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CINEMA 4D 22.114 Mac

Cinema 4D for Mac 使得最簡單易用的專業 3D 軟件比以往更高效。新工具以及擴展和完全重新編制的功能可幫助您更快,更輕鬆地將自己的想法變為現實。改進的工作流程可幫助您達到最緊密的最後期限.

Macintosh 的 4D 影院是 MAXON 為專業 3D 藝術家提供的最佳選擇。如果你想創造先進的 3D 圖形,但需要幫助,以確保您快速,輕鬆地創建令人 ja 目的圖形,那麼這是您的選擇。

CINEMA 4D for Mac 功能:

光滑的工作流程帶來創意的生活。這就是為什麼工作流程在 Cinema 4D Release 17 中處於領先地位。革命性的 Take System 將節省寶貴的時間。新的顏色選擇器可以完成所有你一直想要的顏色,以及你甚至不知道你想要的東西!與 Sketchup 和 Houdini Engine 集成使 Cinema 4D 成為您理想的中心。讓創意流動起來.

Release 17 附帶一個完整的樣條工具包 - 無需切換到外部工具。使用 Cinema 4D 的新型鋼筆工具,草圖,平滑,弧形工具和布爾命令輕鬆創建和修改樣條.

Cinema 4D 第 17 版中的許多新功能和改進使雕刻成為一種真正的樂趣。例如,使用 Sculpt PoseMorph 來加速角色動畫。使用邊緣檢測輕鬆雕刻硬表面模型。版本 17 使 Cinema 4D 的雕刻變得前所未有的簡單.

發布 17 提供了新的和擴展的著色器,以提高可用性和性能。使用新的材質覆蓋功能,您可以輕鬆覆蓋所選材質的特定通道,以創建粘土或磨砂渲染.

將 3D 資源整合到視頻中變得更加簡單。 Cinema 4D 中的運動跟踪功能通過增加糾正鏡頭失真的功能和添加直觀的工具來快速消除問題跟踪點而得到增強.

注意:42 天試用(需要激活),之後可以使用演示版本。演示版本的一些限制.

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檔案版本 CINEMA 4D 22.114
檔案名稱 Cinema4D-22.114_Mac_Fullinstaller.dmg
檔案大小 276 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 MAXON Computer
軟體類型 2020-06-09

What's new in this version:

- New UV Unwrap command for a workflow based on edge selections (Seams)
- New, comprehensive settings for the UV Editor, incl. display of UV Seams, Overlaps, Distortions, etc.
- New, automatic UV mesh unwrap and relax function: Packing
- Separate menu in the UV Manager for packing UV Islands
- Two new commands: UV Weld and UV Weld and Relax
- UV Pins to permanently affix UV points
- There are no longer separate UV Point and UV Polygon modes (instead the modes Use Point, Use Edge and Use Polygon with which both geometry and UV elements can be edited)
- New Hair shading model for the Viewport
- Improvement of Viewport display
- New glTF export for real-time web applications
- New command for mirroring selections
- New functions for the Viewport Renderer (previously Hardware OpenGL)
- For the Viewport Renderer (previously Hardware OpenGL) you can now define in detail which scene elements should be included for rendering
- Go ZBrush for the exchange of information between ZBrush and Cinema 4D
- Re-arranging and use of view filters - presets can be created and other features
- Cineware settings are now in the Project settings (and the new Cineware material settings)
- Automatic recognition of touch-screen devices and deactivation if they malfunction
- Re-organization of the Viewport Display
- When importing Alembic instances you can now select the type of instances that Cinema 4D should generate
- The FBX import can make either FBX material values available as Nodes
- Cinema 4D can now also export materials defined via Material Nodes in FBX
- New color settings dialog for the Texture UV Editor
- The Viewport preferences are now all local
- Similar Viewports can be configured together
- Many new settings for Viewport effects (especially shadows)
- Extrude direction is ascertained automatically for the Extrude object
- Use Edge mode: Dbouble-clicking on an edge color will select all adjacent edges
- The Loop (and Ring) Selection tool have several new options
- Selection conversion can now be done with tolerance
- New command for switching between the last two tools used
- Various minor new features for modeling
- The Create Point command has several new settings
- The Close Polygon Hole function has a few new settings
- 2 new settings for the Bridge tool
- Subdivision now also offers subdivision patterns
- New Resolve Non-Manifold command to remove invalid geometry
- The Edge Cut tool has new settings for creating n-gons
- Additional options have been added to the Untriangulate command
- The Iron tool can now preserve mesh edges
- The Magnet and Brush tools were reworked so their settings are similar and both have been given new settings
- New copy behavir for animation keys and tracks
- Normal tags can now be created directly in the Phong tag
- The initial state of contraints can now be recorded
- The Substance-Engine now supports textures up to 8k in 16/32 -bit

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