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DBeaver 21.2.5 Mac

雞尾酒是 OS X 的通用工具,可以讓您清理,修復和優化您的 Mac。它是一個功能強大的數字工具集,可幫助全世界數以十萬計的 Mac 用戶每天都充分利用他們的計算機.


Cocktail for Mac 被安裝在全球超過 250.000 台計算機。最大的部分是私人,但雞尾酒也可以在大型國際公司,教育機構或報紙上找到.

注意:免費試用,10 次發布試用.

檔案版本 DBeaver 21.2.5
檔案名稱 dbeaver-ce-21.2.5-macos.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.13 Sierra
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Maintain
更新日期 http://www.maintain.se/cocktail
軟體類型 2021-11-15

What's new in this version:

Data editor:
- Spatial viewer now saves proper SRID for tables and columns
- Find/replace for BLOB/CLOB columns was fixed

Metadata editor:
- Navigator refresh was fixed
- Schema-level index create was fixed
- ERD editor: columns search was implemented

SQL editor:
- Files copy into new project was fixed
- Backup/restore wizard UI was fixed (MySQL and PostgreSQL)
- Task wizard buttons enable/disable was fixed
- SQLite: driver updated to version 3.36
- Greenplum/Redshift: session and lock managers were added
- MariaDB/MySQL: tables metadata load performance was improved

- Full-text search for functions and procedures was implemented
- Option "show only current schema objects" was implemented

- Foreign key settings edit was implemented
- Array value parser was fixed
- Roles names quote was fixed in grant/revoke commands
- Snowflake: driver version was updated (fixes problems with MFA)

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