Master PDF Editor 5.9.35 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Master PDF Editor 5.9.35 Mac

Chromium for Mac 是一個開源的瀏覽器項目,旨在為所有的互聯網用戶建立一個更安全,更快,更穩定的方式來體驗網絡。 Chromium 是谷歌瀏覽器從中提取源代碼的開源網絡瀏覽器項目。該項目的每小時 Chromium 快照與穀歌瀏覽器的最新版本看起來基本相似,除了遺漏某些 Google 附加功能,其中最明顯的是:Google 的品牌,自動更新機制,點擊許可條款,使用情況跟踪以及捆綁 Adobe Flash Player.

Chromium 項目的名字來源於元素鉻(Cr),鉻是由鉻製成的。正如開發者文檔中所表達的,Google 的意圖是 Chromium for Mac 將是開源項目的名稱,最終的產品名稱是 Chrome。但是其他開發者已經採用 Chromium 代碼並且發布了 Chromium 名稱下的版本.

Chromium 和 Google Chrome 之間的差異

Chromium 是由 Chromium 項目發布和維護的開源項目和瀏覽器源代碼的名稱。可以為 Windows,Linux 和 Mac 安裝最新的預編譯快照,也可以通過下載源代碼並在這些平台上手動構建快照。 Google 使用此源代碼並添加了一個集成的 Flash Player,Google 名稱和徽標,一個名為 GoogleUpdate 的自動更新系統,用戶可選擇向 Google 發送其使用情況統計信息和崩潰報告,以及在某些情況下, RLZ 跟踪,以編碼形式向 Google 發送信息,例如,何時何地下載 Chrome。默認情況下,Chromium 僅支持 HTML5 音頻和視頻標籤的 Vorbis,Theora 和 WebM 編解碼器,而 Google Chrome 支持 H.264,AAC 和 MP3。某些 Linux 發行版可能會將對其他編解碼器的支持添加到其定製版本的 Chromium 中.

為 Google Chrome 提供代碼的開源項目。包括文檔,開發人員信息,錯誤報告和源代碼下載。最簡單的方法來下載 Chromium for Mac 今天!

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 Chromium for Windows

檔案版本 Master PDF Editor 5.9.35
檔案名稱 MasterPDFEditor.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 The Chromium Team
軟體類型 2023-01-27

What's new in this version:

Master PDF Editor 5.9.35
- Scanned documents processing is improved, now the color of the documents is not lost when removing background
- Extended localizations

- an issue with excessive update check
- an issue that caused crash upon some modifications of text objects
- an issue with OCR languages downloading in some configurations
- an issue with the processing and scanning of black-and-white documents
- a bug with opening a file contained in a read only directory
- Changed the Page Range behavior

Master PDF Editor 5.9.30
- Updated icons on macOS
- Expanded and updated localizations

- a bug with incorrect importing of bookmarks
- an issue with the incorrect display of signature data
- a bug with opening the last page when deleting
- an issue with moving pages between documents
- an issue with Home and End keys working in full-screen mode
- a bug with document display in “Fit to Page Width” and “Fit to Page” modes
- various issues with document scrolling
- different interface issues
- issue with text encoding of some PDFs
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Master PDF Editor 5.9.20
- the “Delete all comments” and “Delete all visible comments” buttons on a page or in a document
- the “Continuous” button to toolbar on macOS
- an option to select a design theme on macOS
- an option to see the registration code for a registered program in the About windo
- settings for displaying information, creating a colored border, and the ability to lock interactive form content in a document
- the buttons and Page Counter on the toolbar on macOS
- changing of a file extension when editing an image format
- an option to warn disabled occurred when trying to open a link
- Significantly improved the detection of the background fill color for OCR, both in colored and black-and-white documents
- Significantly improved the digital signature functionality
- settings for displaying information, inserting custom signature text, creating a colored border, and the option to lock interactive form content in a document

- the mouse behavior in single page view mode
- the print dialog interface when the “Multiple” mode is active
- page scrolling in the single page mode

- an issue with restoring comments via the undo command
- an issue caused a crash after scanning from file on macOS
- an issue with dragging tab out, due to which the wrong document was opened
- an issue with the “Even or odd pages” selection being inactive in the printing dialog
- numerous issues with the bookmarks
- various issues with the interface
- several other issues

Master PDF Editor 5.8.32
- Fixed multiple issues, which appeared only on Linux and macOS
- Added scanning preset functionality in Linux
- Added native colors support for macOS

Master PDF Editor 5.8.20
- Fixed several different issues

Master PDF Editor 5.7.90
- Enlarged menu on “Pages” tab, added export for selected pages
- Reworked Take a Snapshot function. Now the image is created with 300 DPI minimum, the DPI information is also written into created image
- When pasting an image from the clipboard, DPI of the image is accounted for

- possibility to merge files (PDF, XPS, TIF, JPEG, PNG) from Windows explorer. Right click selected button and choose “Combine in Master PDF Editor” item. It is now also possible to merge files from Linux command line
- progress bar when exporting to image, it is now possible to cancel export
- quick creation for 19 different comments. (Comments -> Label). If the application was already installed before update, toolbar button for must be manually added from Toolbar settings
- scrolling when moving page with mouse on Pages tab in Navigation bar

- issue with floating menu with quick actions for text
- display of some PDF files in Facing pages mode
- several critical issues with display of some PDF files
- several critical issues with saving of some PDF files
- other critical issues, which caused the application crash
- other minor issues

Master PDF Editor 5.7.60
- Improved work with digital signatures
- Fixed several different issues

Master PDF Editor 5.7.53
Fixed several different issues

Master PDF Editor 5.7.40
- Fixed several different issues
- Updated localization

Master PDF Editor 5.7.31
- Fixed several different issues with Printing, Digital Signatures, Text Editing and more

Master PDF Editor 5.7.20
- Fixed several different issues

Master PDF Editor 5.7.10
- Fixed several different issues

Master PDF Editor 5.7.08
- Fixed issue with possible file corruption upon file resaving when applying digital signature
- Added certificates properties viewing for invalid signatures
- Fixed issues with loading of some pictures
- Fixed issue with certificate opening from Certificate manager for Linux

Master PDF Editor 5.7.00
- Remediated all known Shadow attack vulnerabilities with PDF Signatures

- possibility to sign PDF with multiple digital signatures
- work with signatures belonging to the whole document, not a page
- possibility to disable recent files history
- other minor features and improvements

- issue with application crash on signing document
- issue with printing file with pages in different orientation
- issue with Typewriter
- issue with endless recursion when saving a file
- issue with arrow properties modification
- issue with color for lines and arrows
- several issues for pop up panel
- other minor issues

Master PDF Editor 5.6.80
- Added Clear Signature function
- Added floating panel with quick actions on text selection
- Added options for icon size on main toolbar
- Fixed issue with toolbars disappearance on some Linux distros
- Fixed issue with existing files being overwritten on export
- Fixed several issues with comments
- Fixed an issue with incorrect saving of Duplex printing mode
- Fixed other small issues

Master PDF Editor 5.6.49
- Improved certificates validation in PDF files, several kinds of fake certificates are now displayed as damaged
- Fixed issue with opening of some TIFF files
- Fixed issue with selection of odd or even pages for printing
- Added real printer names display for macOS
- Added “Show All Comments with text” function
- Added pop up delay option for comments tool tip
- Added possibility to choose multiple files in Open File dialog at once
- Fixed other minor issues

Master PDF Editor 5.6.42
- Fixed issues with color choosing for text
- Fixed issue when printing multiple copies of the document

Master PDF Editor 5.6.40
- Changed default icon sets
- Updated localization
- Added conflict check in keyboard shortcuts settings
- Fixed issue with default keyboard settings reset
- Fixed issue with signature check in macOS
- Added functionality to set custom page size for printing
- Fixed other issues

Master PDF Editor 5.6.29
- Added 100% complete translation to more than 10 languages
- Fixed some issues with toolbars, added options for quick set up
- Added icons display when customizing toolbars
- Fixed issue which caused crash upon resaving some PDF files
- Added customizable paper size for printing
- Extended DPI list for printing
- Fixed issue with saving the state of two-sided (duplex) printing
- Fixed issue with fonts display in some PDF files
- Fixed issue with command line in Linux

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