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Bean 3.2.1 Mac

豆是一個小巧,易於使用的文字處理器,旨在使寫作方便,高效和舒適。豆是瘦,快速,整齊。它啟動迅速,有一個生動的字數,並容易在眼睛上。此外,Bean for Mac 免費提供.

MS Word,OpenOffice 等嘗試成為所有人的所有東西,但有時你只是想要正確的工具。這是 Bean 的利基.

Bean 有一些限制:它不做腳註或使用樣式表,只與 Word 的文件格式部分兼容。此外,它允許內聯圖形,但不允許浮動圖形。

Bean 功能:
實時字數使用樣板文本製作模板文檔自由格式的頁眉和頁腳頁面佈局視圖(可選 2 -up)備用顏色選項(例如,藍色的白色文本)分割窗口編輯全屏編輯日期標記的備份所有可可的好東西(字典,單詞完成等)注:需要 64 位處理器。

檔案版本 Bean 3.2.1
檔案大小 3.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X (Intel)
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 James Hoover
軟體類型 2012-07-23

What's new in this version:

Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug where View > Zoom > Default did not center the edit view (20120712-1).
- On Lion, when transitioning to full screen, the single document window is now closed more quickly to prevent problems (20120712-2).
- On Lion, the grouped document window would momentarily bulge (via annoying animation) when another newly opened document was added. Fixed (20120711-1).
- Initial View > Split Window ratio was not 1:1. Fixed (20120708-1).
- Fixed a problem where the Show Info panel might not update its counts when shown after being hidden (20120712-3).
- Fixed a problem where switching documents in the grouped document window could cause a visual jitter due to the toolbar separator toggling (20120707-1).
- Fixed a problem where the Bean Help document could be exported to a location inside the app bundle. Bean now prompts the user for a location (20120707-2).
- Fixed a problem where the grouped document window could shift position (attempting to cascade) when several grouped documents were opened at the same time on Lion (20120707-3).
- Fixed a crash caused when the Open panel preview pane tries to show a document with an invisible table cell border (20120707-4).
- Fixed a bug where hyperlink urls could be mangled (20120713-1).
- Launching Bean with ‘Preferences > Advanced > Show Info Panel at launch’ could cause the Info Panel to relocate to the Inspector’s location on Lion. Fixed (20120712-3).
- Fixed intermittent crash when opening rtf files with custom rtf data in them due to a RegExKitLite assertion failure; [NSString clearStringCache] solved the problem (20120721-1).
- Undo registration is now disabled while loading documents (20120720-1).
- I had thought Bean 3.2.0 was code-signed and therefore enabled to pass Gatekeeper. I was wrong. Hopefully, 3.2.1 will download and start on Mountain Lion without Gatekeeper causing problems.

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