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Zotero 6.0.16 Mac

Cookie for Mac 防止第三方劫持您的瀏覽體驗。您訪問的網站在您的瀏覽器中未經您的知識或同意而存儲“cookies”。有些是有幫助的,但其他人是沮喪和侵入。 Cookie 可以幫助.

Cookie 阻止第三方劫持您的瀏覽體驗。您訪問的網站在您的瀏覽器中未經您的知識或同意而存儲“cookies”。有些是有幫助的,但其他人是沮喪和侵入。 Cookie 可以幫助。避免入侵式營銷。厭倦了有針對性的廣告,神秘知道你在網上購物的產品?用 Cookie 消除它們。免於 Flash。 Cookie 擅長消除 Flash cookies,這是一種特別大且持久的 Cookie 類型。令人印象深刻的結果,最小的努力。通過將您的所有 Cookie 控件整合到一個簡單的界面中,Cookie for Mac 使您的瀏覽隱私保持一個小數目.

什麼是 Cookie?
Cookies 被網站用來在您的計算機上存儲數據,然後可以將其傳輸回服務器。例如,Cookie 可以存儲購物車內容,登錄數據,搜索歷史或瀏覽歷史記錄等信息。這些數據雖然大部分是無害的,甚至是有用的 - 可以在不同的網站之間進行分享 - 有效地跟踪到哪裡去,你搜索什麼,並創建一個在線的個人資料為目標 marketing.

為什麼要使用 Cookie?
Cookies 進來一些不同的形式:HTTP cookies,Flash cookies,孤立存儲,本地存儲,數據庫,IndexedDB 的等等... 和 Cookie 5 帶走了所有這些管理的頭痛。

即使是最恐懼的計算機用戶,但 Cookie 5 並沒有讓高級用戶感到妥協。經過一個快速的初始設置,Cookie 5 將保護您的隱私,讓您安全地跟踪和在線分析只是你想要的方式.

跟踪 cookie 檢測
先進的檢測和刪除間諜和跟踪 cookie 威脅。為所有 Cookie 類型選擇最喜歡的域名,以完全自定義您的瀏覽體驗。設置自動刪除時間表,以便更好的安心.

配置 Cookie 5 以安全刪除數據,以防止內部隱私問題。數據被破壞到美國國防部 DoD 5220.22- M 標準,使數據恢復不可能.

綜合 cookie 控制
全面控制所有的 cookie 存儲:HTTP cookies,Flash cookies,Silverlight,HTML5 數據庫,localStorage,IndexedDB 以及瀏覽器歷史和緩存。請放心,Cookie 5 已涵蓋您的所有隱私數據.

注意:14 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Zotero 6.0.16
檔案名稱 Zotero-6.0.16.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SweetP Productions, Inc.
更新日期 https://cookie5app.com/
軟體類型 2022-11-01

What's new in this version:

Functionality changed or added:
Automatic merging of adjacent in-text citations:
- Works in Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs
- To merge citations, make sure they're immediately adjacent, with no spaces between them, and then press Refresh to merge them into a single citation
- Multi-item citations can still be created or modified using Add/Edit Citation

Added “Include Zotero Links” option for Rich Text/HTML Quick Copy and note export:
- Allows pasting of annotations and notes with zotero:// links into editors such as Obsidian that accept rich text by default without needing to force use of plain-text Markdown output (details)
- Automatically locate missing attachments within Linked Attachment Base Directory
- If a linked file can't be found and a Linked Attachment Base Directory is set, check whether part of the current path can be applied to the Linked Attachment Base Directory to locate the file, and offer to relink the file and any other files with the same base path

PDF reader changes:
- Allow importing annotations from files in group libraries
- Keep only 2 tabs loaded on systems with 8 GB or less of memory
- Removed view-only rotation in favor of actual page rotation
- Truncate long text in bubbles in Quick Format citation dialog
- Added additional note font size options in View menu
- Additional sizes still configurable via extensions.zotero.note.fontSize in Config Editor

- Don't match all attachments with annotations for “not” search conditions (since 6.0.15)
- Fixed wrong given name disambiguation after editing author in a given session
- Fixed potential hang or infinite retry from certain website responses when using Find Available PDFs
- Fixed assignment of colored tags using number keys (without Shift) on French keyboards

PDF reader:
- Fixed 'r' key not working inside input fields
- Make full URL clickable when URL contains DOI
- Fixed an issue that could cause some annotation author names to incorrectly appear in gray
- Don't include adjacent colon when double-clicking on words

Note editor:
- Disable rich text inside inline math nodes
- Use same TeX font size inside block and inline math nodes
- Fix full-text indexing of text files with non-.txt extensions (e.g., .md files)
- [Accessibility] Fixed item list row text not being read when using non-contiguous keyboard selection
- Miscellaneous other bug fixes

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