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BBEdit 12.6 Mac

BBEdit for Mac 是 Macintosh 上領先的專業 HTML 和文本編輯器。這個屢獲殊榮的產品專門針對 Web 作者和軟件開發人員的需求而設計,為編輯,搜索和處理文本提供了豐富的高性能特性。智能界面提供了對 BBEdit 的最佳功能的簡單訪問,包括 grep 模式匹配,跨多個文件的搜索和替換,項目定義工具,眾多源代碼語言的功能導航和語法著色,代碼折疊,FTP 和 SFTP 打開和保存,AppleScript 的,Mac OS X 上的 Unix 腳本支持,文本和代碼完成,當然還有一套完整的強大的 HTML 標記 tools.

BBEdit for Mac 特點:

Text Factories
Text 工廠通過使其能夠快速,輕鬆地應用盡可能多的提高工作效率 BBEdit 的強大的工具庫,你需要跨多個文件和文件夾實現你的目標,只需要一個初始設置。作為獎勵,文本工廠在後台運行,讓您使用的 BBEdit 其他工作,而他們’ 再運行,並採取與多個 processors.

Codeless 語言 Modules
Codeless 語言模塊機的充分利用,使其非常容易擴展的 BBEdit&rsquo 的; S 內置在語法著色和功能導航。編程語言的基本語法和著色規則可以用相對簡單的文本文件來表示,而不需要編程或高級邏輯。

從命令行調用 BBEdit 並將結果傳遞給文檔。例如,ps(進程狀態)命令可以產生一些非常長的行。在這裡,我們告訴 ps 給出完整的細節,並把結果放到一個新文檔中,並將窗口滾動到文檔的頂部。 (終端窗口背後的文件是一個 BBEdit 中的文件。)

Organize 您 projects
You 也可以從任何地方添加文件(在磁盤上,或者從 FTP / SFTP)到項目的 BBEdit(和保存項目重複使用)。雖然磁盤瀏覽器和 FTP / SFTP 瀏覽器窗口顯示您的卷的結構,項目的 BBEdit 讓你輕鬆訪問相關文件,他們無需位於 together.

Automator Support
BBEdit for Mac 包括一組反映了其內部的文本轉換 Automator 動作的; “文本”菜單上的大部分功能都可用於 Automator,以及“全部替換”功能。尋找和替換的行動; 以及一些支持行動來平滑文本進出 BBEdit 文檔的過程。不需要腳本!

內部語法著色機制已被廣泛地重新設計,允許選擇更多的核心顏色類型,現在允許語言模塊添加自己的顏色類型。為配色方案的支持也不斷擴大,和幾個工廠配色方案 included.

New 剪輯系統 mechanics
The 剪輯系統(用於創建,管理和應用經常使用的“片段”的文字)現在更加強大和靈活。任何裁剪集都可以普遍提供或以每種語言為基礎(適用於任何所需的一組語言)。剪口調色板,文字完井系統,和“插入剪切”命令已經擴展,以支持這一額外 flexibility.

New UI 用於查找 Differences

注意:30 天試用版.

檔案版本 BBEdit 12.6
檔案名稱 BBEdit_12.6.dmg
檔案大小 13.9 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Bare Bones Software, Inc.
軟體類型 2019-02-26

What's new in this version:

- Added a "Folders" submenu to the main application menu. This menu gives quick access to BBEdit's application support folder (the same list that is available in the Folders tab of the Setup window). This is useful on its own merits, but is of particular relevance in the application sandbox, in which support folders can be buried in locations that are not easily accessible from the Finder

- Made a change so that double-clicking anywhere in a syntax-colored number will select the entire number, even if it contains a decimal point (which would otherwise be a word break)
- When running on macOS 10.14.1 or later, BBEdit now uses built-in OS support for performing operations which require privilege escalation, namely authenticated saves and (if escalation is necessary) installation of the command-line tools
- If the application resets the evaluation period, the splash screen at startup will now advise you of this, via an alert. (The evaluation period gets reset when we've made significant changes to the application which we believe would warrant a full trial)
- Reworked the way BBEdit runs AppleScripts from the built-in Scripts menu and other sources, for sandbox compatibility and to resolve various longstanding issues
- AppleScripts are now run in a separate process, which means that any previous differences in scripting behavior as the result of running a script within BBEdit or from the Script Editor should be a thing of the past
- If "Keep folders on top when sorting by name" is selected in the Finder's preferences when BBEdit starts up, FTP browser windows will now obey the option and behave accordingly
- Changes to expert preferences from the command line (via "defaults write") are allowed to take effect immediately (except in documented cases where the preference change is intended to apply at a specific point in time, such as when restarting the application)
- The panel that appears when using "New Disk Browser" from the File menu now contains a helpful prompt
- The Save panel used for in response to "New Project Document" now has a prompt to clarify its purpose
- There is now an expert preference for controlling SSH "keepalive" behavior. If you have problems with your SSH server closing the connection after a period of non-use (which will subsequently cause errors in BBEdit), you can tell BBEdit to send a periodic "keepalive" message to while connected to the server
- This is configurable per host, per domain, or globally. Determining the appropriate value may require some experimentation, but 90 seconds is probably a good starting point
- The "Text Options" sheet gets a setting for the tab width, and an indicator when the file's settings are managed by EditorConfig
- BBEdit-specific print settings are now available in the Print panel when printing a text document. As a result, we have removed the "Printing" section from the "Text Options" panel, and restored the latter to its former simplicity
- The displayed path for files opened from within Zip archives or tarballs is now abbreviated using a tilde, if it is within the current user's home directory

- Modernized the internals of the #! script and Unix executable runner, SFTP operations, and shell worksheets
- Rewrote the internals of the built-in software updater to be sandbox-friendly. (This does not apply to Mac App Store builds)
- Updated the privilege escalation internals (used for authenticated saves and command-line tool installation when running on macOS versions prior to 10.14.1) for compatibility with app sandboxing
- Fixed bug in which the initial line number in "Go To Line" would not take into account any folded ranges in the text
- Fixed bug in which dragging the title bar icon in a window would drag the full-sized icon image
- Fixed bug in which the Windows palette didn't re-sort when the active document changed in an open window, or when certain other changes were made to open documents or windows
- Fixed bug in which the font smoothing expert preferences were inappropriately allowed to disable font smoothing while printing
- Fixed bug in which type-to-select in FTP browser windows would behave unpredictably, because as it turned out, the system was helpfully attempting to match in columns other than the "Name". (Thanks to Daniel Jalkut for figuring this out. Go buy one of his products or become a member of his podcast)
- Fixed bug in which SCSS interpolation structures (#{...}) would confuse the SCSS block parser and result in incorrect fold generation and function listings
- Fixed bug in which folders that were twisted open when saving state for a disk browser (when quitting) were selected when the disk browser window was reopened at startup
- Fixed crash which could occur if a document was closed while processing a (possibly accidental) command-click (the gesture to open an URL)
- Fixed bug in which Command-Shift-click on an URL did not open it in the background, as it should have. (The intended behavior is to open the URL in its designated application while keeping BBEdit active)
- Fixed bug in which certain inline-input edits which involved deleting in-progress input at the beginning of a hard line in a soft-wrapped document would leave the insertion point in the wrong place, and cause unexpected arrow-key navigation afterwards
- Made a change to improve text encoding detection in XML files whose filename extensions didn't map to XML. As long as the file has an exact "

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