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Blender 2.68 (64-bit) Mac

Blender for Mac 是一個自由和開源的 3D 動畫套件。它支持整個 3D 管道 - 建模,索具,動畫,模擬,渲染,合成和運動跟踪,甚至是視頻編輯和遊戲創建。

高級用戶使用 Blender 的 Python 腳本 API 來定制應用程序並編寫專用工具。通常這些都包含在 Blender 的未來版本中。 Blender for Mac 非常適合個人和小工作室從統一的管道和響應式開發過程中受益。

Blender 是跨平台的,在 Linux,Windows 和 Macintosh 電腦上運行得也同樣出色。它的界面使用 OpenGL 來提供一致的體驗。 Blender 沒有價格標籤,但你可以投資,參與,並幫助推進一個強大的協作工具:Blender 是你自己的 3D 軟件。

Blender 主要特點:

Photorealistic Rendering
Blender 現在擁有一個強大的新的無偏差渲染引擎,逼真的渲染效果.

Fast Modelling
Blender 的全面的建模工具,使您的模型創建,轉換和編輯變得輕而易舉.

Blender 的新渲染引擎材料的可能性是無窮無盡的。

快速 Rigging
將模型轉換為 poseable 字符從未如此簡單!

無論是簡單的關鍵幀還是複雜的步行循環,Blender for Mac 都可以讓藝術家將他們的靜物變成令人印象深刻的動畫.

體驗塑造有機主體的快樂使用 Blender 的內置雕刻功能設置.

Fast UV Unwrapping
很容易在 Blender 中展開網格,並使用圖像紋理或直接在模型上繪製自己的圖像.

完全 Compositor
Blender 帶有一個完全成熟的合成器。更多的出口到第三方程序,你可以做到這一切,不用離開程序。

無論你需要一個搖搖欲墜的建築,雨,火,煙,流體,布或破壞,Blender 提供了非常好看的結果

Game Creation
Included in Blender is 一個完整的遊戲引擎,允許您在 Blender 內部創建一個全功能的 3D 遊戲。

Blender 現在包括生產準備好的相機和對象跟踪。允許您導入未加工的素材,跟踪素材,遮罩區域並查看相機運動在您的 3d 場景中。消除了在程序之間切換的需要.

Blender 擁有大量的愛好者和開發人員,Blender 帶有大量擴展,您可以輕鬆打開或關閉.

新手和高級用戶將喜歡定制他們的佈局完全。從簡單地分割他們的視口,到用 python 腳本完全定制它,攪拌器為你工作.

Blender 帶有許多不同程序的導入 / 導出支持。圖像:JPEG,JPEG2000,PNG,TARGA,OpenEXR,DPX,Cineon,Radiance HDR,SGI Iris,TIFF。視頻:AVI,MPEG 和 Quicktime(在 OSX 上)。 3D:3D Studio(3DS)COLLADA DAE Filmbox FBX Autodesk DXF Wavefront OBJ DirectX x Lightwave LWO 運動捕捉 BVH SVG 斯坦福 PLY STL ,VRML,VRML97,X3D.

也可以:下載 Blender for Windows

檔案版本 Blender 2.68 (64-bit)
檔案大小 84.39 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Blender Foundation
軟體類型 2013-07-19

What's new in this version:

General Improvements:
- Add option to remove all shape keys at once (r57246)
- Add curve falloff options to loop-cuts smooth option (r56562)
- Mirror tools now give feedback if verts can't be mirrored (r57245)
- Select shortest path now works for vertices - (Ctrl+RMB), (r57224)
- Lattice object now has an active element (r57320)
- Add Catmull-Rom spline as an option for lattice deform (r57733)
- Mesh normal re-calculation has been improved to give more reliable results with non manifold edges and work stably independent of orientation (r58088)
- The modifier stack has been optimized to eliminate unnecessary normal-calculations (r57145)
- Edge length display - keep within the view bounds so you can see edge length even when zoomed in (r57165)

Bridge Tool:
- The bridge tools has been rewritten to include support for more advanced features such as briding between loops of different size, the ability to bridge multiple loops at once, subdivision, surface blending and bridging face regions.

Grid Fill:
- The grid fill tool has been added which can fill in a grid from 2 connected edge loops.

Proportional Editing:
- Added support for x-mirror (r57616)
- Added the option to use Projected (2D) coordinates, has the advantage that you can deform areas without the twisting you normally get (r57608)

Snap to Symmetry:
- This editmesh tool lets you snap a meshes vertices to their mirrored neighbors with an adjustable tolerance (r57590)
- Useful when dealing with models which are close to being symmetrical but not enough for blender to recognize them when x-mirror option is enabled.
- Unlike the Symmetrize tool, this re-positions vertices to their mirrored locations rather than duplicating the mesh from one side to another.

- Added the Face Split - When dissolving vertices into surrounding faces, you can often end up with very large, uneven ngons.
- The face split option limits dissolve to only use the corners of the faces connected to the vertex. (r56579)

Vertex Connect:
- When there are only 2 vertices select, a cut can now be made across unselected faces, a little like the knife tool, however this is limited to straight cuts across connected faces. (r57653)

- Official Blender on Windows has become significantly faster, getting closer to performance on Linux and Mac OS X. Especially scenes with much geometry will benefit from the optimization, rendering often 30% faster. Linux and Mac OS X also benefit but more on the order of 10%.

- Support for NVidia Tesla K20, GTX Titan and GTX 780 graphics cards was added.
- CUDA performance is also improved, rendering 25% faster on various graphics cards and scenes.
- For users making own Blender builds: please upgrade to CUDA toolkit version 5.0 for best performance.
- Hair rendering is now available on the GPU as well. (r56600)

New Nodes:
- Wireframe node to get access to Mesh triangle wireframe data. (r56928)
- Toon BSDF with Diffuse and Glossy component is now available for Cartoon like effects. (r56980)
- Wavelength node to convert wavelength to RGB colors. (r57368)

Render Passes:
- Mist pass support was added, with start, depth and falloff control. This pass can be used in compositing to add fade out object that are further away, for example as a factor input for a Mix RGB node. If the pass is enabled in a render layer a Mist Pass panel will be shown in the world properties. (r57278)

Ray Visibility:
- Ray visibility is now supported for all light sources: lamps, emitting meshes and the world environment. Using these options it's possible to let light from these sources only selectively affect diffuse, glossy or transmission shaders.

Open Shading Language:
- Westin Sheen and Westin Backscatter closures were added for testing, useful for Cloth like effects. (r56900)

Reconstructed scene scale ambiguity:
- Improved algorithms which deals with reconstructed scene scale ambiguity (r56632).
- This is done by scaling reconstructed scene in a way so reconstructed cameras variance is unity with a median in the 3D scene origin.
- Such approach helps in cases when different keyframe pair gives the same exact reconstruction from math point of view but some of which could be considered bad by artists because of bad scale.

Scene Orientation:
- Added a button to apply scale on scene solution (r56635).
- This is an alternative to using camera to scale the scene and it's expected to be better :solution because scaling camera leads to issues with z-buffer.
- Apply scale on scene reconstruction when applying scale on camera (r56764)
- This means when you've got reconstructed scene assigned to a 3D camera (via camera solver constraint) and applies scale on this camera from Ctrl-A menu, scale will be applied on the reconstructed scene and reset camera size to identity.
- This is very useful feature for scene orientation, when you'll just scale camera by S in the viewport to match bundles some points in the space, and then you'll easily make camera have identity scale (which is needed for nice working motion blur without loosing scale of bundles themselves.
- Behavior of apply scale for cameras without clip assigned to them does not change at all.

Refine Markers Position:
- Added Refine Markers Position operator (r56716).
- This operator will run a tracker from previous keyframe to current frame for all selected markers. Current markers positions are considering initial position guess which could be updated by a tracker for better match.

Automatic Keyframe Selection:
- Added an option to select keyframes used for initial reconstruction automatically (r57133). This option enables some fancy math algorithms which tries to find a keyframe pair with minimal reconstruction error and best scene scale guess.

Smaller improvements:
- Made bundles in 3D viewport have constant size (they're not affected by camera scale anymore) (r56633)
- Set scene frames operator for clip editor (r56664). This operator will set scene's start/end frames to match clip's start frame and footage duration.
- Marker placement for motion tracker by clicking on a desired location (r57138).
- Track Position node now could output absolute position of track at a given frame (r57414)

- Use Modifier Stack - The Emission panel now has a Use Modifier Stack option to emit particles from the mesh with modifiers applied. Previously particles would only be emitted from faces that exist in the original mesh. Emitting from faces in the original mesh is mostly useful for hair, to preserve it through mesh editing operations and changing subdivision surfaces levels for viewport and rendering. For emitter particles it can be more useful to take all modifiers into account, but one must be careful to always use the same number of subdivision surface levels for this to work correctly. (r57005)
- Normal-Tangent Rotation - Normal-Tangent rotation mode added, so you can control the orientation around the normal based on the faces UV coordinates, allows for deformations that keep the particles facing the same way. (r58232)

- Full Sample - A new Full Sample" option was added to high resolution smoke panel. (r56665). When high resolution and full sample are enabled, the emitters now take the finer grid into account. Before the emitters where showing the blocks of the normal resolution grid even when the additional high resolution was enabled. This allows to use a lower base resolution for the simulation in many cases.
- Subframes - Emitters now have a "Subframes" option, for fast fast moving emitters. This allows for a smooth flow of smoke or fire even for emitters moving very fast. Previously, one puff of smoke was emitted for every frame, resulting in disjoint spots of smoke.

User Interface:
- Display menu items key shortcuts in the button tooltips. (r57172).
- Drag-Toggle now allows all layers to be set at once. (r56748)
- Color picker now supports 3 digit hex colors like HTML, e.g. #123 becomes #112233. (r57135)
- Units, display 0.5mm rather than 500um, nicer when dealing with very small sizes but not microscopic (r57149)
- Double click now selects entire words (like on file path segments) (r57280)
- File-selector now maps back and forward history to back and forward buttons on a 5 button mouse. (r57285)
- For users without middle-mouse buttons, you can now use Circle and Border de-select by holding SHIFT. (r57577)
- Expanded control of enum properties in bitflag mode now follow other similar controls behavior (i.e. click only select one item, shift-click to (de)select several ones). See e.g. transform manipulators selectors, in the header of 3D views (r56706).
- Icon-only expanded enums where still using the label to compute their width, now they just take room needed by the icon (r57576).

Weight Paint:
- Reworked Weight Paint panel and added make it work in weight paint mode when vertex selection is enabled. (r57468)
- Weight tools such as limit-total, levels, clear - that operate on many groups can now select from active/deformed/non-deformed/all. (r57005)

- Added a mask modifier for sequence strips (r56582).
- Fix naming of strips when adding a bunch of video files at once, previously all strips got the same name (from first file name), now each get a name matching it's underlying file (r57610).

- Auto indent for multi-line Python statements in the Python console. (r56558))
- Support for storing text styles in themes (r57275).
- Transformation Constraint now allows applies rotation offsets too (like for location) (r57309)
- 2D painting now supports texture masks and does masking more consistent with projection painting. (r56699)

Python Security:
- Auto-running Python scripts can now be controlled more securely.

- New: Texture Atlas - Addon to bake shadow and lightmaps for an entire scene.
- New: Edit Linked Library - Quick editing of linked assets, opening the library file and returning to the original file.

Python API:
- Add popup menu to allow python scripts to show popups without having to define a menu class first (r57170)
- Add Mesh.calc_smooth_groups() function to calculate smooth groups from sharp edges (r57452)
- Add BMVert.is_boundary attribute (r56781)

3D View:
- Fix #35617: cycles GLSL object texture coordinates were wrong. (r57231)
- Fix #35602: VBO + dynamic topology sculpt did not show specularity. (r57234)
- Fix #35629: Incorrect Rendered Viewport Horizontal Splitting. (r57241)
- Fix #35650: Fly mode with parenting was broken for both locked/unlocked parent mode. (r57267)
- Fix #35663: Some object types don't draw bounds other than "Box". (r57324)
- Fix #35694: Lattice; Display Type: "Bounds" not working. (r57456)
- Fix #35911: Show weights not working with a weight edit modifier in edit mode. (r58009)
- Fix #36090: Blender displays strange symbol in edge length. (r58165)
- Fix #35827: Object selection through camera view not working in some cases. (r58201)
- Fix for using scaled cameras with fly mode and camera-to-view locking r57440
- Fix GLSL not showing shading properly on the backside of faces. (r57702)
- Fix unnecessary 3D viewport redraws in various cases, in particular when editing node materials. (r57714)
- Fix incorrect GLSL bump mapping in editmode when the UV coordinates are flipped, was not passing sign on to GLSL shader. (r57906)

- Fix #35378: Shape Key Animation Data still linked when creating full copy of scene. (r57221)
- Fix #35613: Dopesheet, Graph Editor Trouble Selecting Channels. (r57240)
- Fix #35643: Animated textures are invisible in Graph Editor if it is not linked via material. (r57332)
- Fix #35263, #35382: NLA Animated Influence is ignored if strips below have zero total influence. (r57333)
- Fix #35382: NLA "Multiply" Blend Mode calculated incorrectly. (r57345)
- Fix #35887: Keyframes inserted at wrong time on offsetted NLA Strips when using "Auto Keying" + "Insert Available Only". (r57902)
- Fix #35744: FCurve select changes on Graph Editor Resize. (r57905)
- Fix #35991: Show warning message to when trying to edit driven values in number buttons. (r57974)
- Fix #35992: Crash using make links > animation data between empty and mesh object. (r57975)
- Fix #35998: Crash when trying rename Driver in Outliner. (r57984)
- Fix #35977: Bake Action doesn't work properly. (r58012)
- Fix #35948: Toggle-Draw AutoKeyframe Bug. (r58134)
- Fix #36082: Animation playback not working after rendering of background scenes and multiple render layer nodes. (r58157)
- NLA Bugfix: When clicking on a channel name in the channel list while still in tweakmode (r57907)

- Fix #35671: Automatic armature weights assignment crashed with an empty mesh. (r57296)
- Fix #35901: Hooks on armature bones are calculated in wrong space. (r57843)
- Fix #35856: Bones gets scaled chaotically when during NLA Strip Blend In/Out. (r57904)
- Fix #35997: Add armature > single bone, then change location or rotation would move only the origin and not the bone. (r57997)
- Fix #36099: Undo crashes on an armature with ID-Properties armatures undo state now stores ID-properties. (r58173)
- Fix #36128: Not deselect all bone when I press the A button in edit mode. (r58250)

- Fix #35230: CPU freeze at playback after cutting/deleting/duplicating audio strip. (r57598)

- Fix #35555: Collada: export destroys mesh in some cases. (r57208)
- Fix #35592: Collada (DAE) exporter messes up vertex colors. (r57209)
- Fix #34823: Collada: nodes exporting world matrices. (r58227)
- Fix #36060: Collada Import: animated armature+mesh problem. (r58242)
- Fix #36122: Collada import - Keyframes offset after recording and playing. (r58264)
- Fix crash during collada export when armature has animation data. (r57761)
- Collada miport: Report 'unknown animation class' only when relevant. (r58263)

- Fix #35686: Grease pencil to curve conversion causes NAN weights on vertices. (r57308)
- Fix #35670: Selectionmode LMB dont change the controlling for putting curve points with strg+lmb. (r57329)
- Fix #35669: Snap curvepoints dont work correct when another object is selected. (r57330, r57371)
- Fix #36042: Subdividing a cyclic spline shifts start/end points. (r58070)
- Fix #36066: Crash when Tab out text object. (r58106)
- Fix #36004: Vertex parent on curve point results in blank 'parent_type' on child object. (r58123)
- Fix #36176: Text bevel flipped for overlapping characters. (r58339)
- Fix 3d text 'insert lorem' crash (r57805)
- Fix joining behavior for curves and armatures (when active object not selected). (r58146)

File I/O:
- Fix #35656: Crash on File Browser (r57370)
- Fix part #35859: lib linking errors were not shown when opening files through open recent. r57736
- Fix #36127: 10 bit DPX render would crash when doing rendering animations from the UI on OS X. (r58269)

Game Engine:
- Fix #32218: logic.addScene() Not Adding Scenes in Order. (r57536)
- Fix #35479: OSKEY (Command Key on Mac) not working. (r57593)
- Fix #34781: bge.texture.ImageRender does not show Font object. (r57594)
- Fix #35447: LibLoad Meshes and Scenes causes crash of blender. (r57596)
- Fix #33163: Text Font Bug. (r57623)
- Fix #32775: LibFree crashing. (r57626)
- Fix #35815: makeScreenshot() relative path not working in Blenderplayer. (r57645)
- Fix #35811: Blenderplayer crash on closing if file saved with an actual version. (r57680)
- Fix #35737: Action actuator in property mode don't work with values lower then 1. (r57681)
- Fix #34185: billboard scale problem in groups. (r57691)
- Fix #30450: F-Curve on bone not working. (r57692)
- Fix #35884: Evil bge.types.BL_Shader.setUniformMatrix3() (r57815)
- Fix game anaglyph colors are inverted. (r57646)

Image / UV Editing:
- Fix #35453: "copy mirrored uv coords" doesn't work. (r57244)
- Fix #35645: UV Stitch often crash Blender (hidden faces related). (r57266)
- Fix #35611: 'Quick Edit' in Texture mode + RGBA16bit gives bright results. (r57313)
- Fix #35658: OpenEXR (from Maya) - missing passes. (r57353)
- Fix #35749: Image Editor: "Replace Image" operator didn't refresh icon for image. (r57476)
- Fix #35548: Island selecting mode problem in UV editor. (r57508)
- Fix #35900: Image editor save multilayer EXR was not using the compression codec specified by the user. (r57847)
- Fix #36022: Inconsistent naming for new images. (r58040)
- Fix #36089: Crash when using a tiff without TIFFTAG_EXTRASAMPLES. (r58164)
- Fix #36145: Error in inverting channels in the UV/Image Editor. (r58262)

Mesh Editing:
- Fix #35578: New bridge tool; bowtie crossing when destination edges form one half of an 'X'. (r57159, r57163)
- Fix #35603: Crash with "Tag Freestyle Edge Mark". (r57210)
- Fix #35311: Planar Decimate / Limited Dissolve fails to merge some adjacent faces optionally limit by face flipping. (r57216)
- Fix #35623: separate mesh operator did not redraw the outliner. (r57232)
- Fix #35636: bridge tool: error symmetry. (r57259)
- Fix #35648: Loop cut, smoothness showing wrong symmetrical. (r57331)
- Fix #35738: Delete edge loop removes extra vertices when working on small scale objects. (r57445)
- Fix #33374: Extrude and mirror editing 2.65 RC1 (r57494)
- Fix #35902: Build navigation mesh crash with multiple meshes selected. (r57848)
- Fix #35551: The topology mirror setting affected shape key and vertex group but this was confusing as there was no setting visible for it. (r57856)
- Fix #35914: Blender crashes when trying to use vertex selection masking on a copy directly after using SHIFT+d (r57888)
- Fix #35936: Can't create new vertex group when using Ctrl G menu. (r57901)
- Fix #35939: [Edit - Vertex mode] [Select]-[Mirror] did not returns right result. (r57916)
- Fix #35994: Shape key mirror without topology did not properly work after doing mirror with topology. (r57993)
- Fix #35989: Bridge tool flip mash open edge loops were calculating flipping incorrectly. (r58018)
- Fix #35806: Unable to check "Correct UVs" option in "Loop Cut and Slide" (Keymap Editor). (r58087)
- Fix #36055: Edge/Face Info display on wrong position with key frames display editmesh stats with deform modifiers. (r58121)
- Fix #36100: Bevel lost selection interpolating loop was copying face attributes including selection. (r58177)
- Fix #35582: Bevel weird results. (r58176)
- Fix #36105: Bevel UV Flicker. (r58179)
- Fix #36106: Defining the Loopcut number with the keyboard is limited to 130 mousewheel value is now clamped too and raised the limit to 500. (r58187)
- Fix for crash in edgering subd when 3+ disconnected edge rings were found. (r57196)
- Fix for sculpt distortion happens when flipping mesh normals. (r57373)
- Fix for editmesh transform connected, the distance checks could get into a feedback loop so that the result depended on the order of verts/edges. (r57527)
- Fix for vert/face mask modes using last used select option when using the select-all key shortcut. (r57752)

- Fix #35678: Duplicating an object with Displace modifier does not increase the reference count of the texture. (r57354)
- Fix #35710: Mesh explodes while using solidify modifier with tubular non-manifold base mesh. (r57405)
- Fix #35911: Show weights not working with a weight edit modifier in edit mode. (r57891)
- Fix #35966: remesh modifier + particle use modifier stack option did not work well together. (r57934)
- Fix #35990: Bevel modifier crashes specific mesh. (r57976)
- Fix #35987: Bevel gives nan vertices. (r58014)
- Fix #34445, #35109: New Bevel's issue with Edge Split modifier. (r58076)
- Fix #36079: Use Modifier Stack Crash with Particles (r58140)
- Fix #36141: Crash with skin and remesh modifier in edit mode. (r58247)
- Fix #36058: Displace Modifier errors using a baked Image and displace baking inconsistency between 2.67/2.68RC and previous versions. (r58270)
- Fix for problem with creating weight-paint preview. (r57419)

Movie Clip Editor:
- Fix #35773: Drag-to-Open failed in Movie Clip Editor. (r57568)

Nodes / Compositor:
- Fix #35570: Old group nodes with empty socket name strings crash. (r57139)
- Fix #35599: MovieClip node crashes when using multilayer exr (r57202)
- Fix #35625: Blender crashes after texture bake complete. due to missing node group. (r57247)
- Fix #35633: Cannot Add Group Node In Blender 2.67a. (r57249)
- Fix #35640: Linked Node Materials appear to be editable. (r57252, r57253, r57401)
- Fix #35400: Dilate Erode Feather Bug - feathering wraps around image. (r57297)
- Fix #35703: Viewer node doesn't updates image sometimes. (r57410)
- Fix #35724: Backdrop zoom can be set to a very small value, making the backdrop disapear. (r57453)
- Fix #35439: Render Border have weird influence on compositing. (r57604)
- Fix #35546: clicking cycles "Use Nodes" did not do a proper undo push. (r57741)
- Fix #35809: Dragging a non-active node in the node editor did not work reliably. (r57823)
- Fix #35922: RGB Input Node doesn't work properly. (r57885)
- Fix #36024: Data loss between saves for custom node trees. (r58074, r58075)
- Fix #36050: Backdrop not working. (r58113)
- Fix #36041: Chroma key broken. (r58141)
- Fix #35586: Add an option to the Z Combine compositing node to disable the Z buffer antialiasing that was restored in 2.67 after it was missing in the new compositor implementation. (r58202)
- Fix #36086: Activating the opencl option in the compositor causes blender crash on some systems (r58338)
- Fix crash when passing non-existing socket type to function. (r57430)
- Fix crash when getting active ID from a node tree with missing groups. (r57963)
- Fix deadlock in coordinate wrapping operation with zero dimension. (r57964)

- Fix #35935: make links > groups, which copies group membership between objects, would also copy object dupligroups (next item in the menu). (r57968)

- Fix #36093: Stationary Particle system - particle Y axis fails to follow emitter object rotation. (r58192. r58229)

Physics / Hair / Simulations:
- Fix #35477: Clicking "Connect Hair" button translates a mesh by it's object location. (r57213)
- Fix #35628: Dynamic paint waves over ocean modifier doesn't work (r57254)
- Fix #35609: Hair cut tool cuts in a wrong place, draw steps should default to 2. (r57698)
- Fix #35406: Hair puff brush bug - puff was interpolating hair that made longer strands cirl up. (r58137)
- Fix #36115: Dynamic paint not showing correct result after file load or undo. (r58200)
- Fix particle lasso-select inverting the selection. (r58138)
- Fix particle hair display percentage not properly getting restored after rendering. (r57717)

- Fix #35434: Segmentation fault switching screen layout from python. (r57204)
- Fix #35489: mode_set() not working in background mode, Scene change doesn't change mode either. (r57205)
- Fix #35683: Addon working fine in console. But crashed when click GUI button. (r57336)
- Fix #35346: Python: still UI issue with popup and dropdown list (r57425, r57562, r57563)
- Fix #35850: Documentation error for mathutils.Vector. (r57674)
- Fix #35507: BMesh module: Crash on to_mesh() if faces.layers.tex is used but no loops.layers.uv. (r57755)
- Fix #35860: Crash if pressing in import dialog. (r57852)
- Fix #35984: No way to know if a datablock is in editmode. (r57980)
- Fix #36155: Crash with __contains__. (r58310)

- Fix #35497: Rendering preview range gives wrong duration. (r57157)
- Fix #35624: Rendering to a new window, then switching scene in the main window, would still continue to render the previous scene in the render window on F12. (r57229)
- Fix #35405: Properties editor preview render restarted unnecessarily after F12 render. (r57377)
- Fix #35664: Blender internal material index pass + ztransp + multiple materials assigned to a mesh did not work correct. (r57439)
- Fix #35768: Crash in with "free image textures" option and 3D viewport with textured draw mode open. (r57474)
- Fix #35848: Render crash in background mode due to missing G.main. (r57663)
- Fix #35807: Blender internal motion blur render without antialiasing would give black speckles (self intersection errors) in raytraced shadows. (r57606)
- Fix #35846: Crash rendering with dupligroups visible in 3D viewport during render in some cases. (r57740)
- Fix #35882: Render to image editor, ctrl+up fullscreen, click back to previous did not work. (r57787)
- Fix #35412: Blender internal "from dupli" texture coordinates not working with particles in linked groups. (r57851)
- Fix #35964: Viewport render not updating with linking materials with ctrl+L. (r57933)
- Fix #35986: "Full sample AA not supported without 3d rendering" message was displayed even with antialiasing disabled. (r57966)
- Fix #35957: Blender internal viewport render did not do correct color management for image textures. (r57999)
- Fix #36005: Viewport rendering crashes blender. (r58017)
- Fix #36044 #36044: Blender Internal viewport rendering crash while editing data. (r58080)
- Fix #35739, #35937, #35739: Undo crashes and missing updates with blender internal viewport rendering. (r58082)
- Fix #35969: Blender Internal and Cycles not updating mesh while in edit mode. (r58084)
- Fix #36075: Editing shading nodes could still crash blender internal rendered draw mode. (r58132)
- Fix #36091: External render engines like Luxrender don't work well with the save buffers option. (r58174)
- Fix #35470: Crash rendering from the terminal in some cases due to render info text threading issue. (r58203)
- Fix [1] #36173]]: Current frame doesn't update while OpenGL Rendering Animation. (r58331)
- Fix [2] #36150]]: Missing Preview Render Updates with Add/Remove material slot. (r58335)
- Fix for crash deleting the world when viewport preview is used. (r58039)
- Fix blender environment map texture looking different on the first render with an image file. (r58122)

Render: Freestyle:
- Fix #35561: Freestyle + read full sample layers = crash. (r57369)
- Fix #35353: Freestyle + Compositor + Auto-render renders freestyle lines in the wrong place. (r57415)
- Fix #35883: Freestyle + envmap render crashed. (r57782)
- Fix #35808: Blender internal viewport with freestyle would keep continuously rerendering for no reason. (r57839)
- Partial dix #35695: Freestyle produces extra line across an object with pointed areas. (r58006)
- Fix #35970: Freestyle + Particles = Crash. (r58063)
- Fix #36009: Rendered ortho view messes up Freestyle lines in 3D viewport. (r58129)
- Fix #35695: Freestyle produces extra line across an object with pointed areas. (r58180)
- Fix #35482: 2.67 freestyle line visibility computation bug. (r58222)

Render: Cycles:
- Fix #35591: Rendering with OSL seems to cap "weird" numbers in certain places in the nodes. (r57178)
- Fix #35587: Cycles: image movie to single image crashing. (r57192)
- Fix #35614: Cycles objects on mask layer in render layers were writing passes such as motion/uv/normal but they should have been excluded from them. (r57230)
- Fix #35644: Lamp specials menu still showed blender internal energy and falloff distance when cycles was selected as renderer. (r57265)
- Fix #35672: Missing update when changing light ray visibility during viewport render. (r57290)
- Fix #35677, #35525: , #35525: cycles viewport not updating properly in some situations. (r57306)
- Fix #35653: Manual texture space location and size not working in cycles viewport. (r57349)
- Fix #35681: Cycles excluded layers still got evaluated before and after rendering even if they were not used on any render layers. (r57352)
- Fix #35251: Cycles crash rendering with a particular user preferences configuration. (r57378)
- Fix #35733: Lamps on render layers that are both excluded and used for masking should not be used, same as emissive meshes. (r57432)
- Fix #35729: Cycles normal maps not showing properly in preview render. (r57434)
- Fix #35730: Cycles not rendering dupliverted metaball, needs another special exception. (r57437)
- Fix #35771: "Specials" ->"Size Y" doesn't work for Cycles area lamp. (r57539)
- Fix #35812: Cycles image texture node not doing proper alpha handling of PNG images with open shading language enabled. (r57637)
- Fix #35847: Cycles group nodes did not work well exposing inputs like normal or texture coordinate. (r57676)
- Fix #35896: Cycles crash with OSL image textures and viewport + preview render running at the same time. (r57846)
- Fix #35954: Missing cycles viewport render update when changing the object or material pass index. (r57929)
- Fix #35944: Adding keyframes or drivers on image sequences offset did not work for cycles image texture node. (r57931)
- Fix #36037: Cycles from dupli generated texture coordinates were wrong. (r58057)
- Fix #36063: Cycles 3D viewport was incorrectly influenced by blender internal material halo settings. (r58083)
- Fix #36064: Cycles direct/indirect light passes with materials that have zero RGB color components gave non-grey results when you might no expect it. (r58086)
- Fix #36080: Fix cycles crash with certain group node setups, accessing freed memory. (r58149)
- Fix #36053: Slow GPU render with panorama camera + depth of field. (r58158)
- Fix #36139: Cycles not taking texture spacing settings into account for generated coordinates on text objects. (r58265)
- Fix related #35681: Avoid some unnecessary cycles updated when using exclude render layers. (r57307)
- Fix cycles world ray visibility not working correct with multiple importance sampling. (r57948)

- Fix #36027: Close gap shifts clip leaves keyframes behind. (r58038)
- Fix #36124: VSE - Input Color doesn't invalidate cache properly for movies. (r58257)

Sculpting / Painting:
- Fix #35545: Weight paint with mirror modifier does not accurate represent bone influence (r57206)
- Fix #35638: Object disappears when rotating after using the simplify brush. (r57311)
- Fix #35793: Crash When Painting Gradient Weight. (r57564)
- Fix #35457: Mirror the U texture coordinate does not work in projection painting regression since 2.61 (r57706)
- Fix #34909: Texture paint mode does not correctly update when using textures larger than 2048x2048. (r57735)
- Fix #35858: Weight Paint: Hiding faces isnt flushing the flag to the vertices. (r57751)
- Fix #34837: Texture Painting using Face Selection Mask fails to show texture if more than 1 texture is used (r57764)
- Fix #35583: Smooth brush ignores hidden parts. (r57768)
- Fix #35365: Texture cloning not behaving correctly in perspective view. (r57776)
- Fix #33068: Can't paint weights of some vertices in some situations. (r57781)
- Fix #35858: Weight Paint: Hiding faces isnt flushing the flag to the vertices. (r57895)
- Fix #35975: "Select Linked" = "Select All" in Weight Paint mode. (r57955)
- Fix #35057: Texture paint viewport performance drop. (r58079)
- Fix #36039: Texture paint bug with face selection on subdivided object. (r58109)
- Fix #36153: Crash when choosing a brush. (r58311)

User Interface:
- Fix #35567: Shift+LMB doesn't toggle selection when using the Maya preset. (r57154)
- Fix #35468: Screen list shows temp layout (r57214)
- Fix #35610: Multiresolution Modifier Complains About Sculpt Mode. (r57220)
- Fix #35646: Image offset value in empty image display mode should be unitless (r57263)
- Fix #35668: Tooltip for Euler Discontinuity Filter was misleading (r57411)
- Fix #35713: Set Origin not waiting for user input when invoked form search menu. (r57422)
- Fix #35741: Material shows WORLD texture_context by default. (r57497)
- Fix #35774: Confusing Text in Texture Paint Panel. (r57504)
- Fix #35790: Panel Section Arrows Wrong Theme Colors. (r57694)
- Fix #35767: Transforming nodes in the node editor changed the wireframe color of the active object in the 3D view. (r57715)
- Fix #35715: Graph editor > channels > move.. menu item showed wrong keyboard shortcut. (r57734)
- Fix #35750: List items in properties editor (text colors not following list item theme). (r57760)
- Fix #35880: Popup menus like F6 redo did not use the right theme color for highlighted text, (r57771)
- Fix #35880: Theme color of enabled option buttons in popups was still controlled by the wrong color, now it's controlled by "Menu Back" text color. (r57785)
- Fix #35802: Searchbox menu not opening when opened from a popup near the bottom of the window. (r57822)
- Fix #35974: Smoke flow force field icon missing in add menu. (r57956)
- Fix #36001: Crashing copying long strings in text buttons. (r57996)
- Fix #36010: Missing 3D view header redraw when assigning shortcut key to mesh automerge. (r58002)
- Fix #36038: Auto Keying warning message is clamped in Japanese. (r58049)
- Fix #35841: WM_OT_context_[toggle/cycle/etc.] operators dont show shortcut keys in menus (or tooltips) for properties they are used to toggle/cycle through. (r58058)
- Fix #36043: Missing Tooltip for Excluded Paths field of Auto Run Python Scripts in User Preferences -> File. (r58069)
- Fix #36059: Region overlap did not show scopes overlapping in the image editor. (r58081)
- Fix #36008: Can't set values higher than 1.0 in HSV colour picker (But can in RGB) - also some strange behavior. (r58105)
- Fix #36030: Datablock drag and drop to buttons not working with a certain number of objects in the scene. (r58120)
- Fix #36065: UI labels are shown in the theme color for unselected list items. (r58142)
- Fix #36109: UI softlock when first property of an operator is String disable editing a string on operator UI popups, causes feedback loop. (r58197)
- Fix #36135: File name of previously saved render result no longer remembered. (r58231)
- Fix text shadow offset was causing text to clip r57271
- Fix filesel autocomplete, it had the bad behavior entering a non-existing name (r57572)
- Fix OSX "Life resize" was also being called during opening of windows - when things are not initialized yet. (r57181)
- Fix a few DPI/retina scaling issues in the graph editor and movie clip editor. (r57819)

- Fix #35728: "Load Factory Settings" changes temp fonder to "/temp/ (r57479, r57500)
- Fix #35825: "Find missing files" seems to search for files which are not missing Made finding paths for files that exist optional (and off by default), since its handy for relocating projects. (r57678)
- Fix #35824: finding missing files not working correct for filepaths with special characters on Windows. (r57739)
- Fix #35890: memory leak in OS X ghost locale detection. (r57821)
- Fix #35904: On Windows force NVidia Optimus, which does automatic graphics switching between an integrated Intel and a dedicated NVidia card, to use the dedicated card for Blender. (r57857)
- Fix #36157: Memory Leak in GHOST_DropTargetX11 would leak a little bit of memory for every window created. (r58309)

- Fix #35501: Operator log: some property changes log as [...].(null) = ... (r57211)
- Fix #35661: Maya key config - select operations are skipped by "undo". (r57338, r57340)
- Fix #35691: Context Override replaces instead of overrides. (r57346)
- Fix #35704: Simplify on scene with dupli recursion crashes. (r57376)
- Fix #35574: Export Key Map issue. (r57380)
- Fix #35747: Lasso select could crash if there was an Armature in PoseMode somewhere. (r57475)
- Fix #35590: Connected proportional editing gives unexpected results (r57532)
- Fix #35855: Change "Scene" crashes randomly. (r57689)
- Fix #35844: "Blender User Preferences" window don't save size font. (r57703)
- Fix #35884: Crash opening .blend with generated color grid image and preview render. (r57845)
- Fix #35958: texture timeout with value 0 not preserved when saving user preferences. (r57932)
- Fix #35933: setting shortcut keys in object mode menu didn't work correct. (r57967)
- Fix #36014: Individual Origin Translation across Normal Orientation doesn't work properly. (r58015)
- Fix #36073: Changing list items misses undo push. (r58130)
- Fix #36076: Metaballs as particles with particle texture (size influence) crashes Blender (r58147)
- Fix #36107: Moving origin of instanced objects doesn't work properly. (r58249)
- Fix missing compositor refresh due to missinfg mask notifiers, (r57668)
- Fix for crash reading from a freed scene when exiting blender. (r57810)
- Avoid crashes running screendump and screen editing operators in background mode. (r57842)
- Fix for Make Local -> All not working correct with multy-user datablocks (leads to crashes). (r57896)

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