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Bowtie 1.1 Mac

Bowtie 是音樂配件,使您可以使用放置在桌面上的自定義快捷鍵來控制您喜歡的音樂程序。通過支持所有主要的本地或基於互聯網的音頻播放器(iTunes,Rdio,Spotify 或 Sonora),您可以輕鬆控制所有功能,加載播放列表,並使用 Bowtie 服務器上可用的數百個美麗​​的免費主題。  

使用簡單的 Bowtie for Mac 儀表板,用戶不僅可以輕鬆訪問各種音樂流媒體服務,還可以創建自定義的小部件,而不是以一種令人難以置信的時尚方式展示他們的音樂內容。這包括展示當前歌曲的小部件,音樂服務的當前狀態,播放列表,隨機歌曲列表,完整的媒體播放控制等等。所有這些視覺元素都可以根據自己的口味進行定制,不僅可以用鼠標進行控制,還可以使用全局鍵盤快捷鍵,無論您當前使用的是哪種應用程序(桌面或全屏模式)都可以使用這些快捷鍵。

鍵盤快捷鍵涵蓋了隱藏 / 顯示 Bowtie 小部件(此應用程序的開發人員稱他們為“Bowlets”),音樂播放控制,音量,收視率甚至 歌曲的一些自定義快捷鍵。所有常規選項,主題和快捷方式都可以在易於使用的儀表板中更改,該儀表板還可以鏈接到主題的在線目錄,可以在幾秒鐘內下載.

如果您是想要更直接地控制您的歌曲的音樂愛好者離線和在線音樂播放服務,你必須仔細看看 Bowtie for Mac.

檔案版本 Bowtie 1.1
檔案大小 3.39 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Bowtie Team
軟體類型 2010-02-22

What's new in this version:

Bowtie 1.1 is an official, non-beta release of Bowtie. It offers full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 (PPC/Intel) and 10.6 (Intel), with 64-bit support for Intel.

Features Added
- Brought back the ability to show the Bowlet when no sources are connected
- It is now possible to entirely disable the use of remote sources (which prevents the always-on Bowtie Butler from starting)
- Added "Check for Updates…" item to the menubar item and the Bowlet menu
- Added the capability to create platform-specific themes within the same bundle
- Bowtie themes can now be previewed using Quick Look
- Added the ability to hide the Bowlet when the current source is stopped
- Added new ways to access returned BTWrapper values (see Accessing Properties in a BTWrapper for more information)
- A full list of changes to the Theme API can be found here: Changes Since 1.0

Bugs Fixed
- Fixed a race condition that could make it impossible to quit iTunes when using third-party themes
- Fixed the display of the Default theme on Leopard
- Fixed a bug that could cause some sources (like iTunes) to show up twice in the source menu
- Preference to hide the dock icon now persists between version updates
- Fixed a bug that could prevent the Bowtie for iPhone App Store advertisement link from opening properly for non-US users
- May have fixed an intermittent bug that caused the Bowlet to be movable even when "Lock Position" was checked; however, I was unable to reproduce the bug in the first place

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