Boostnote 0.13.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Boostnote 0.13.0 Mac

Boostnote for Mac 是一款開放源代碼的筆記應用程序,專門為程序員和 Web 開發人員設計。 Boostnote for macOS 受到來自 190 多個國家和地區的許多程序員的信任。

右下角有快速訪問鏈接,其中包括縮放,您可以想像的每種文檔類型,大小,縮進和最新更新。調整 Boostnote for Mac 的大小較小會稍微弄亂這些快速鏈接的格式。菜單部分可讓您決定存儲位置,定義熱鍵並調整用戶界面.

該應用程序可讓您使用實時預覽器在 Markdown 中記錄筆記,使用摘要記錄片段,多個熱鍵,查找器彈出窗口(類似於 OSX 的亮點) )和乳膠支持。但是請記住,該程序不要與便利貼風格的應用程序或記事本替換混淆,因為它如上所述是面向程序員 / Web 開發人員的。

Boostnote 允許您快速而清晰地創建組織良好的應用程序純文本中的文章您可以輕鬆地記錄有關開發技巧的備忘錄並在會議期間做筆記 Boostnote 可以識別 100 多種語法重點,非常適合編寫代碼。也可以:下載 Windows 的 97497423889974 的 Boostnote

檔案版本 Boostnote 0.13.0
檔案大小 106 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Maisin&Co
軟體類型 2019-10-16

What's new in this version:

- Format markdown content with Prettier
- Add support for plantUML mindmap, wbs, gantt
- npm 'test' script should contain jest tests
- Fix #3160 Add ability to sort lines with hotkey combination
- Fix the same hot-key pattern as the one already in use
- Fix throwing of exception on multiple instances
- Add sidebar collapse button to sidebar while viewing the tags list
- Fix Dracula theme buttons in storage settings
- Fix: Can't open external browser in Markdown Preview with external link containing '#'
- Fix #888 - Wrong word count due splitting
- Add option to disable the automiatic deletion of un-referenced attach
- Update Chinese translation
- Fix #2636 - Can't scroll to bottom of editor pane
- Fix JavaScript hello world example
- Add CodeEditor::setLineContent method to manipulate line contents
- Fix #3174: Enable dragging of notes
- fix: HotkeyTab accidentally set incomplete hotkey
- Fix #3190 - App blanks out after setting HotKey
- Fix XSS vulnerability after PDF export (issue #3178)
- Fix routing for tag filtering (issue #3157)
- Only show context menu if "switch preview" is not set to "on right click"
- Stricter regex pattern in pathname matching
- Fix #3060 - broken TOC Link
- Fix #2935 - Selecting multiple notes when opening them
- Fix #3159 - blanking with "href" in an element
- MarkdownPreview should scroll to top after selecting another note
- optimize: should highlight any non-empty search query
- Suppport auto generating toc content for the [TOC] tag
- tweak MarkdownPreview style to optimize overflow scrollbar display
- Html to md feature
- Fix #3007 - xss related to mermaid

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