Node.js 16.1.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Node.js 16.1.0 Mac

適用於 Mac 的新 Brave 瀏覽器會自動阻止廣告和跟踪器,使其比當前瀏覽器更快更安全。除了真實的內容,一切頁面的加載速度都是驚人的。最多 60%的網頁加載時間是由每次在您最喜歡的新聞網站上打開頁面時加載到各個位置的基礎廣告技術引起的。其中 20%的時間花在加載試圖了解更多關於你的東西上。下載,安裝或更新 Brave Browser for Mac!

Brave 底層是一個基於 Chromium 的網頁瀏覽器,這意味著它的性能和網頁兼容性與其他基於 Chromium 的瀏覽器非常相似.

Brave 瀏覽器功能:

Browse 更快
Brave 塊跟踪和侵入性廣告,可以放慢你的網絡速度.

Brave 讓你和你的信息更安全,有效地屏蔽你從第三方跟踪和 malletin.

Browse Better
With 勇敢,你可以選擇是否看到尊重您的隱私或付費網站直接的廣告。無論哪種方式,您都可以在幫助資助內容創作者方面感覺良好.


Brave 重定向站點到 HTTPS
“我們已經整合到每個勇敢的 Mac 瀏覽器的 HTTPS,以確保您始終移動您的位跨越最安全的管道。”

Brave 塊跟踪像素和跟踪 Cookie

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載適用於 Windows 的勇敢的瀏覽器

檔案版本 Node.js 16.1.0
檔案名稱 node-v16.1.0.pkg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Brave Software Inc.
軟體類型 2021-05-05

What's new in this version:

- Async_hooks,doc: replace process.stdout.fd with 1
- Benchmark: avoid using console.log()
- Benchmark: use process.hrtime.bigint()
- Bootstrap: freeze more intrinsics
- Build: fix label-pr workflow
- Build: label PRs with GitHub Action instead of nodejs-github-bot

- don't crash with some selfsigned certs
- fix generateKeyPair type checks
- fix scrypt keylen validation
- fix DiffieHellman generator validation

- enable linter on internal/inspector/inspect_client
- refactor internal/inspector/_inspect to use more primordials
- apply automatic lint fixes for inspect_repl.js
- apply automatic lint fixes for _inspect.js
- remove unused function argument
- align message with Node.js standard
- add usage example for --port
- fix race condition/deadlock on initialization
- replace internal use of deprecated API
- allow longer time to connect
- accommodate line chunking in Windows
- fix inspect restart on Windows
- remove unused code
- move node-inspect to internal library

- V8: cherry-pick fd75c97d3f56
- upgrade npm to 7.11.2
- update to [email protected]
- patch V8 to
- patch V8 to
- update llhttp to 6.0.1
- patch V8 to

- Revert "doc: os.uptime() temporary bug notice"
- Fix outdated util inspect documentation and layout example

- mark Node.js 10 as End-of-Life
- mark querystring api as legacy
- update node-api support matrix
- add arguments for stream event of Http2Server and Http2SecureServer
- indicate that abort tests do not generate core files
- add try/catch in http2 respondWithFile example
- note the system requirements for V8 tests
- minor clarification to pathObject
- clarify that fs.Dir async iterator closes automatically
- document new TCP_KEEPCNT and TCP_KEEPINTVL socket option defaults
- do not mention TCP in the allowHalfOpen option description
- update message to match actual output
- request default snap track be updated for LTS
- mark process.hrtime() as legacy
- fix typo in
- fix version history for "exports" patterns
- fix package.json "imports" field history
- fix typo in
- fix YAML comment opening tags
- add nodejs-sec email template
- document 'secureConnect' event limitation

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