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Bartender 4.0.48 Mac

Bartender for Mac 使您可以組織菜單欄圖標,方法是將其隱藏,重新排列,使用單擊或鍵盤快捷鍵顯示隱藏的項目以及在更新時顯示圖標。您可以按照多種方式為 macOS 配置 Bartender。


macOS Mojave Ready
它完全支持 macOS Sierra,High Sierra 和 Mojave.

現代 macOS
的更新 UI 調酒師欄現在顯示在菜單欄中,使其看起來像是 macOS.



已針對現代 macOS 完全重寫。
已針對現代 macOS 進行了重寫。使用最新技術和最佳實踐,該工具更加可靠,強大,並為將來的創新奠定了基礎。





與 Dark 模式配合使用。

Keyboard 導航菜單欄圖標。只需使用熱鍵激活,然後通過箭頭進行選擇,然後按回車鍵即可進行選擇。

您可以搜索所有菜單圖標,從而無需查找即可快速訪問菜單圖標。只需使用熱鍵或控制,單擊 Bar 招標菜單圖標即可激活搜索並開始輸入。

使用該應用程序,您可以設置菜單欄項目(在菜單欄和隱藏項目中)的順序,方法如下: ⌘+ 拖動項目。因此,菜單欄項始終按您想要的順序排列。


注:4 週試用版。

檔案版本 Bartender 4.0.48
檔案名稱 Bartender 4.dmg
系統 macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Surtees Studios Ltd
軟體類型 2021-06-15

What's new in this version:

New Features / Improvements:
Public Beta Finished:
- I am super excited to announce that with this release Bartender 4 has finished its public beta
- This does not mean I am stopping working on Bartender 4, anything but! As I still have many exciting features I want to add.
- This means Bartender 4 has now been thoroughly tested by all you great users (thank you!) and I am confident it works as expected on all the many different user setups.
- If you have not yet purchased a license, your 4 week trial of Bartender 4 will start now

Screen recording menu bar item:
- The screen recording menu bar item should now show a lot faster when you start recording your screen, and is in the shown section by default. You can move it to the hidden section if you prefer.

Hidden items not hiding again, if in app with menu bar item:
- Bartender will keep hidden items shown when you are using the UI of a menu bar item, this could stop items hiding if in an app that also has a menu bar item, this has been fixed.

Small UI adjustments:
- Small changes to the UI to help initial user experience

iMazing mini popup not showing with custom keyboard shortcut:
- This has been fixed

⌘+Q quitting Bartender from Bartender Bar:
- Command+Q would quit Bartender from any of its UI, even when not the active app which is not desirable. The ability to quit Bartender with command Q has been removed.

Show for Updates Image Comparison Tuning:
- Thank you to the user who provided me with examples of Show for update image comparisons that have given incorrect results, using these I have tuned the image comparison more.

Option key added to click from Bartender Bar:
- Activating menu bar items from the Bartender Bar would sometimes wrongly include the option key, this has been fixed

Shift in menu bar items when changing space:
- Bartender could shift the menu bar items for a split second when changing spaces, this has been fixed

Menu bar item spacing not applied after macOS restart:
- For some users menu bar item spacing is not being applied after a macOS restart, and a logout and back in is required. This version has test fixes in place for this.

Rare slowdown loading of Menu Bar Layout Screen, and high CPU usage:
- This has effected a very small number of users and seems linked to accessing Current Session Dictionary, I have removed this and it should hopefully fix this issue

MacUpdater left click not working:
- This has been fixed

Quick Search, Esc not resetting search:
- Pressing Esc in Quick search after searching for something would not reset the shown results back to all items, it does now

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