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CINEMA 4D 19.024 Mac

Cinema 4D for Mac 使得最簡單易用的專業 3D 軟件比以往更高效。新工具以及擴展和完全重新編制的功能可幫助您更快,更輕鬆地將自己的想法變為現實。改進的工作流程可幫助您達到最緊密的最後期限.

Macintosh 的 4D 影院是 MAXON 為專業 3D 藝術家提供的最佳選擇。如果你想創造先進的 3D 圖形,但需要幫助,以確保您快速,輕鬆地創建令人 ja 目的圖形,那麼這是您的選擇。

CINEMA 4D for Mac 功能:

光滑的工作流程帶來創意的生活。這就是為什麼工作流程在 Cinema 4D Release 17 中處於領先地位。革命性的 Take System 將節省寶貴的時間。新的顏色選擇器可以完成所有你一直想要的顏色,以及你甚至不知道你想要的東西!與 Sketchup 和 Houdini Engine 集成使 Cinema 4D 成為您理想的中心。讓創意流動起來.

Release 17 附帶一個完整的樣條工具包 - 無需切換到外部工具。使用 Cinema 4D 的新型鋼筆工具,草圖,平滑,弧形工具和布爾命令輕鬆創建和修改樣條.

Cinema 4D 第 17 版中的許多新功能和改進使雕刻成為一種真正的樂趣。例如,使用 Sculpt PoseMorph 來加速角色動畫。使用邊緣檢測輕鬆雕刻硬表面模型。版本 17 使 Cinema 4D 的雕刻變得前所未有的簡單.

發布 17 提供了新的和擴展的著色器,以提高可用性和性能。使用新的材質覆蓋功能,您可以輕鬆覆蓋所選材質的特定通道,以創建粘土或磨砂渲染.

將 3D 資源整合到視頻中變得更加簡單。 Cinema 4D 中的運動跟踪功能通過增加糾正鏡頭失真的功能和添加直觀的工具來快速消除問題跟踪點而得到增強.

注意:42 天試用(需要激活),之後可以使用演示版本。演示版本的一些限制.

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檔案版本 CINEMA 4D 19.024
檔案名稱 R19InstallerDemoMAC.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 MAXON Computer
軟體類型 2017-09-02

What's new in this version:

- ProRender uses your graphics card for fast or even interactive rendering.
- The scene Reconstruction is a new Motion Tracker function.
- Improved OpenGL display.
- New Polygon Reduction Generator.
- New Level of Detail functionality.
- The Camera object can now depict a scene spherically (360°; stereoscopic, if desired.
- Weight Manager and Weight tools have been separated and many new functions for the Weight Manager have been added (all tabs).
- The Pose Morph tag can handle the new Correctional PSD Morph mode.
- New MoGraph Sound Effector.
- Image and video files now load much faster and new file formats can be implemented: ico (Windows icon format); cur (Windows cursor format); and mpo (stereo format.
- New Tone Mapping post effect.
- The Bind command now also works with multiple meshes.
- BodyPaint 3D now uses OpenGL for painting.
- New Voronoi Fracture Object Sorting option.
- The Voronoi Fracture object can now create uneven fragment surfaces.
- The Voronoi Fracture object connects fragments with Dynamics connectors.
- The Voronoi Fracture object can connect fragments permanently according to different criteria.
- The Voronoi Fracture object now also creates Vertex Maps.
- Several new Voronoi Fracture Object options.
- New features compared to the previous version can be colored for quick identification.
- New option for continuous updates of materials in the Viewport.
- New functions for Alembic import.
- Alembic objects can be converted to polygon objects in conjunction with an Alembic Morph tag.
- New FBX export options.
- New option for Wavefront OBJ import.
- New environment variable for scripts.
- New function for creating new objects.
- The Displacement Deformer can now handle RGB (XYZ Tangents).
- New options for the Displacement object.
- The Physical Light (PBR) Light can be used to achieve even more realistic-looking render results.
- Area lights can be displayed as solid surfaces in the Viewport.
- The Select Connected and Grow/Shrink Selection commands can now also be applied to UV points and polygons.
- Point, edge and polygon selections can be converted to UV point or UV polygon selections and vice-versa.
- The Plane Cut tool can distribute multiple cuts evenly across and object’s surface.
- Several changes for the Align Normals command.
- Several changes for the Reverse Normals command.
- New option in Save dialog window for automatically adjusting the video data rate for other output resolutions.
- The Hardware OpenGL Renderer can now also smooth transparencies.
- The Mirror tool has the same functions for locating joints as the Weight Manager.
- New method for selecting joints with the Weight tool.
- Two new keyboard shortcuts for the Weight tool.
- New command for load an entire folder full of Substances.
- Position, scale and rotation of UV points and polygons can now be modified numerically in the Coordinates Manager.
- New options for the Display tag.
- The Vertex Color tag has a new option with which the vertext colors can be constantly shown.
- The new Physical Material (PBR material) delivers even more realistic render results.
- HDRI can be used at the material level.
- Support for multiple images (Multi-Pages) for Textures.
- Custom color profiles can be used for textures.
- The Variation shader now also works in conjunction with the Hair feature.
- New option for the Variation shader
- The save dialog window in the Picture Viewer can now handle anamorph videos.
- Several minor new features for image formats.
- Support for current video formats.
- Support for current sound formats.
- Neue Abnahmefunktionalität "Noise".
- Team Render can now handle frame steps.
- New automatic computer recognition for Team Render.
- Motion Tracker Tracks can now use circular search patterns.
- Motion Tracker footage can be displayed in conjunction with color channel weighting.
- Motion Tracker Tracks can give preferential treatment to specific color channels.
- The Houdini connectivity now supports particle rotation.
- New Projection Painting option for BodyPaint 3D.
- New method for selecting UV islands.
- You can double-click on UV points to display or edit their coordinates.
- Unterstützung von Google ZYNC als Renderfarm.

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