CLIQZ 1.34.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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CLIQZ 1.34.0 Mac

CLIQZ for Mac 是第一個內置快速搜索和集成隱私保護功能的瀏覽器:借助基於 Mozilla Firefox 的 Web 瀏覽器,它可以實現反跟踪,反網絡釣魚和廣告攔截器!使用適用於 macOS 的 CLIQZ Browser 體驗衝浪的新維度。

CLIQZ for Mac 快速安全! “這就是您要使用互聯網的方式。我們認為您有資格獲得此權利。為此,我們發明了 Cliqz 瀏覽器。它的安全體系結構使您不願透露姓名。其內置搜索徹底改變了搜索互聯網的方式。想像一下,您正在搜索某些內容,甚至在完成輸入之前就發生了這種情況:您的瀏覽器就好像自己獨立地完成了最相關的搜索結果和網站建議。您想要去。這有點像閱讀思想。其他瀏覽器無法做到這一點。“


幾乎所有網站上的跟踪器都在記錄您的活動 - 即使是跨網站。防跟踪可防止您跟踪搜索行為。有了 Cliqz,跟踪器就沒有機會了。您的私人領域確實保持私有。



在某些網站上,攻擊者可以監視或操縱您的網絡流量。 HTTPs Everywhere 函數將自動選擇加密的連接。

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檔案版本 CLIQZ 1.34.0
檔案名稱 CLIQZ.en-US.mac.dmg
檔案大小 72.8 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Cliqz GmbH
軟體類型 2020-03-30

What's new in this version:

CLIQZ 1.34.0
- Cliqz got updated to Firefox 74.0 with various improvements and fixes
- Like Firefox, Cliqz now makes importing your bookmarks and history from the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows and Mac really simple
- Add-ons installed by external applications can now be removed using the Add-ons Manager (about:addons) – just like in Firefox. Going forward, add-ons can only be installed by users, not by applications.

- When Cliqz automatically opened a link in a new forget mode window, it could happen that the browser killed the normal mode tab from which the link was clicked. This problem should not occur again in the future.

CLIQZ 1.33.1
- Change log not available for this version

CLIQZ 1.33.0
- Cliqz got updated to Firefox 73.0.1 with various improvements and fixes
- In the browser settings you’ll find the new section “Labs”. Here you can activate the latest browser features that we’re currently testing. The first one is support for the Dat Protocol that enables the loading of certain web pages via a peer-to-peer network

- Users of Kaspersky Antivirus could no longer open HTTPS pages in the Cliqz Browser and got the error message “Your Connection is not secure”. This problem should not occur again in the future
- When updating from an older browser version it could happen that instead of Cliqz Tab only an empty page was displayed. This issue has been fixed

- The Connect feature has been removed due to performance issues. But we are already working on a better and more stable solution. Please let us know what features you would like to see

CLIQZ 1.32.2
- Change log not available for this version

CLIQZ 1.32.1
- Change log not available for this version

CLIQZ 1.32.0
- Cliqz got updated to Firefox 71.0 and 72.0.1 with various improvements and fixes
- The built-in security add-on HTTPS Everywhere got updated to the latest version 2019.11.7

- For some users, YouTube stopped working in Cliqz Browser until they cleared their cookies and cache. These cookie related issues have been fixed
- Sometimes the onboarding was shown again and again. Now you’ll only see it after the first start of the browser
- Recommended add-ons like Ghostery or LastPass could not be installed anymore. These add-ons can now be installed again
- We made sure that Cliqz Tab doesn’t show up in the history item list anymore
- If you right-clicked on the Cliqz icon in the Windows taskbar and selected the task “Open new tab” in the Jump List, it could happen that instead of Cliqz Tab only a blank page appeared. This has been fixed.

CLIQZ 1.30.1
- Change log not available for this version

CLIQZ 1.30.0
New Features:
- Browse undisturbed at last: Thanks to the new Cookie Pop-up Blocker, websites no longer bother you with cookie consent notices. Once activated, consent requests for data collection are automatically denied if possible. Otherwise, the cookie pop-up is simply hidden

- Cliqz got updated to Firefox 70.0.1 with various improvements and fixes
- Thanks to code optimizations, the Cliqz Browser now starts up to 20% faster (with an existing profile)
- Cliqz now displays websites opened in Forget Mode in a separate browser window. Therefore, normal and private tabs are more strictly separated. This makes it easier for you to differentiate between them, and further strengthens your privacy. Forget Tabs are no longer supported
- The completely redesigned Onboarding makes the initial setup of the Cliqz Browser easier by guiding you step-by-step through the most important settings.

- Various bugs with themes have been fixed
- Instead of Firefox’s built-in tracking protection, the Cliqz Browser uses our superior anti-tracking technology
- Cliqz continues to use the built-in password manager instead of Firefox Lockwise to manage login data and passwords

CLIQZ 1.29.3
- Change log not available for this version

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