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BetterTouchTool for Mac

BetterTouchTool 是一個偉大的,功能豐富的免費應用程序,允許您為 Magic Mouse,Macbook Trackpad 和 Magic Trackpad 配置多種手勢。它還允許您配置鍵盤快捷鍵,普通鼠標和 Apple Remote 遙控器的操作。除此之外,它還有一個 iOS 伴侶應用程序(BTT 遠程),它也可以配置為以您想要的方式控制您的 Mac。BetterTouchTool...


What's new in this version:

- input boxes + API-created editors: use the same key-mapping as main editor
- commands "(without undo) sort xxxx" set sorted range line-states to 'changed'
- lexer CSS: support new 'units'

- change default value of "renderer_tweaks__linux" to "" on Linux Qt5
- TRegExpr engine: fix issues with 'regex recursion'
- macros playback must restore previous state of search options
- freezing on startup with Git Status plugin, in some cases
- few rendering issues with proportional fonts: tab-chars, indentations
- commands "(without undo) sort xxxx" incorrectly removed blank lines
- lexer YAML bug


What's new in this version:

- add time limit for syntax highlighting in minimap: new option "minimap_coloring_time":15
- improve rendering speed for _lite_ lexers, on long wrapped lines
- improve filtering in Command Palette: find space-separated words in _any_ order, like Sublime Text
- lexer CSS: syntax-highlight color functions 'hwb()', 'lab()', 'lch()'
- HTML color underlines: support 'rgb(255, 55, 255, .5)', 'rgb(255 55 255 / .5)', 'rgba(255 55 255 / .5)'

- change: change the behaviour of command "skip next occurrence of selected word" to better mimic Sublime Text

- UI flickering on adding plugin's sidepanel buttons
- bug in Comments plugin


What's new in this version:

- add: disabled buttons (in Find dialog, in main toolbar) are shown with a crossing-line, to be better visible as disabled
- change: default of "find_hotkey_find_next" changed to "F3"

- regression in 1.160.2 for code-tree; reverted 'faster filling of the code-tree'
- a couple of minor bugs (rarely visible) in TRegExpr engine
- menu checkmarks in "View / Split tab" were not updated ok


What's new in this version:

- new command "add next occurrence of selected text (not whole-word)"
- new command "skip next occurrence of selected text"
- Windows (10 and 11): auto-set window title color to dark

- file with XML/Python encoding signature could not be re-read in different cpXXXX encoding
- hotkeys were not inited completely for .txt files in a project's session


What's new in this version:

- Project Manager: the work is done to support auto-saving of the last project (even untitled), and auto-loading of last active project on app start. So if user e.g. drag-drops a folder on CudaText, this makes the new project "temporary", and after app restart, "temporary" project will be restored. Also app option "ui_auto_save_session" defaults to 'true' now, to be like Sublime Text / VSCode.
- detection of XML codepage must handle standard codepage names like "windows-1252"
- 'Paste and indent' must overwrite the selection
- viewer allows to activate UTF-8 encoding, and also ISO-8859-9 encoding
- code-tree remembers 'Sorted' state per each file-tab
- commands "fold/unfold/toggle block at current line" support multi-carets
- lexer XML: more highlighting when folding is auto-disabled by "lexer_folding_max_lines"
- lexer XML: highlight numbers too

- paste with middle-click (option "mouse_middle_click":2): place caret to clicked position, like VSCode/Kate
- rename menu item "Addons Manager / Install from GitHub" to "Install from Git"
- for folded blocks, horizontal line has different style, dash/dash

- regression in 1.160.2: flickering on editing in file ending, if file was edited in the beginning
- Project Manager: bug with the prompt "files not belonging to the project"
- problem with saving modified files that were reloaded by "ui_auto_save_session":true


What's new in this version:

- show information-panel on the top, when option "ui_max_size_lexer" disables the normal lexer
- detect encoding in XML files by signature like <?xml encoding="ISO-8859-9"?>
- Command Palette and API menus 'fuzzy search' improved: first show items with plain matches, then show items with fuzzy-only matches; similar to Sublime Text
- Addon Manager: enabled 'fuzzy search' in menus


What's new in this version:

- more stability of the multi-threaded parser (before, file ~/cudatext.error could appear, please report if that file appears again with new info)
- the minimal size of "unprinted spaces/ line ends" dots changed from 2 px to 1 px
- lexer PHP: folding of 'case' blocks

- change: lexer PHP: simpler highlight HereDoc blocks
- fix: "Open URL" in context menu was disabled if menu is called by ContextMenu key