scrollbar to the Mockup Notes section. Great idea Liubi!
- [projectlinkcolor] Fixed an issue with linked groups no longer showing the little linking arrow icon.
- [projectlinkcolor] Fixed an annoying bug that made little changes "snap back". Finally!
- [textinputtextcolor] Added Text Color support to Text Input and Text Area controls.
- [textinputtextcolor] We fixed the horizontal alignment of Checkboxes and Checkbox Groups, and of Radio Buttons and Radio Button Groups so that they look better when used together in forms.
- [textinputtextcolor] We now show a more helpful error in the rare cases in which a BMPR cannot be loaded for some error.
- [textinputtextcolor] Fixed the message you get when installing an extended trial key.
- [textinputtextcolor] Fixed an issue with Custom Properties not showing up properly sometimes in web-demo or Mockups 3 for Google Drive. Thanks Paul F. for reporting this!
- [textinputtextcolor] Improved the look of the ON / OFF switches in Full Screen Presentation Mode, to make the selected value more obvious.
- [newfullscreenswitches] Thanks phillipbligh for requesting this!
- [newfullscreenswitches] We added an option to only select the active mockups or only select official mockups in the Export PDF dialog. Handy!
- [newexportoptions] Thanks Chris_Gatland, Scott_Harrington, PhilippQF and Tony B. for requesting this!
- [newexportoptions] We now use part of the original file name when creating our local working copy of your BMPR files, so that they're easier to identify should you need to.
- [newexportoptions] We now maintain zoom level and scroll position when cloning a mockup.
- [newexportoptions] We now remember the last folder you exported a PNG or PDF to and use it in the next export.
- [newexportoptions] We made the Switch control a little smaller, to fit better in forms and in the iOS Menu control.
- [newexportoptions] We darkened the look of the Switch control when in the OFF position in the wireframe skin.
- [newexportoptions] We improved how the Calendar control behaves when resized to be pretty small.
- [newexportoptions] We finally fixed a bug with the tooltips showing up too quickly. They should be a lot less annoying now. Thanks Ryan Shelby, Jim S, readygo and others for the request!
- [newexportoptions] We fixed the icons for Distribute Centers: the horizontal and vertical ones were swapped! Thanks Patrick H. for bringing it up!
- [newexportoptions] We now give you a handy way to lock controls from the right-click menu!
- [lock] Thanks ariley, Julio T. and Dirk K. for asking for it!
- [lock] We now give you a handy way to edit a symbol's source from the right-click menu!
- [editsource] Fixed an issue with the Color Picker incorrectly behaving like a modal dialog.
- [editsource] We made work in the Alert control, in the 1st and 3rd line of text.
- [editsource] Made the text editing pop-up much faster. Since it's something we use all the time, this should be noticeable!
- [editsource] Fixed an issue with the Property Inspector "stealing" focus from the navigator.
- [editsource] Fixed an issue with the "Are You Sure you want to replace this file?" dialog not showing in some cases in OSX El Capitain. Thanks Jason H. for reporting it!
- Changed our terminology from "Clone" to "Duplicate" everywhere, since cloning has a specific meaning for developers, and Duplicate is more generic and friendly to non-technical folks.
- Fixed an issue in Mockups 3 for Google Drive when exporting to PNG when two mockups had the same name. Thanks Pete K. for the bug report!
- The "Export Current Mockup to PNG" feature didn't propose a filename in Mockups 3 for Google Drive. It works now.

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