Vectoraster 7.4.7 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Vectoraster 7.4.7 Mac

CrossOver for Mac 在 Mac 上運行數千個不同的 Windows 程序。從生產力,實用程序,遊戲和設計軟件 - 使用 CrossOver Mac 從 Mac 平台上正確啟動 Windows 軟件時,從未看起來更好。輕鬆切換 Mac 和 Windows 程序,無需重新啟動,無需使用虛擬機,也無需購買 Windows 許可證。 Windows 程序獲得本地 Mac 功能,如復制& 粘貼,鍵盤快捷鍵和任務控制.

CrossOver 不僅十分便於設置,我們的 CrossTie 技術使安裝 Windows 軟件變得簡單,只需一次點擊即可安裝。輕鬆地在 Mac 和 Windows 程序之間切換,以本機速度播放 Windows 遊戲.

與其他跨平台兼容性解決方案不同,CrossOver for Mac 不需要購買 Windows 許可證(99 美元)即可在 Mac 上運行 Windows 軟件。並且訂閱起價低至 39.95 美元,CrossOver 是在 Mac 上運行 Windows 軟件的最經濟的選擇。通過在虛擬機上安裝 Windows 操作系統,您的 Mac 不會為您的 Mac 提供千兆字節的硬盤空間。不要重新啟動以在本機 Mac 軟件和 Windows 軟件之間切換。 CrossOver Mac,一個 90 MB 的下載,只能有效地佔用 Windows 程序所需的空間,並且不需要重新啟動.

CrossOver Mac 在我們的兼容性數據庫中擁有 13,000 多個 Windows 程序,可以運行您在家中需要的 Windows 軟件,在辦公室或在學校。 CrossOver 運行流行的 Windows 會計軟件,如 Quicken; 商業和辦公軟件如 Microsoft Office; 生活方式和業餘愛好軟件如 RootsMagic 和 Steam for Windows 等遊戲軟件.121235896
查看 What Runs 數據庫,了解 Windows 軟件客戶使用 CrossOver 的情況,然後下載 CrossOver Mac 的 14 天全功能試用版, CrossOver 為自己.

注意:14 天試用版.

檔案版本 Vectoraster 7.4.7
檔案名稱 vectoraster7.dmg
檔案大小 14.1 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 CodeWeavers Inc.
軟體類型 2020-01-15

What's new in this version:

Vectoraster 7.4.7
- Added/fixed support for many more image formats for source images, including photoshop psd, tga, raw and more
- Additional license information is now available from the About window

Vectoraster 7.4.6
You can now import images from your Photos albums via the Browse dialoge (Under Media in the sidebar)
Fixes some issues with the font selection panel for Text sources

Vectoraster 7.4.5
- Fixes some precision problems when exporting thin strokes on small filled points

Vectoraster 7.4.4
- Fixes a bug with the full screen preview
- Some under the hood improvements

Vectoraster 7.4.3
- Fixes a crash with changing the blur filter of a source image while the raster was generating
- Fixes a bug where importing some high resolution source images would sometimes convert them to a lower resolution

Vectoraster 7.4.2
- Index-based values You can now vary parameter based on point order, for changing the color or transformation of every other point in the raster (Take a look at the new Alternating star raster sample file)
- Some interface fixes and adjustments
- Improvements to mouse wheel zooming and scrolling
- Added link to the lost code form in license code entry interface

Vectoraster 7.4.1
- Fixes a bug where Point fill and stroke color wells would be disabled
- Updates to sample files (Available from the Help menu)

Vectoraster 7.4.0
- Adds new combined sources mode for all variable parameters, letting you control them with a combination of multiple sources
- Adds a new toggle button to quickly enable/disable Raster pattern distortions without removing them
- You can now zoom with mouse option-scroll wheel or trackpad pinch gestures
- Improvements to interface and preview rendering
- Apple application notarization (New Apple security requirements)
- Fixes a bug with undo/redo of some raster pattern distortion properties
- Fixes a bug with linear gradient sources with small sizes
- Fixes a bug in the Align raster to edges utility

Vectoraster 7.3.8
- Preferences panel reorganized
- Fixes some bugs related to changing document artboard size
- Fixes a bug with raster distortion strengths in imported Vectoraster 6 files
- Parameter interface layout tweaks
- Updates to frameworks for updates, license handling and general macOS support

Vectoraster 7.3.7
- The Smoothing parameter for polygon point shapes (and more) now accepts negative values, letting you make new pointy shapes
- Improved adaptive value ranges for parameter sliders
- New setting to toggle GPU accelerated interface rendering on/off. Default is on for retina macs
- Fixes a bug with launching Vectoraster by double-clicking some .VRaster files

Vectoraster 7.3.6
- Performance improvements, especially on macOS 10.14 and retina macs
- Multi-scale can now also scale point stroke along with pattern and point size
- Fixes a bug with Multiscale not scaling radial raster patterns from the center
- The disable interface animations setting now works as intended

Vectoraster 7.3.5
- New variable point fill and stroke opacity parameters
- Improvements to display zooming
- Improvements to Finder quicklook previews and file thumbnails
- Fixes some interface bugs on macOS 10.14
- Fixes a rare network full version unlocking bug

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