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Cubase Pro 10.0.20 (Update) Mac

Cubase Pro for Mac 濃縮近三十年的斯坦伯格發展成最尖端的 DAW 任何地方。 Cubase Pro 由明星製作人和音樂家用於編曲,錄音,混音和編輯音樂,融合了優秀的音頻質量,直觀的處理和一系列高級音頻和 MIDI 工具。無論您是在工作室錄製一支管弦樂隊,一個巨大的現場搖滾表演,還是一支樂隊,Cubase Pro for Mac 在每個意義上都是崇高的.

Cubase Pro 功能:


改進了廣受讚譽的 MixConsole 環境和經過驗證的 Cubase 軌道處理工具,版本 8.5 使混音和操縱音頻通道更加直觀.

MIDI Editing
Cubase 現在提供了從一天開始的 MIDI 編輯工具集更多的工具和操作 MIDI 數據的選項,同時為 Key 和 Drum Editors 增加了工具。

Accessibility 和 workflow
使用來自 Cubase 用戶的反饋,我們實施了一些調整,旨在使重要功能更容易訪問,整個 Cubase 體驗更加響應 ve.

Enhanced 和弦墊和符號
進一步增強任何 DAW 上最鼓舞人心的歌曲創作工具之一,擴展的和弦墊功能將幫助你突破,即使是最龐大的作曲家的 block.

MediaBay 機架
使用 MediaBay 項目機架更快地找到您的內容通過點擊 VST 樂器及其庫文件,內容包和預設類別的圖標和圖像。

注意:30 天試用版.

也可以:下載 Cubase Pro for Windows

檔案版本 Cubase Pro 10.0.20 (Update)
檔案名稱 Cubase_10.0.20_Update_mac.dmg
檔案大小 734 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Steinberg Media Technologies
軟體類型 2019-04-19

What's new in this version:

Issues and improvements:
Channel Settings window:
- The window has been internally reworked to resolve issues such as truncated areas or enlarged faders
- Direct Routing and Show Output Chain can be toggled in the Setup Window Layout menu. Other options have been removed. Please check and adapt your Workspaces when this window is included.
- The Always on Top option is now placed in the right-click menu of the Toolbar (or when clicking on the Set up Toolbar button)

Color handling additions:
- Cubase 10.0.15 re-introduced the Color tool. Cubase 10.0.20 adds some more additions to Color Handling
- The previous Set up Colors... button in the Colorize pop-up has been moved to menu Project > Project Colors Setup....
- In the Presets tab you can easily expand the default color set of 16 colors to 24 or 32. You can also automatically add varying tints on the fly, without ever being forced to setup color shades on your own with a color picker. You can then decide how the colors should be sorted and use the New Color Set area to preview the result
- Once you have changed the color set the application tries to match the current colors to the new ones, so the coloring in your projects remains intact (as far as possible)
- All changes you make in the Project Colors Setup window can now be undone
- The main new addition to the Options tab is the return of a preference to allow selecting colors with visible names. Once active, the Colorize pop-ups change to a menu list, showing colors and names together

In the Color Set tab you can manage your color set more easily:
- Use the cog wheel icon to insert, duplicate, remove and reset specific colors
- When you insert a color in-between two other colors, the newly created color is a blend of these two and not plain white

Context menu additions:
- Additional commands have been added to the context menus within the project and editor windows. The most notable change is the inclusion of a Tools submenu. There is also now a context menu available in the Sample Editor and Audio Part Editor

Intensity parameter in hitpoint detection:
- The hitpoints section in the Sample Editor now features a new Intensity parameter and allows you to filter hitpoints by additional characteristics beyond peak threshold
- Depending on the audio material, one or the other will be more effective. However, a combination of both can help to get even difficult cases of selecting hitpoints under control. Working with threshold and/or intensity, both percussive and tonal material should benefit

Locator range duration:
- This is a new item in the Transport Zone (and panel or toolbar) which shows you the duration between the left and right locator in the format of the current primary time display
- You can also edit this value to adjust the locator range. The left locator position will remain the same and the right locator position is adjusted
- Use a simple click on the button of the item to set Locators to Selection or a long click to quickly reverse the locators (see tooltip there)

Plug-in (G)UI updates:
The following plug-ins include updated graphics for high resolution displays. Some of them have had a complete re-design to continue the graphical rework of the plug-in set:
- ModMachine
- AmpSimulator
- Magneto
- Quadrafuzz v2
- TubeCompressor
- Vintage Compressor
- VSTDynamics
- REVelation
- RoomWorks
- MonoToStereo
- Mix6to2
- Tuner

Show notification when switching tool mode with key command:
- You may have noticed that pressing a key command (e.g. 1 for the object selection tool) shows a yellow notification of your choice of sub tool. If you find it too distracting, you can switch off this notification in the preferences... > Editing > Tools section

Steinberg Library Manager support for Cubase content:
- This update installs a new version of the Steinberg Library Manager, which is now able to manage not only HALion/Sonic/SE and Groove Agent/SE Content, but also the other Cubase Audio and MIDI Loop content, including PadShop

Vertically zoom in/out on waveform:
- The waveform zoom sliders in the Project Window, Sample Editor and Part Editor can now be operated via key commands
- Dedicated zoom commands have been added to the Edit > Zoom menu and have the default assignment ALT/Option+G and ALT/Option+H
- You can change the assignment in Edit > Key Commands... > Zoom

Apple T2 chip audio controller compatibility:
- Recent Apple Mac computers ship with Apple’s T2 chip, which also provides an audio controller (it’s used when you select the Built-in Audio ASIO driver in the VST Audio System in Cubase)
- The architecture is different than in the audio controllers used before, so we had to modify our CoreAudio2ASIO component
- In situations where you plug cables (e.g. headphones) in or out, port connections are now resolved automatically, so you should always have an output on either internal speakers or devices connected to the headphone jack
- In case you need to check details, open the Control Panel for the built-in audio device in the studio setup window

List of resolved issues:
- An issue has been resolved where the draw tools did not work correctly, depending on the selected snap value
- An issue has been resolved where changing tools while the Choose Event Color panel is open could render the application unreliable
- An issue has been resolved where the last Expression Map in the Expression Maps Setup window could not be reached when a certain amount of Maps were already present
- An issue has been resolved where involving the MIDI plug- ins Arpache 5 & SX could render the application unreliable
- An issue has been resolved where MediaBay related windows only showed up with a noticeable delay after each startup of the application (macOS only)
- An issue has been resolved where the settings of the Maximizer module of the Channel Strip were not correctly applied when using the freeze function
- An issue has been resolved where a saved default preset was not applied when the plug-in was inserted via drag & drop from the MediaRack
- An issue has been resolved where bypassing plug-ins did not work correctly when plug-ins were inserted that do not support a native bypass mode
- An issue has been resolved where MIDI overdub recordings using other DAWs with ReWire introduced a noticable additional latency
- An issue has been resolved where re-enabling instrument tracks using instruments with multiple active outputs could lead to orphaned outputs
- An issue has been resolved where Monophonic Mode was not correctly restored when loading a project
- An issue has been resolved where the value of the Filter Envelope Amount was truncated in the GUI
- An issue has been resolved where setting up the Score Editor as Default Editor could leave the application unreliable once the editor was supposed to open in the Lower Zone

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