Colloquy 2.2 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Colloquy 2.2 Mac

Colloquy 是一個免費的,非常容易使用的互聯網中繼聊天(IRC)客戶端,它充滿了這些功能,這些功能只是對那些對這個聊天協議標準幾乎沒有任何技術知識的用戶,需要穩定,快速和多功能的解決方案滿足他們的工作需求。它能夠在多個窗口界面環境下工作,支持多個服務器連接,多彩文本,單詞識別和突出顯示,所有最流行的字體樣式(粗體,斜體,下劃線),全面支持 DCC 文件傳輸(暫停,恢復,拖動儘管 IRC 聊天客戶主要是模仿互聯網現代歷史上最受歡迎的聊天客戶之一 mIRC 的外觀,但是 Colloquy for Mac 的開發人員已經決定把這些聊天內容。他們的界面更加豐富多彩,服務器,房間和人物列表都列在屏幕左側的吟遊詩人,聊天室佔據了大部分右側的空間。儀表板具有更多的顏色,平均 IRC 客戶端,輕鬆訪問工具,以改變應用程序的視覺風格,表情符號,編碼,並在應用程序的頂部標記文本的管理。用戶還可以找到搜索引擎,可以輕鬆找到當前聊天流中的任何內容.

所有這些功能和與 NickServ 服務器的良好集成,如果您立即開始使用 Colloquy,您的 IRC 體驗一定會變得更好。
AppleScript - 一個簡單腳本的強大字典。 IRC,SILC& ICB 兼容性 - 多年聊天體驗的結果。插件愛 - 通過插件無限擴展。為你設計風格 - 選擇你的對話外觀。世界的顏色 - 與 mIRC 顏色完全兼容。開放思想 - 開源,就像它應該。無干擾的界面 - 圓滑的多窗口或單窗口模式。文件傳輸 Medly - 完整的 DCC 傳輸支持與簡歷。他們是你的朋友 - 你的 IRC 朋友的好友名單。表達自己 - 使用為你說話的情緒。多重性 - 在多台服務器上自由地聊天。更多,更多! - 全方位的更好體驗

檔案版本 Colloquy 2.2
檔案大小 6.98 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Timothy Hatcher
軟體類型 2009-01-10

What's new in this version:

Crashes and High CPU Usage:
- Fix a crash when deleting a connection while a room/chat is still open
- Fix a bug where Colloquy would have very high CPU usage (likely due to a room having the blank chat room bug)

System Support:
- Update the console icon with the Leopard look
- Use correct source list style on Leopard

- Fixes a mixup in the German localization
- Modifies the Italian lozalization and fills in some previously missing strings
- Adds more Japanese localizations
- Fixes the strings in the French localization
- Fixes the "Auto rejoin when kicked from room" preference having no effect in the Traditional Chinese localization
- Fixes where the Room Inspector's minimum size was too small for some localizations

- Removes 'Your Name in Chat' and 'Buddy Name in Chat' as options in the General Preferences.
- Remove JVUseTabbedWindow to maintain previous behaviour.
- Disables the Drawer interface.
- Disables the Transcript Browser.
- Don't create the Colloquy Transcripts folder if logging is disabled.
- Don't WHOIS server operators when checking periodically checking for online users in watch rules.

- Fix /reload style and adds /reload all.
- Adds the /unignore command.
- Allows you to use commands with tab completion.

- Initially select the Colloquy.png background when customizing styles so selecting None works the first time.
- In the DecafBland style, long nicknames will now be truncated instead of wrapping to the next line.
- If a nick is hyphenated in the Bland style, it will no longer wrap to the next line.

Notications and errors:
- Handle IRC error '404 cannot send to channel' and show an alert.
- Handle IRC error 477 'room does not support modes' or 'identify to join room', also show the literal reason in the error alert, if available.
- Adds a warning if you try to switch to a nickname that is currently being used.
- Displays an error message when your nick fails to change because you are changing it too fast, or if a room you are in doesn't allow it.
- Add more notification when a user if offline or away when a private chat is open. And prevent sending when they are offline.
- Adds support for IRC errors 'Room is Full (+l)', 'Invite Only Room (+i)' and 'Banned from Room (+b)' to Chat Core and handling of these three errors plus 'Room Password Incorrect (+k)'.
- Updates the Growl framework.
- Displays message(s) for room activity in Growl notifications.

- Add checks to prevent trying to join a room twice.
- Step back how frequent reconnects are attempted.
- Use the SystemConfiguration framework to reconnect faster after a network interuption.
- Fixes an issue where connections to some Undernet servers fail because of no ident.
- Correctly set and remember the preferred nickname when changing it in the user interface. Unlike /nick wich is only a temp change while connected.
- Fix for servers that send multiple mode prefixes in the NAMES message.
- Treat the - prefix as operator. Some say it should be 'super op' but we don't have that extra mode.

DCC and File Transfers:
- Allows you to change the width of the File Transfer window.
- Fixes our turbo DCC SEND requests, some were missing a space.

- Fixes nick tab completion for nicks beginning with "".
- Adds some more emoticon combinations.
- Fixes a bug where changes to emoticons were not reflected in appearance preview.
- Fixes a bug where send message events in AppleScript would return 'missing value'.
- Fix the issue where scroll events would affect background windows.
- Make private messages to other users while connected to a bouncer show up when not sent from the current computer.
- More than one consecutive space will now display correctly in the topic bar.
- Support more URLs such as Skype, Spotify and mailto.

- Fixes an error in the Buddy List. When you add a buddy to the server, it wouldn't be recognized.
- Allows you to add buddies to top level servers and remain in effect server-wide.
- Fixes some leaks.

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