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Bean 2.4.4 Mac

豆是一個小巧,易於使用的文字處理器,旨在使寫作方便,高效和舒適。豆是瘦,快速,整齊。它啟動迅速,有一個生動的字數,並容易在眼睛上。此外,Bean for Mac 免費提供.

MS Word,OpenOffice 等嘗試成為所有人的所有東西,但有時你只是想要正確的工具。這是 Bean 的利基.

Bean 有一些限制:它不做腳註或使用樣式表,只與 Word 的文件格式部分兼容。此外,它允許內聯圖形,但不允許浮動圖形。

Bean 功能:
實時字數使用樣板文本製作模板文檔自由格式的頁眉和頁腳頁面佈局視圖(可選 2 -up)備用顏色選項(例如,藍色的白色文本)分割窗口編輯全屏編輯日期標記的備份所有可可的好東西(字典,單詞完成等)注:需要 64 位處理器。

檔案版本 Bean 2.4.4
檔案名稱 Bean-Install-2-4-4.dmg
檔案大小 5.82 MB
系統 Mac OS X (Intel)
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 James Hoover
軟體類型 2011-07-13

What's new in this version:

- A bugfix release and is the last version of Bean intended to be compatible with OS X 10.4 Tiger (unless a bugfix release for the Bean 2.4.x series is required for compatibility with 10.7 Lion).

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a problem where Find Next in the Find panel could misbehave due to some missing brackets in the TextFinder class code. This fix has been noted in the code as well.
- Corrected tab order of controls in Find panel.
- Removed various non-functional help buttons (they stopped working when I had to restructure the help system to work with localizations under 10.6).
- Fixed a problem with saving to the WebArchive format where saving with a white background, or no background, could produce a black background.
- Fixed a problem with toolbar icon validation (Thanks, CF) and a few other small code problems noted in the code.

- Files in the .bean format can now be searched with Spotlight for content and keywords.
- Edit > Paste & Match Style now also responds to standard Apple keyboard shortcut.
- Bean no longer automatically associates .rtf and .rtfd files with using the circuitous mechanism provided by the Finder. This association could only be done using an Applescript, and Bean could crash if the app was quit quickly after an initial save (while the Applescript was loading into memory). There is a hidden preference setting which restores the old behavior: quit Bean and paste this command into a session (change YES to NO to un-enable the old file association behavior again): defaults write com.SevenYearsDreaming.Bean prefShouldAssociateFileWithBean -bool YES

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