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VASSAL Engine 3.5.0 Mac

CodeLobster IDE for Mac 是一款免費的智能跨平台 IDE,主要用於創建和編輯 PHP,HTML,CSS,JavaScript 文件,並支持 Drupal CMS,Joomla CMS,Magento CMS,Smarty 模板引擎,Twig 模板引擎,JQuery 庫,AngularJS,BackboneJS,Laravel ,MeteorJS,Phalcon,CodeIgniter,CakePHP,Symfony,Yii 和 WordPress。它包括功能齊全的 PHP 調試器,動態幫助,高級自動完成功能和 FTP / SFTP 客戶端。

“我們的客戶特別喜歡 macOS 的 Codelobster IDE,它具有完整的代碼編輯器基本功能集,例如語法突出顯示,代碼完成,高級搜索和內置開發人員工具:強大的 PHP 調試器,版本控制系統集成,數據庫(SQL)管理器等等。“

Mac 的 Codelobster IDE 對於 Web 開發人員來說是一個非常簡單且高效的編輯器。這是一個非常方便的界面,可以節省您熟悉編輯器的時間。可自定義的窗口,面板,工具欄,快捷鍵,菜單可對其進行調整以服務於快速的 Web 開發。

與其他任何類似的編輯器相比,它在磁盤上需要的空間更小。該應用程序結合了簡單代碼編輯器的速度和全尺寸 IDE 的強大功能,使您可以更快,更輕鬆地工作。代碼龍蝦可在 Windows,macOS 和 Unix / Linux / Ubuntu / Mint / Debian 操作系統上工作。


注意:30 天試用版

還可用:下載適用於 Windows 的 CodeLobster IDE88988923

檔案版本 VASSAL Engine 3.5.0
檔案名稱 VASSAL-3.5.0-macos.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 CodeLobster Software
軟體類型 2021-02-01

What's new in this version:

New features:
- Console, for entering commands to affect errorlog, properties, etc.
- Performance improvements for Global Key Commands
- Simpler way to display PDF files from Help menu
- Expose version numbers and module strings to module as properties
- MouseOverStackViewer can show > 1 piece of a deck
- Editor's search function can now search piece traits and component attributes
- MouseoverStackViewer has HTML support and additional formatting options
- "Help" button (and help information) added to Preferences dialog
- Added preference to control drag-at-edge-of-map width
- Threshold for centering on opponent's move is now configurable
- Title Bar of module should always show most recent Save/Load/Log
- Ability to Deselect a piece with a Key Command (also remove it from its stack)
- Flare feature for map
- Added KeyNamer for overriding key names
- Method for removing unused images from modules
- Aesthetic improvements to dialogs
- Chess clocks
- Added Preference for turning off sounds

- Level name in Layer trait is not being saved
13900: MassPieceLoader trait editor shows standard Embellishment trait editor instead of -ecific one
- Reinstate removed TilingHandler ctor for VASL 6.6.1
- NPE in DieManager ctor
- NPE in AbstractMetaData.getVassalVersion()
- Added description field to (nearly) all traits
- Toolbars missing from non-dockable windows
- "Module from older version" check is too strict
- Map/Module Global Key Command Description not being saved
- SendToLocation does not create Movement Trail points
- NPE in DiceButton.setAttribute()
- Find all parentless Dialogs and JOptionPanes and give them a parent
- Non-rectangular trait should remember name of image that created it
- Suffix/Prefix fields in Layer trait are not displayed correctly
- Bad parameter in Editor.UniqueIdManager.more_than_one message
- NPE after cutting/pasting piece palettes in Editor
- Chess clock help file is misnamed
13741: DataArchive.getImageNames() incorrectly returns an empty string if images/ has an -in the ZIP archive
- Piece Slots shouldn't be allowed at very top level of Piece Palette
- Replaced ComponentSplitter with SplitPane for better splitter positioning
- "Remember window size" preference is no longer ignored
- Global preferences are written when changed
- Save As in Editor, if it fails, complains the new filename
- Wizard should set the initial value for next save/load dialog
- Fixed incorrect date format in SecretNotesController
- Prevent top level required components from being deleted in Editor
- Comparison operator >= no longer incorrectly documented as =>
- Antialiasing RenderingHints not set properly for drawing game components

Other improvements:
- Make Flare animation disableable
- File > Import Module moved to Tools > Convert Module
- Simplified communication between Module Manager, Player, Editor
- Combined save and log loading; Load Continuation moved from File to Tools menu
- Improved workflow of zone editor
- Refer to MacOS instead of MacOS X now that MacOS 11 is out
- Simplified ZIP archive writing and error reporting
- Improve look of Auto Configured editor dialogs
- Improve visibility of Logging status - Help people to remember to start logs
- buildFile renamed to buildFile.xml
- Add a chatter message when starting to write a logfile
- Use native file chooser on Linux
- Better handling of logfile/savefile comments
- Saving a module will default to .vmod, an extension to .vext
- Player switching sides now reported in Chat Log
- Move Compatibility related preferences on the General tab to a new Compatibility tab
- Suggest default filename extensions

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