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Bean 3.0.0 Mac

豆是一個小巧,易於使用的文字處理器,旨在使寫作方便,高效和舒適。豆是瘦,快速,整齊。它啟動迅速,有一個生動的字數,並容易在眼睛上。此外,Bean for Mac 免費提供.

MS Word,OpenOffice 等嘗試成為所有人的所有東西,但有時你只是想要正確的工具。這是 Bean 的利基.

Bean 有一些限制:它不做腳註或使用樣式表,只與 Word 的文件格式部分兼容。此外,它允許內聯圖形,但不允許浮動圖形。

Bean 功能:
實時字數使用樣板文本製作模板文檔自由格式的頁眉和頁腳頁面佈局視圖(可選 2 -up)備用顏色選項(例如,藍色的白色文本)分割窗口編輯全屏編輯日期標記的備份所有可可的好東西(字典,單詞完成等)注:需要 64 位處理器。

檔案版本 Bean 3.0.0
檔案大小 2.53 MB
系統 Mac OS X (Intel)
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 James Hoover
軟體類型 2011-12-23

What's new in this version:

Bug fixes:
- The document background color (not View > Alternate Colors) now prints (20111029-2). You can set the background color using the button in the font panel that looks like this: Pasted Graphic.jpg
- The ‘About Bean’ and ‘Help’ documents now always open in separate windows. These can be made to ‘float’ above other window with Documents > Window > Float Window.
- Rewrote toolbar code so that 1) the grouped document window now better maintains its toolbar visible state 2) Bean Preferences no longer incorrectly responds to View > Hide Toolbar 3) removing toolbar items from the grouped window toolbar no longer causes a crash on Leopard 4) resizing the grouped document window no longer causes icon position problems when subsequently switching between grouped documents on Leopard.
- Fixed a problem where File > New from Template could show an Open panel that was not set to the Templates folder. Also fixed a problem where if you navigated to the Templates folder in an Open panel, the Open panel would show the Templates folder the next time File > Open was chosen, which is undesirable. We work around this by changing the value of NSNavLastRootDirectory before running the panel, then reinserting the previous value after running the panel (20111103-1).
- Fixed a problem where, under Lion, Correct Spelling Automatically could leave orphaned spelling suggestions that were unable to be dismissed. Note: Correct Spelling Automatically may be entirely disabled in a future release, as it tries to second-guess the user far too often and far too late for the user to take notice (20111128-1).
- Fixed a problem on Lion where Lion’s ‘Resume’ feature was trying to encode the Find panel, resulting in the error [TextFinder encodeWithCoder:]: unrecognized selector.
- Fixed a problem where the layout view background could incorrectly draw the document background color instead of its own color (20111029-1).
- Improved setting and maintaining document background colors vs. alternate colors (20111029-3).
- Fixed a problem where empty template documents would open without their saved typing attributes (20111121-1).
- Fixed a bug where the inspector’s position could change when other utility panels were moved around (20111125-2).
- Removed override of private method _blinkCaret.
- Added a small delay when unhiding the scroller in full screen to avoid it flickering to life then just as suddenly disappearing as the mouse cursor passed over it (Leopard and Snow Leopard). Under Lion, the scroller’s native auto-hiding behavior is used.
- The menu item View > Alternate Colors now validates correctly.
- The Save panel now drops from below document tabs in the grouped document window (20111115-1).
- Improved the appearance of Documents > Buttons navigation buttons.

- Formerly, grabber buttons were provided above and below the vertical scroller for widening/narrowing the draft view edit area. Lion OS X 10.7 wants to hide the scroller when not in use, which it can’t do with grabber buttons added, so vertical grabber areas are now provided just to the left and right of the draft view edit area.
- Reorganized the File menu. A reminder: the ‘option’ key can be used to reveal alternate menu functions.
- The draft view (shown when layout view is hidden) now has some padding around text to allow for easier reading and text selection (20111119-1).
- The default colors used for View > Alternate Colors are now the same as for version 2.4.5. (People liked them better.)
- The Format > Margins and Columns… sheet has a new button in the middle that shrinks all margins to their smallest value (which is either the smallest printable margins, or zero if the option key is pressed when the button is clicked). This maximizes the space for text and is useful for example when making signs (20111120-1).
- Added some textures to the user interface.

Plain Text Editing:
- By popular demand, plain text editing has been added to Bean. When editing a plain text document, the Font, Format, and Style menu bar items will be replaced by a Settings menu bar item. Menu items under Settings allow the user to change: the display font (which is then remembered as the user’s preferred plain text font), the line spacing (also remembered as a user preference), the writing direction to accommodate right-to-left languages, the file encoding
- To change the text size when editing a plain text document, use the View > Zoom controls. You can use View > Alternate Colors when editing a plain text document, but you cannot apply colors directly to the text using the color picker.
- The text encoding being used is shown in the status bar label whenever a plain text document is front-most and the status bar is up.

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