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Balsamiq Mockups 3.2.3 Mac

Balsamiq Mockups for Mac 是一個快速的線框架工具,可以幫助您更快地工作& 聰明。它重現了在白板上繪製素描的體驗,但是卻使用了計算機。製作模型很快。你會產生更多的想法,所以你可以扔掉壞的,並發現最好的解決方案。使用 Mockups 感覺像繪圖,但是因為它是數字的,你可以輕鬆地調整和重新排列。團隊可以拿出一個設計,並在會議過程中實時進行迭代。粗略,低保真的線框讓您可以將設計對話集中在功能上。使用鏈接,您可以生成用於演示和演示的點擊型原型。可用性測試。與所有版本的 Mockups 無縫集成,當您重新上線時。與拖放組件接口 - 任何人都可以使用它。創建模板,主人和可重用組件庫。 Mockups 旨在幫助您和您的團隊或客戶盡可能早地在線框上進行迭代,而這樣做的代價是最低的。 Balsamiq Mockups for Mac 是一個快速的 wireframing 軟件,可以幫助你更聰明的工作!

Balsamiq Mockups Features:

Sketchy Wireframes

Drag& 通過拖放組件創建用戶界面 - 任何人都可以使用它.

快速添加用於 Speed


UI 組件& Icons

Linking 可以讓您生成演示& 可用性測試.

導出為 PNG 或 PDF
共享或提供使用 PDF 導出嵌入式鏈接的樣機,或使用第三方工具導出到代碼.

Go 真的,真的很快。以及更多.

注意:7 天試用版.

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檔案版本 Balsamiq Mockups 3.2.3
檔案名稱 Balsamiq_Mockups_3.2.3.dmg
檔案大小 29.09 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Balsamiq Studios LLC
軟體類型 2015-10-02

What's new in this version:

Resizeable Alternates Panel:
- We're very happy to see the Alternates feature being used so much. Many of you asked for a taller Alternates panel in the Info Panel, so we made it resizeable in this release! Just drag it up, and Mockups will remember the size for that project

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements:
- Darkened the text and icon color in wireframe skin from #555555 to #333333, as #555555 was too light. Thanks to ctoryu and others for bringing it up!
- Fixed an issue with the automatic text color in the Comment control in wireframe skin. Thanks Chris_Gatland for bringing it up!
- Made it so that hitting CTRL+ENTER while editing a Text Input control converts it into a Text Area control.
- Fixed a regression that stripped white spaces from the beginning of mockup names in the rename dialog. Thanks sgiroux for noticing!
- Updated the documentation links to go to our brand new documentation website.
- Fixed an issue with the list of possible control types to swap to not having a scrollbar in some cases.
- Fixed an issue with the View menu not properly showing what the user is working on (Mockups, Assets, etc.).
- Fixed an issue with selecting an iPhone Keyboard control generating an error in some cases.
- Fixed an issue when hitting CTRL+ENTER while editing a label with some other control selected resulting in an error.
- Fixed an old issue with cropping rotated images.
- Fixed an issue with the Link and Selection color pickers not updating in a real-time-collaboration environment.
- Fixed an issue with closing a project while it's opening resulting in an error.
- Fixed an issue with export to PNG failing on El Capitan in some cases.

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