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CodeKit 3.4.2 Build 26148 Mac

CodeKit for Mac 自動編譯您在教程中閱讀的所有那些令人敬畏的語言。 CodeKit 會在您工作時自動刷新瀏覽器。像魔術一樣。是不是沒有人有時間緩慢,臃腫的網站。 CodeKit 使他們更快。一鍵構建您的整個項目。在一個直觀,美觀的用戶界面中微調過程。在一個地方忘了一個怪異的逗號?通過內置的調試工具快速找到問題.

CodeKit for Mac 功能:

Compile Sass,Less,手寫筆,CSS,CoffeeScript,帕格,瘦身,Haml,打字稿,JavaScript,ES6,Markdown,JSON,SVG,PNG,GIF 和 JPEG 開箱即用.

Dead-Simple Configuration
想要壓縮的 CSS?只是檢查一個盒子。需要傳輸 JavaScript?選中一個框。每個工具的選項都可以在一個漂亮,乾淨的用戶界面中使用不再有黑客構建腳本.

供應商前綴的自動修復器。下一代 JavaScript 的 Babel.js。 Libsass 更快的 Sass 編譯。最好的工作流程是建立在.

使用非內置的東西?輕鬆告訴 CodeKit 如何處理任何類型的文件,就在 UI 中。沒有愚蠢的配置文件或插件所需.

Mac,iOS,安卓,Windows,特斯拉,廚房冰箱... 如果它有一個現代的瀏覽器,它刷新。所有主流瀏覽器廠商都支持,甚至超過 SSL.

Zero 安裝
沒有插件,沒有腳本標籤,沒有工作。只需點擊 CodeKit 中的預覽按鈕,就完成了。您甚至不需要 SSL 的證書。真的.

瀏覽器 Sync

使用最佳算法無效優化 SVG,PNG,JPG 和 GIF。無需安裝程序; 全部都是烘焙的.

Minify Scripts& CSS
合併腳本來減少 HTTP 請求。縮小您的代碼以減小文件大小。所有的最佳實踐,完全控制細節.

Source Maps

Scan 與所有語法檢查器的母親的 JavaScript。在 UI 中輕鬆自定義數百個規則並帶有示例和解釋。 JSLint
不准備轉移到 ESLint?沒問題。 JSHint 和 JSLint 也是內置的。查看每個問題的確切行和列號.

Easy Migration
檢查一個框,現有項目正常工作。沒有更新數百個輸出路徑,頁面上沒有更改的 URL。這是魔術.

注意:10 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 CodeKit 3.4.2 Build 26148
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Bryan D K Jones
軟體類型 2017-11-13

What's new in this version:

A few things came up after 3.4 shipped on 31 October, so this update replaces that one and fixes:
- An issue where the cache buster could crash on really short files
- An issue where Hooks failed to run on macOS 10.13
- Previewing in Blisk now actually previews in Blisk
- An issue with TypeScript imports and infinite loops
- An issue where syntax checkers hung

New: Cache-Busting:
- Automatic cache-busting is now available for all files that compile to HTML, all generic file types, and all custom languages
- It's smart. Caches are only busted when files have actually changed
- It's fast. And by "fast" I mean "instantaneous-thank-god-some-of-us-still-know-C"
- Details:

New: Auto-Pause File-watching:
- File-watching is now automatically paused whenever a version control app becomes active (Tower, Cornerstone, the GitHub app, etc.)
- Optionally, you can also auto-pause file-watching when Terminal becomes active. To do so, choose CodeKit > Preferences from the menubar and check the box
- And there was much rejoicing

New: CoffeeScript 2.0:
- CoffeeScript now outputs ES2015, which means you'll need to transpile the output with Babel if you want to use it in a current browser
- CodeKit has Babel
- You don't need to do anything. There's a new "Transpile Output With" option for CoffeeScript files and it's automatically set to use Babel
- If you've customized Babel's options in your project, you MAY need to adjust those to get the CoffeeScript output you expect. (Basically, the ES2015 Babel preset needs to enabled)
- CodeKit just saved you, like, 3 hours of cursing and debugging a Gulp build script

New: MultiMarkdown 6.0:
- The MultiMarkdown compiler has been updated to version 6
- There are a few minor syntax tweaks, but it's unlikely you'll see any breaking changes
- It's much faster
- There's a whole host of new Output Formats available, including freaking eBooks. Seriously. You can now create an eBook complete with embedded images

- If you have a "generic" file with an Output Action of "Process" but have not added a Hook to DO any processing for that type of file, the file will now simply be copied to its output path. Previously, nothing happened to it
- Clicking the "Files List" button when the Files List is already visible will now de-select all rows so that you can see the "Project Summary" pane again
- Jeet 7.2.0 has a couple minor mixin changes that may break your Sass. See the Jeet website for details

- A number of small drawing glitches on macOS 10.13 caused by the new Metal2 window server
- Control-clicking a group name in the Projects Popover did not show the contextual menu
- A rare edge case that could crash the app while scanning for @import statements in malformed files
- A race condition in the Preview Server that could cause a crash
- An issue where the CK_PROJECT_ROOT ENV variable was not set for "Run Script" Build Steps
- An issue where I hadn't given Apple any money in a while
- An issue where Bower may fail to install components with a 410 error

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