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BetterZip 3.1 Mac

BetterZip 是 Mac 的一個小而強大的歸檔工具,使您可以從大檔案中部分提取文件,支持所有最流行的格式,用於所有現代操作系統的計算機上的一天。這包括諸如 ZIP,RAR,7-Zip,TAR,BIN 和 CAB 等收藏夾,以及諸如 XAR,ARJ,JAR,DEB,NSIS,NQX 等較老的和晦澀的格式。它甚至可以管理包裝在 CD / DVD 光盤鏡像存儲格式 ISO.

內的數據。開發者 Robert Rezabek 使用 Objective- C 編程語言編寫此應用程序,僅在 Mac OS X 上運行,支持所有現代歸檔技術,如分段歸檔,歸檔與其他操作系統的兼容性,加密和密碼保護歸檔,提取或添加所選文件而無需拆封整個歸檔等等。所有這些都是在組織良好的儀表板內部完成的,該儀表板不僅支持方便地訪問工具和文件列表,將管理和集成到 Mac OS X 中,以便無論您在做什麼,都可以輕鬆管理歸檔.

請注意,本機 BetterZip for Mac 不支持管理 RAR 歸檔,但可以通過手動下載和安裝命令行 RAR 實用程序從 Rarlab 網站。做完這些後,RAR 檔案將被完全整合到 BetterZip 中,使用戶可以像所有其他人一樣管理這些檔案.

BetterZip 功能:

如果你只需要一個較大的檔案文件或文件夾,不得不提取整個事情。只需將您需要的文件從 BetterZip 窗口拖動到任何 Finder 窗口或桌面上即可.

BetterZip 不僅可以在不首先提取文件的情況下打開存檔,還可以使用類似 iTunes 的界面搜索文件。 BetterZip 可以打開和提取檔案最常見的格式:ZIP,SIT,TAR,XAR,GZip,BZip2,RAR,7-Zip,CPIO,ARJ,LZH / LHA,JAR,WAR,CAB,ISO,CHM,RPM, DEB,NSIS,BIN,HQX.

只需從您的硬盤,磁盤或網絡位置將文件和文件夾拖入新的 zip 文件。您不再需要首先將所有文件複製到臨時文件夾中。支持的格式是 ZIP,TAR,GZip 和 BZip2 壓縮的 TAR,XAR,7-ZIP 和 RAR(使用外部 RAR 命令行工具)。大型檔案也可以拆分.

BetterZip 可以用密碼保護您的數據,並創建兼容 WinZip 的 AES-256 加密檔案。 7-zip 和 rar 檔案也可以被保護。


Strip 從檔案文件中獲取 Mac 特定文件和資源分支,以便與 Windows 或 Linux 等系統兼容.

注意:30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 BetterZip 3.1
檔案大小 9.91 MB
系統 Mac OS 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 MacItBetter
軟體類型 2016-03-14

What's new in this version:

New Features
- Added a list of file extensions that shouldn't be opened as archives: .xlsx, .docx, .pages, and .numbers by default. Add your own on the "Hidden Settings" page in the BetterZip help.
- Added column "Total Size" that includes the resource fork's (._ file's) size.
- BetterZip now lets you drag images from your web browser and drop them directly into an archive window.
- Added a hidden setting for choosing what to do when clicking a file in the QL panel: open the archive in BetterZip and select the clicked file, extract the file and open it, or extract the file and reveal it in Finder.
- Added a hidden setting that allows you to activate an additional switch in extraction presets to overwrite files without warning. Don't use this switch!
- Added an option to the extraction presets that allows you to close the archive window after successful extraction.

- The password suggestion popover annoyed me a bit, so I converted it to a drop-down button inside the password panel. I also added a hidden setting to control how many words make up a suggested password.
- Added a hidden setting to add a folder's contents in the root of the archive instead of the folder itself when compressing one folder through the operations queue.
- Updated Sparkle framework to the latest version.
- Simplified the Quick Look plugin's "simple mode" even more to allow for even larger archives (OS X imposes a memory limit on QL plugins).
- Broken and multi-volume RAR archives with missing parts are handled more gracefully and can be extracted as far as no data from the missing or broken parts is needed. BetterZip will now show you which part is missing.

Bug Fixes
- Header encryption was dropped when re-saving RAR or 7z archives that originally had it turned on.
- Tar archives with their resource forks in extra . folders couldn't be extracted with all extraction methods.

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