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Dashlane 6.1937.0 Mac

Cookie for Mac 防止第三方劫持您的瀏覽體驗。您訪問的網站在您的瀏覽器中未經您的知識或同意而存儲“cookies”。有些是有幫助的,但其他人是沮喪和侵入。 Cookie 可以幫助.

Cookie 阻止第三方劫持您的瀏覽體驗。您訪問的網站在您的瀏覽器中未經您的知識或同意而存儲“cookies”。有些是有幫助的,但其他人是沮喪和侵入。 Cookie 可以幫助。避免入侵式營銷。厭倦了有針對性的廣告,神秘知道你在網上購物的產品?用 Cookie 消除它們。免於 Flash。 Cookie 擅長消除 Flash cookies,這是一種特別大且持久的 Cookie 類型。令人印象深刻的結果,最小的努力。通過將您的所有 Cookie 控件整合到一個簡單的界面中,Cookie for Mac 使您的瀏覽隱私保持一個小數目.

什麼是 Cookie?
Cookies 被網站用來在您的計算機上存儲數據,然後可以將其傳輸回服務器。例如,Cookie 可以存儲購物車內容,登錄數據,搜索歷史或瀏覽歷史記錄等信息。這些數據雖然大部分是無害的,甚至是有用的 - 可以在不同的網站之間進行分享 - 有效地跟踪到哪裡去,你搜索什麼,並創建一個在線的個人資料為目標 marketing.

為什麼要使用 Cookie?
Cookies 進來一些不同的形式:HTTP cookies,Flash cookies,孤立存儲,本地存儲,數據庫,IndexedDB 的等等... 和 Cookie 5 帶走了所有這些管理的頭痛。

即使是最恐懼的計算機用戶,但 Cookie 5 並沒有讓高級用戶感到妥協。經過一個快速的初始設置,Cookie 5 將保護您的隱私,讓您安全地跟踪和在線分析只是你想要的方式.

跟踪 cookie 檢測
先進的檢測和刪除間諜和跟踪 cookie 威脅。為所有 Cookie 類型選擇最喜歡的域名,以完全自定義您的瀏覽體驗。設置自動刪除時間表,以便更好的安心.

配置 Cookie 5 以安全刪除數據,以防止內部隱私問題。數據被破壞到美國國防部 DoD 5220.22- M 標準,使數據恢復不可能.

綜合 cookie 控制
全面控制所有的 cookie 存儲:HTTP cookies,Flash cookies,Silverlight,HTML5 數據庫,localStorage,IndexedDB 以及瀏覽器歷史和緩存。請放心,Cookie 5 已涵蓋您的所有隱私數據.

注意:14 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Dashlane 6.1937.0
檔案名稱 DashlaneInstaller.zip
檔案大小 819.2 KB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SweetP Productions, Inc.
更新日期 https://cookie5app.com/
軟體類型 2019-10-02

What's new in this version:

Dashlane 6.1937.0
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1935.0
- Enhanced Dark Web Monitoring alerts: Dashlane continuously scans the dark web and alerts you if your personal data is not where it’s supposed to be.
- VPN country selection: now you can choose from server locations in 20+ countries when using the Dashlane VPN.

Dashlane 6.1930.1
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1929.1
This version contains changes from version 6.1928.0, along with the fix to the ID creation/edition issue that version introduced. It also contains:
- The fix for an issue with the deletion of items in the list shared with the Emergency contact
- The fix for the issue that made the "Manage Firefox extension" grayed out in the app for some users
- The fix for an issue that was making the app crash when canceling a file attachment in a Secure note
- The fix for an issue with the default browser used to open the user onboarding process
- The fix for a wrong VPN driver installation for 32 bits computers

Dashlane 6.1928.1
- The ability to uninstall the VPN from the VPN menu of the app
- A fix to VPN issues some users were experiencing after waking up their device from sleep mode
- An error message will now be displayed when entering nonexistent dates when creating an ID in the app

Dashlane 6.1926.1
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1924
- A fix to the issue that sometimes made the app consider a newly created password weak until the user logged out then logged back in
- A fix to the issue that prevented some users running the latest version of Windows 10 (1903) from using U2F keys to log in if they had multiple keys registered
- Increased security of the U2F feature

Dashlane 6.1923
- Fixed the bug that made the display overlap in the app for Windows 8.1 HiDPI users
- Fixed the bug that made Dashlane open the wrong browser when clicking "Go to Website" in some cases
- Fixed bugs with the key derivation function selection feature

Dashlane 6.1922
- This version allows B2B admins to prevent updates of their Dashlane app (installed in Program Files) from being installed automatically

Dashlane 6.1920
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1918
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1915
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1914
- A fix to a freeze issue occurring mostly when clicking on some Dark Web Monitoring popups
- Multiple other fixes and improvements around the Dark Web Monitoring experience

Dashlane 6.1913
- Change log not available for this version

Dashlane 6.1911
- This version contains the removal of Dark Web Monitoring sign up prompts for Business users, along with a couple of minor bug fixes

Dashlane 6.1909
- the removal of prompts to install the IE plugin during the first setup
- the ability for the Diagnostic Tool to edit the configuration file when Dashlane was installed in ProgramFiles
- the fix of an issue that was overwriting the full PATH variable in some cases
- [Business] the fix to an issue that security score to show in the Admin Console but not in users' app when there were less than 5 passwords in the Business space

Dashlane 6.1907
- A fix to an issue that prevented the IP/location from changing after disconnecting the VPN
- A fix to some missing copy in the Help menu
- A security warning when enabling Windows Hello feature

Dashlane 6.1905
- A fix to the grey extension in Chrome 72
- The ability to use U2F keys on Intel machines
- A fix to the Dark Web Monitoring prompt displayed multiple times
- A fix to some sharing issues
- A fix to some issues with the Password Changer feature
- A fix to a crash of the app when loading "heavy" accounts

Dashlane 6.1903
- Some improvements of the VPN feature
- A fix to Dashlane Business issues related to the removal of company items from the vault when leaving the Dashlane Business account
- A fix to some website icons not displaying after another password was added to the vault
- An improved design of Dark Web Monitoring in Identity Dashboard

Dashlane 6.1901
- Improved design of Premium Plus elements in Identity Dashboard
- Improved the password generation algorithm
- Fixed some connection issues with the VPN
- Fixed some access issues with items shared with limited rights
- Fixed a display issue that prevented some users from seeing their data anywhere in the app but in the search results
- Reverted the replacement of the "Edit" button by a "Copy password" button in the app's main window (this change remains in the search results)

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