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BookMacster 2.4.12 Mac

BookMacster for Mac 是一款適用於 Mac 的書籤管理器,可與 iCloud,登錄 Chrome 和 Firefox 同步播放。它可以以三種方式使用,或者全部使用三種方式:
管理瀏覽器書籤。添加字母排序和標記。驗證,修復,鞏固。跨瀏覽器同步。在所有設備中同步 Safari Firefox,Chrome 等書籤。直。將您的書籤保存在一個中央商店中,可以在網頁瀏覽器中訪問。 BookMacster 功能:
在 Safari,Firefox,Google Chrome,Vivaldi,Chromium,Chrome Canary,FirefoxDeveloperEdition 中持續同步。當這些瀏覽器退出時,自動與 iCab,Opera,OmniWeb,Epic,Roccat 同步。與 Pinboard,Delicious 和 Diigo 手動同步。輕鬆組織標籤,層次結構或兩者。設計與蘋果的 iCloud,谷歌瀏覽器的登錄和 Firefox 同步打好。驗證書籤,修復重定向。查找並刪除重複項。將不安全的書籤升級到 https://。刪除 URL Cruft,如 Google 跟踪代碼。當書籤被改變時自動排序(alphabetize)。  您可以控制要對哪些文件夾進行排序或不排序,以及如何對其進行排序。在 Firefox 和 Chrome 中處理多個用戶配置文件。可編寫腳本從 NetNewsWire 或類似的應用程序收集新的書籤。備註:3 天試用版.

檔案版本 BookMacster 2.4.12
檔案名稱 BookMacster.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Sheep Systems
軟體類型 2017-11-10

What's new in this version:

BookMacster 2.4.12
- Exporting to Safari is now compatible with a new iCloud protocol. So that we can track our quality and quickly deal with any issues which may arise, apps now send iCloud migration status and related performance statistics anonymously to our server. The obligatory checkbox to opt out of such sending has been added to Preferences > General
- Fixed a bug which caused little translucent rectangles to sometimes remain on the screen after dragging item(s) in a document’s Content View, when running in macOS 10.13. (Fixed SSMoveableToolTip)
- Restored import and export compatibility with custom Firefox profiles to which the user has given an Absolute (as opposed to Relative) path, when using the recent versions of Firefox. (Updated SSYFirefoxProfileFinder to correctly parse profiles.ini files produced by current Firefox)
- Fixed a bug which caused failure to export to Vivaldi, with Error 266541, if the Reading List in our app contained (new) items which did not exist and thus needed to be created in Vivaldi
- When using version 29 or later of BookMacster Button Extension, or version 41 or later of BookMacster Sync extension, the Test in the Manage Browser Extensions window is now more rigorous. (It now talks all the way through to the actual extension in real time, instead of just asking our Native Messaging tool which was launched by the extension for the configuration info that it got from the extension when it loaded)
- Added some defenses against a rare occurrence of the BookMacster Sync Firefox extension sometimes going dead until Firefox is relaunched
- Based on some new experiments and data from users, the reason and recovery suggestions presented with Errors 453973 and 651507 no longer implicate too many bookmarks, but instead implicate CPU hogging by other processes
- The requirement that no folder contain more than 500 items before exporting to Safari now applies whether or not iCloud:Safari is in use
- The threshold for warning user that a significant change has been made to Safari has been raised from 100 to 250 items
- After exporting a large number of changes to Safari, now advises the user to give iCloud 20 minutes to sync before making any further changes, and also BookMacster, Synkmark or Smarky will ignore any churning of bookmarks by iCloud during this period
- Executing Reset and Start Over no longer disables browser extensions until the next time that our app is relaunched. (The symbolic link required for communicating with extensions is now restored immediately)
- Previous versions may have, at times, tried to treat the text under the name of a Safari > Reading List item as the item’s Comments. It appears that this may have worked in earlier versions of Safari, but it is not possible to prevent the current version of Safari from overwriting them. To reduce complexity and increase reliaibility of exports to Safari, this would-be feature has been removed
- If a manually-initiated export fails, the error sheet which appears now indicates immediately to which browser it failed. This is helpful when performing Export to all
- Improved some log entries

Fixed issues which will make coordinated exports to Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi faster and more accurate:
- Fixed a bug which caused items items to be exported out of order to Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi during coordinated exports, if items in that folder were shuffled in a certain way
- Eliminated some redundant transactions sent to the browser

BookMacster 2.4.10
- Package now includes updated extensions: BookMacster Button version 28, and BookMacster Sync version 40. The new Button version fixes a bug in the previous version which caused extra processes to sometimes be left sleeping instead of terminating. Also, our apps have been changed to require these new versions for Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome, Canary and Chromium. Opera must wait until their review and approval process completes :( Due to an oversight in previous versions, thes versions will not be updated automatically by Firefox. Users will be prompted to click through the reinstallation process. In Vivaldi, Chrome, Canary and Chromium, our extensions should already be updated because our new versions were published by the Chrome Web Store last week
- To play better with macOS 10.13 High Sierra, before importing from or exporting to Safari, our apps now only wait for apparent iCloud activity if the user has opted in to iCloud Safari syncing
- After installing an extension into Opera, it now works, even if user has not also installed one of our extensions into Google Chrome. (Before installing an extension into Opera, now installs a Native Messaging Special Manifest file into Google Chrome’s Application Support folder, as well as in Opera’s Application Support folder, because, oddly, the former is where Opera looks for it)
- Users should see fewer instances of Error 651507. (After analyzing data collected by testing Chrome and Firefox, we determined that there are rare outlier cases in which the last phase of an export, that which times out with Error 651507, can be delayed by macOS or the browser for a minute or more. The minimum timeout has been increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds when exporting for manually-initiated exports from within the application, and to 5 minutes for automatic exports initiated in the background by an Agent’s Worker)
- Before importing from or exporting to Firefox, now uses a different, possibly new indicator to determine whether or not a user who has opted in to Firefox Sync has its Bookmarks checkbox on or off. This different indicator has been found to be more reliable in Firefox 55
- No longer stops and issues a warning if a proposed export to Firefox will take too long and cause nonresponsive behavior while Firefox is running. Due to improvements in recent versions of Firefox, this is no longer necessary (and is instead annoying) for tne typical user who has not disabled Firefox’ automatic updates
- Fixed a bug in the Manage Browser Extensions window which caused the button(s) in the top row (usually Chrome) of each family (Sync or Button) to not respond to mouse clicks unless user clicked in the bottom half of the button
- Updated the built-in Sparkle Check for Update subsystem from version 1.15-ish to 1.18.1. There should be little or no user-facing effect

BookMacster 2.4.9
- No longer fails, falsely claiming that our Sync extension is not installed, when exporting to Firefox 55 while Firefox 55 is running
- If the Logs database file is corrupt, will not delete the file and start a new one
- Fixed a bug, which has been variously present in recent versions, which caused Error 193835 to be created a displayed in some cases if Firefox was quit while Synkmark was running
- Before exporting to Safari, if iCloud syncing is in use, now checks all folders to ensure that none contain more than 500 items and, if so, fails. The Help button in the error opens an explanation which has a link to Apple documentation stating that iCloud may misbehave if you put more than 500 items in a single folder
- Improved wording of instructions for installing extensions into browsers with multiple profiles
- Fixed bug which disallowed drops of text strings from other applications (to create new bookmarks) into empty folders
- When dropping tab-return text strings from other applications (to create new bookmarks), no longer creates an extra untitled bookmark with no URL if the text string ends in a newline
- When pasting tab-return text strings from other applications (to create new bookmarks), now accepts multiple items in the special tab-return format, same as when drag-and-dropping
- When adding a new bookmark from another application, or creating one from scratch using the Add action button, the Undo action in the Edit menu is now indicated as Undo Insert… instead of Undo Move…
- Fixes some inefficiency when exporting to Safari. (When exporting to Safari 11, no longer unnecessarily writes Changes to the file if iCloud is not in use. When running this version for the first time, checks for and removes any such Changes, which may still be present for users who do not regularly add or otherwise change bookmarks within Safari. This is a continuoationof the change for Safari 11.0 which we made in version 2.4.8.)

BookMacster 2.4.8
- Compatible with macOS 10.12.6 and/or Safari 11.0. (Without this change, our app may think that iCould+Safari syncing is ON when in fact if is OFF, which will cause an error message to appear after an export to Safari)
- Restored capability to completely create a Firefox bookmarks database file from scratch, in the event that the user’s file is missing or corrupt
- Improved emulation of Firefox during exports while Firefox is not running. Although this does not fix any misbehavior that we know of at this time, it’s better and safer. (Now updates *syncChangeCounter, no longer names the three hard folders representing shown in Firefox’ Show All Bookmarks – Library)
- Improved wording of Error 651507
- Backed out of a change in 2.4.6. If it is detected that an extension is already installed, instead of changing to Reinstall as in 2.4.6, now becomes disabled, as in 2.4.5 and earlier. Although it is more flexible in edge case, the 2.4.6 behavior gives user the impression that “Reinstall” will uninstall first. But it doesn’t work that way. If this is used on Chrome for example, Chrome tells the user “Added to Chrome”, meaning that it’s already installed; quite confusing
- Package now includes updated versions, BookMacster Button extension version 26, and BookMacster Sync extension version 26, signed by Mozilla, for initial installation into Firefox. This does not affect existing users because the new versions published a few days ago and should already have been downloaded and silently installed by Firefox

BookMacster 2.4.3
- Fixed several bugs which sometimes caused sync processes to begin unnecesarily when syncing with Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Chromium or Canary. This would occur after exporting changes from another browser to one of these. (The expected, spurious change notifications were not always identified as such, which resulted in sync processes being staged, and the sync processes would run a little, up until hashes were matched)
- Fixed bug which, if user changed Syncing Agents while active and a Trigger was removed while a trigger was in process, could cause a large number of Error 3025 to be logged, instead of just one
- Fixed bug which caused Error 916540 to mask and overwrite, if it was, an underlying Error 484903

BookMacster 2.3.6
- Now correctly detects installation of our extensions in current versions of Chrome, Canary, Chromium, Opera, and Vivaldi, eliminating false warnings that they are not installed when they are
- Restored capability to install extensions into Vivaldi and Opera, which was broken in version 2.3
- Added new section Mapping Illustration - What Goes Where to Help Book

BookMacster 2.3.3
- Fixed a bug from 2.3 which would cause bookmarks Comments to be overwritten during a manual import from Firefox while Firefox was running, which was preceded by a manual export to Firefox while Firefox was not running

BookMacster 2.3.2
- Fixed a bug in 2.3 which, when syncing, could cause the second of two browsers to not trigger when bookmarks where changed
- Fixed a bug which caused the document window to end a Verify operation with a empty sidebar if there were only a few bookmarks to verify

BookMacster 2.3.1
- The Verify Progress view now appears in a sidebar instead of a drawer. (This is to conform to latest Apple Human Interface Guidelines, eliminate warnings in System console, and avoid future macOS bugs driven by Apple’s neglect of no longer recommended features.)
- Restored importing and exporting of bookmark Shortcut attributes (as Keywords in Firefox) with Firefox, when Firefox is not running. This has apparently been broken in recent Firefox version(s)
- When importing and exporting with Safari, now properly imports and exports the recently-discovered (and almost undiscoverable) Description attribute, and maps it to our Comments. Also, no longer clobbers a couple of other recently-discovered attributes (previewTextIsUserDefined and imageURL), which Safari would replace later
- Now supports the current (sandboxed) version of OmniWeb 6.0. (Imports and exports bookmarks from OmniWeb’s sandbox.)
- Fixed bugs in the Settings and Reports tab of the .bkmslf document (main) window which caused the segmented controls at their tops to sometimes shift horizontally off center after certain sequences of tab selections

BookMacster 2.3
- This version will find, remove and replace the Firefox extensions installed by previous versions with new extensions that are compatible with Firefox 53. Due to limitations in Firefox 53, the new extensions will somewhat impede the syncing of Separators, Tags, Keywords (shortcuts), Descriptions (Comments) and Live Bookmarks in Firefox, as detailed in this article
- To accomodate the limitations of Firefox 53 referenced in the previous item, then default Simple Agents now trigger a sync operation whenever Firefox quits
- When calculating whether or not an impending Import or Export operation exceeds the Safe Sync Limit, mere changes to the attributes of existing bookmarks are no longer counted. This is because such changes have never seen such changes indicate trouble (as additions and deletions do), and also with the limitations of Firefox 53 referenced in the previous item, such changes will be expected
- In the Inspector panel, fixed the Name, Shortcut and Comments fields which were only occupying half of their available space in recent versions. (This bug was probably due to a breaking change in Apple’s Developer Tools)
- If Advanced Agents are in use, no longer automatically adjusts Triggers in response to other Agent changes, which made some trigger type combinations impossible to set
- Fixed bug which caused the Browser Quit trigger (used for some second-tier browsers such as OmniWeb, and available in Advanced Client Settings) to fail after the first syncing operation, until BookMacster was relaunched. (QuatchRunner was not being recreated)
- In document window > Reports > Sync Logs, the second row in each table item is now always visible. Previously, it was not visible in macOS 10.12 for certain settings of Preferences > Appearance > Font Size > Tables, Tags. (Fix was in SSYAlert)
- Worked around some misbehavior apparent with macOS 10.12 which caused, if user has, in System Preferences > General, switched on Ask to keep changes when closing documents, a newly-opened (clean) document to act as though it is already dirty (dot in red close button, asks Save/Revert/Cancel when document closed)
- Application menu item Stop All Syncing Now now always removes orphaned semaphores as expected, even if there are no Agents to remove and no Workers to kill
- Corrected message which appears if user of Advanced Agents closes document while syncing was paused
- The advice which appears with the warning which appears when bookmarks are modified externally while Synkmark or BookMacster is running now also advises to not make Synkmark or BookMacster a Login Item
- Fixed a bug which could give wrong order if Sort by Rating was selected in Settings > Sorting
- Fixed a bug which could cause sync churning if document contained a folder whose items could be sorted in more than one way (for example, sorting by name when there are bookmarks in the same folder which have exactly the same name), and Synkmark or BookMacster on two different Macs are linked by a browser’s syncing service (iCloud, sign in to Chrome or Firefox Sync for example)
- Improved message written to logs when a Sync Fight is detected
- Improved Help Book sec. 3.3.5

BookMacster 2.2.17
- During launch, now detects a failure in macOS which would cause our apps to silently fail to open any document windows, and presents a dialog suggesting to the user how to fix the problem. (The failure by macOS is that it does not properly bring our app to the foreground when requested. It is probably caused by insufficient system resources of some kind, because it occurs reproducibly when at least 95 or so Safari tabs are open. The suggested fix is to close tabs or quit other apps which are not being used.)
- Fixed a couple details which may have caused some issues with exporting Shortcuts (Keywords in Firefox), and possibly other attributes to Firefox, while Firefox was not running.
- Fixed a bug which could rarely cause a crash, or improper drawing, when displaying the Content View after items had been rearranged.
- Fixed a bug in the Advanced Client Setting to Create a Reading/Unsorted in Google Chrome, Chromium and Canary. The bug caused, under certain conditions, the app to hang during an import after this feature had been activated.
- The Uninstall command in the application menu now does a better job of finding all documents, and gives user the option to preserve shared components which are used by the other apps in this family, so that Uninstall may now be used if user decides to swicth from one app (Synkmark, for example) to another (BookMacster, for example).
- Clarified Help Book sections 4.8.3 and 4.4.10.

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