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Blender 2.78 Mac

Blender for Mac 是一個自由和開源的 3D 動畫套件。它支持整個 3D 管道 - 建模,索具,動畫,模擬,渲染,合成和運動跟踪,甚至是視頻編輯和遊戲創建。

高級用戶使用 Blender 的 Python 腳本 API 來定制應用程序並編寫專用工具。通常這些都包含在 Blender 的未來版本中。 Blender for Mac 非常適合個人和小工作室從統一的管道和響應式開發過程中受益。

Blender 是跨平台的,在 Linux,Windows 和 Macintosh 電腦上運行得也同樣出色。它的界面使用 OpenGL 來提供一致的體驗。 Blender 沒有價格標籤,但你可以投資,參與,並幫助推進一個強大的協作工具:Blender 是你自己的 3D 軟件。

Blender 主要特點:

Photorealistic Rendering
Blender 現在擁有一個強大的新的無偏差渲染引擎,逼真的渲染效果.

Fast Modelling
Blender 的全面的建模工具,使您的模型創建,轉換和編輯變得輕而易舉.

Blender 的新渲染引擎材料的可能性是無窮無盡的。

快速 Rigging
將模型轉換為 poseable 字符從未如此簡單!

無論是簡單的關鍵幀還是複雜的步行循環,Blender for Mac 都可以讓藝術家將他們的靜物變成令人印象深刻的動畫.

體驗塑造有機主體的快樂使用 Blender 的內置雕刻功能設置.

Fast UV Unwrapping
很容易在 Blender 中展開網格,並使用圖像紋理或直接在模型上繪製自己的圖像.

完全 Compositor
Blender 帶有一個完全成熟的合成器。更多的出口到第三方程序,你可以做到這一切,不用離開程序。

無論你需要一個搖搖欲墜的建築,雨,火,煙,流體,布或破壞,Blender 提供了非常好看的結果

Game Creation
Included in Blender is 一個完整的遊戲引擎,允許您在 Blender 內部創建一個全功能的 3D 遊戲。

Blender 現在包括生產準備好的相機和對象跟踪。允許您導入未加工的素材,跟踪素材,遮罩區域並查看相機運動在您的 3d 場景中。消除了在程序之間切換的需要.

Blender 擁有大量的愛好者和開發人員,Blender 帶有大量擴展,您可以輕鬆打開或關閉.

新手和高級用戶將喜歡定制他們的佈局完全。從簡單地分割他們的視口,到用 python 腳本完全定制它,攪拌器為你工作.

Blender 帶有許多不同程序的導入 / 導出支持。圖像:JPEG,JPEG2000,PNG,TARGA,OpenEXR,DPX,Cineon,Radiance HDR,SGI Iris,TIFF。視頻:AVI,MPEG 和 Quicktime(在 OSX 上)。 3D:3D Studio(3DS)COLLADA DAE Filmbox FBX Autodesk DXF Wavefront OBJ DirectX x Lightwave LWO 運動捕捉 BVH SVG 斯坦福 PLY STL ,VRML,VRML97,X3D.

也可以:下載 Blender for Windows

檔案版本 Blender 2.78
檔案大小 173.17 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Blender Foundation
軟體類型 2016-09-29

What's new in this version:

- Cycles: Cycles now supports rendering spherical stereo images for VR
- Grease Pencil: Reworked to be similar to other 2D drawing softwares
- Alembic: Initial basic support in Blender
- Improvements to Bendy Bones for Easier and Simpler Rigging
- Eleven new add-ons
- And: 100s of bug fixes and other improvements!

Grease Pencil:

New design and complete overhaul, including:
- Easy layer management
- Ability to have multiple colors and thickness values per layer
- Stroke quality improvements
- Different color saturation in the same stroke
- Improved Fills - Support for Concave Shapes
- Parenting a layer to any object, armature or bone

- Initial implementation in Blender
- Basic Alembic support through import and export operators
- Data streaming through cache constraints and modifiers

Cycles Renderer:
- Rendering spherical stereo images for VR is now supported
- Multiscatter GGX mode for the glossy and glass BSDF nodes
- Experimental feature: Improved Subdivision and Displacement system
- Vertex color, weight and normal support for point density textures
- Hair rendering speed up / memory use improvements
- OpenCL devices now support float4 textures (e.g. HDR textures)
- Added support for NVidia GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 GPUs

User Interface:
- Improvements to the Eyedropper and Operator Search
- Additional drawing mode for the Waveform Scope in the Image Editor
- Defining ranges and individual render frames in the Command Line

- New Freehand Curve drawing tool
- New Dissolve tool
- New Fill Region tool for Selection
- Improvements to Decimation, Bevel
- Edit-mode undo memory usage has been optimized

Viewport & Render:
- More supported shading nodes and options for the Cycles viewport render
- Additional shading features for the Blender GLSL viewport
- Blender Render shading can now also be computed in world space

- Improvements to Bendy Bones for Easier and Simpler Rigging
- Numerous changes to streamline the process of setting up and editing drivers
- The type of keyframe can be chosen on insertion
- Support non-uniform scaled bones failing with IK solver

Datablocks & Libraries Management:
- A new core low-level feature for datablocks management, called 'ID remapping'

Currently it allows from the Outliner:
- In the Blender File view to Reload and Relocate libraries
- In All Scenes, Current Scene and similar views to Fully Delete or Remap a datablock

- The rest shape of cloth can now be animated
- Cloth Simulation Speed is now adjustable
- Collision Groups for Particles and Soft Body

- 11 new add-ons are included in this release
- Numerous improvements and fixes to existing add-ons
- Removed Import: MakeHuman (.mhx) (format not supported anymore in MakeHuman)
- New Preferences Individual Activation
- Changes to the Python API functions

Bug Fixes:
- As for every Blender release, hundreds of bugs were fixed, thanks to the hardworking Blender developersmarquez1000rr

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