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Bean 1.3.1 Mac

豆是一個小巧,易於使用的文字處理器,旨在使寫作方便,高效和舒適。豆是瘦,快速,整齊。它啟動迅速,有一個生動的字數,並容易在眼睛上。此外,Bean for Mac 免費提供.

MS Word,OpenOffice 等嘗試成為所有人的所有東西,但有時你只是想要正確的工具。這是 Bean 的利基.

Bean 有一些限制:它不做腳註或使用樣式表,只與 Word 的文件格式部分兼容。此外,它允許內聯圖形,但不允許浮動圖形。

Bean 功能:
實時字數使用樣板文本製作模板文檔自由格式的頁眉和頁腳頁面佈局視圖(可選 2 -up)備用顏色選項(例如,藍色的白色文本)分割窗口編輯全屏編輯日期標記的備份所有可可的好東西(字典,單詞完成等)注:需要 64 位處理器。

檔案版本 Bean 1.3.1
檔案名稱 Bean-Install-1-3-1.dmg
檔案大小 2.22 MB
系統 Mac OS X (Intel)
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 James Hoover
軟體類型 2008-06-09

What's new in this version:

- View > Alternate Colors mode now substitutes the alternate text color for black text only; fonts with other colors display as they are (in previous versions, all text was colored using the alternate color).[1] (user suggestion)
- added symbol for non-breaking space when View > Show Invisibles is active (user suggestion)
- added option Header: Title; Footer: Page # of ## (user suggestion)
- Inspector's First Line and Left indention controls now change in unison when you hold down the Option key; this does not work yet when dragging the ruler widgets (user suggestion)
- Optimized layout view code; scrolling is much snappier for long documents
- Superscript and Subscript now 'shrink' the selected text (like many other word processors do) to prevent irregular line spacing.[2] Font > Super/sub > Raise / Lower still adjusts the baseline without changing the size of selected text. (user suggestion)
- Header text now aligns to left and right margins (user suggestion)
- refined how the zoom slider's label reports the zoom amount; you can now set the slider to exactly 100% (user suggestion)
- added an overview to the File Formats page of Bean Help suggesting that users use RTF format as their everyday format (because RTF is Bean's native format, and is therefore safer than .doc, which is always imported and exported through conversion filters).[3] File > Export > to DOC (with pictures) is ideal if you need to share a file with Windows users; it now works even when there are no images.
- removed attributed labels under Font menu (for instance, the Italic menu item is no longer italicized) because the extra visual clutter was not helpful (user suggestion)
- fixed an annoying problem where documents would open in MS Word in outline view when they were saved in Bean with View > Fit Page Width / Fit Page turned on (user feedback)
- fixed a problem where empty plain text files would not open correctly. You can now save an empty plain text file as a template (Get Info... > Locked File/Template); this template will open in Bean as an Untitled UTF-8 plain text file. (user feedback)
- fixed a problem where URLs in links (to the internet or to a local file) were not working when they contained accented characters (user feedback)
- fixed a menu item validation problem for Style > Select by > Font Style
- information in the Header now updates more quickly after saving the document with a new filename or changing the document's properties
- fixed a problem where the position of the vertical scroller knob was not updated after showing Layout view (user feedback)
- fixed a problem where tabs couldn't be positioned beyond 14 cm using Format > Tab Stop... (user feedback)
- fixed a problem where some Inspector controls did not change the textView's typingAttributes
- fixed a problem where Preferences could override a saved document's setting when determining whether to use alternate display colors

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