Moonlight Game Streaming 4.0.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Moonlight Game Streaming 4.0.0 Mac

Chromium for Mac 是一個開源的瀏覽器項目,旨在為所有的互聯網用戶建立一個更安全,更快,更穩定的方式來體驗網絡。 Chromium 是谷歌瀏覽器從中提取源代碼的開源網絡瀏覽器項目。該項目的每小時 Chromium 快照與穀歌瀏覽器的最新版本看起來基本相似,除了遺漏某些 Google 附加功能,其中最明顯的是:Google 的品牌,自動更新機制,點擊許可條款,使用情況跟踪以及捆綁 Adobe Flash Player.

Chromium 項目的名字來源於元素鉻(Cr),鉻是由鉻製成的。正如開發者文檔中所表達的,Google 的意圖是 Chromium for Mac 將是開源項目的名稱,最終的產品名稱是 Chrome。但是其他開發者已經採用 Chromium 代碼並且發布了 Chromium 名稱下的版本.

Chromium 和 Google Chrome 之間的差異

Chromium 是由 Chromium 項目發布和維護的開源項目和瀏覽器源代碼的名稱。可以為 Windows,Linux 和 Mac 安裝最新的預編譯快照,也可以通過下載源代碼並在這些平台上手動構建快照。 Google 使用此源代碼並添加了一個集成的 Flash Player,Google 名稱和徽標,一個名為 GoogleUpdate 的自動更新系統,用戶可選擇向 Google 發送其使用情況統計信息和崩潰報告,以及在某些情況下, RLZ 跟踪,以編碼形式向 Google 發送信息,例如,何時何地下載 Chrome。默認情況下,Chromium 僅支持 HTML5 音頻和視頻標籤的 Vorbis,Theora 和 WebM 編解碼器,而 Google Chrome 支持 H.264,AAC 和 MP3。某些 Linux 發行版可能會將對其他編解碼器的支持添加到其定製版本的 Chromium 中.

為 Google Chrome 提供代碼的開源項目。包括文檔,開發人員信息,錯誤報告和源代碼下載。最簡單的方法來下載 Chromium for Mac 今天!

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 Chromium for Windows

檔案版本 Moonlight Game Streaming 4.0.0
檔案名稱 Moonlight-4.0.0.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 The Chromium Team
軟體類型 2022-04-03

What's new in this version:

New features:
- Added experimental support for HDR streaming on Windows 10 & 11, Linux, and Raspberry Pi 4 (macOS was already supported)
- See this link for details on system requirements for HDR
- Added a new key combo for locking the mouse cursor to the window (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L)
- Added an option to avoid keeping the client display awake while streaming
- Switched to a new decoder implementation on Linux4Tegra (L4T) platforms to improve streaming performance and compatibility with newer JetPack versions

Behavior Changes:
- HDR streaming is now a separate option rather than being part of the Video Codec override dropdown
- HDR streaming is no longer restricted to apps that are certified by NVIDIA as compatible with GameStream HDR
- Some newer games may require an HDR display or HDR10-compatible EDID emulator dongle connected to your host PC for HDR options to be available

- Added workaround for incorrect colorspace on AMD GPUs running recent display drivers
- higher than expected CPU usage on some older Intel Macs
- loss of all audio if the active audio device is unplugged while streaming
- duplicated controllers on some third-party Xbox 360 wireless adapters
- the GUI being unresponsive after manually quitting when connection to the host is lost
- the minimize key combo on Windows when streaming in fullscreen mode
- a rare crash if a controller disconnects right as rumble is starting
- text rendering on the overlay UI when using SDL_ttf 2.0.18 on Linux
- incorrect colorspace when using HEVC on Raspberry Pi
- Updated AppImage with libva 2.14
- Updated included gamepad mappings
- Updated community-contributed translations

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